England LibelAbuse Again: vjohn82, Christopher McGrath/Scrooby, author 'The Attempted Murder of God'

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by xenulondon, Nov 6, 2011.

  1. xenulondon Member

    @SLSinghSimon Singh

    RT @vaughanjones82: 4 days till I appear at High Court for the libel hearing... feeling stressed and unimaginably sad about the whole thing

    1 hour ago via TweetDeck

    Can someone please do a summary of this?

    All I get is that the guy cannot lose (because he is not lying), but the intent of the case is to silence/gag people.

    fucking tl;dr ----------> - 3rd party perspective.

    From the horses mouth (also fucking tl;dr) ----->
  2. xenulondon Member


    Author of the above book (Scrooby) is very upset with criticism. And is suing .

    Who is this mysterious Scrooby? It's Chris McGrath.
  3. Anonymous Member

    An idiot christfag got all butthurt because he was called out on the stoopid shit he wrote, in his stoopid nonsense book, by a blogger. Hence, he is using the stoopid fucking libel laws in the UK in attempt to silence his critic.
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  4. CarltonBANKS Member

    You hit the nail on the mother-fucking head, Ada. (a) ministryoftruth is very thorough, if a little tee el; dee are. .

    yeah, this is the genius who is (also) suing Richard Dawkins.
    Christopher Anthony McGrath, aka "Scrooby"

    (a) I've mirrored the content to (text + photos to counteract wall-of-text) (oh, also added delicious dox)

    (b) still on Google Cache. Yes, it's worrying. Courts can shut down anything . When will people learn about Streisand? Are these retards still living in 2008? He is paying thousands of pounds (probably, i'm guessing... i have no idea) to gag someone.

    I wonder if he's using taxpayers money for this libel case, he has charge orders on his house, which I think possibly means he owes a bunch of money. I don't know.

    What's scary: this guy (Chris McGrath) could make Vaughan penniless. He could bleed him dry and fuck up his life. (even though Vaughan is not guilty of libel - everything he has said is true, libel law is just fucked up in England...)
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  5. Anonymous Member

    This gets more bizarre. This following opposing views fan site is about convincing as one of Miscavige's PR pieces (e.g. RFW, Freedumb Magazine)

    ^ this is made by a fan of Chris McGrath aka "Scrooby" (who might just be Chris himself)
  6. The stench of moonbat is strong ITT.

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  7. Anonymous Member

    Look at his website:

    Is it me or has he been thinking a lot about transexual people? Read the text point 7 from:

  8. Anonymous Member

  9. Anonymous Member

    People have been fucking with Richard Dawkins for a long time. It's kinda like a big long covert fair game op to bleed him and his foundation dry.
  10. xenulondon Member

  11. Anonymous Member

  12. CarltonBANKS Member

    /r/ Shoops pls

    McGrath appears to be transphobic and homophobic (what a faggot).

    ^ Gay 4 Jesus

    is anyone here good wiv computers? If so, pls gay-up the above photo
    • needs moar pink
    • maybe some lipstick / make-up
    • needs a gay 4 jesus slogan (or similar)
    here's a historic photo of him, if you fancy doing something with that:

    ^ bike curious

    why? just for the lulz.

    • he is getting more and more butthurt.
    • I feel there is more to come with this lulzcow ;D
      • In his latest hissy fit, he is calling the defendant a nazi [seriously]
      • more stuff, sounds too batshit crazy to mention, until he does it or there's proof.

    • he craves attention, so even if you do nothing, you are, in a way, trolling him

    tl;dr - photoshop above images for drama
  13. CarltonBANKS Member

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  14. ^^^ Thank you, Carlton! Very interesting report in the Independent. Very little reference to Dawkins, beyond acknowledging his place in the rumpus.

    Bottom line - Moonbat Busted! ;)
  15. Anonymous Member

    The actual defence only cost around £17k,
    but attorneys billed them another £60k just for the lulz.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Moonbats are everywhere. You can find them even.... among the ruins of the ancient language of God.
    But spiteful, vain and buttvengeful internets warriors who can't take what they dish out, nice :)
  17. CarltonBANKS Member

    This case is interesting because he was abusing libel law to silence critics.

    If the defendant didn't have pro bono support, from barristers, celebrities and internets, he would have lost his house, everything!

    The moonbat person tried to link him to the BNP - even though he is a Jewish man(!)
    He kind of went a bit psychotic, saying Vorn was a closet fascist - Godwins. He made multiple twitter accounts and blogs.

    A major fear of his has been the queens speech would mention libel reform, and it did! (Queen Liz mentioned libel reform is on the agenda -- that's all).
  18. Really?

    Vaughan jones' review saw him taken to court, but my far more scathing and lengthy amazon review didn't?

    I notice that there were also lots of comments posted on my review that were generally unpleasant, and that now amazon have removed all McGrath's fake comments, they've also gone!


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