EPIC DC march - July 19th

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Brick_Tamland, Apr 14, 2008.

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  2. Veszerin Member

    Re: EPIC DC march, READ

    let me reiterate.

    We are having a masdive party at the nations capital and its going to be epic, everyone's invited.

    Don't want to come? fine, I guarantee that DC is not butthurt over it.

    this is an epic march at DC, and everyone ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD is invited. Simple as that. It's going to be epic. I personally can't wait because its gonna be awesome.
    I have herd rumors of the cities up north organizing busloads of anons which in itself will be awesome.

    you assume that DC is going to change their plans just because a handful of you down in florida are whining about how you don't want to come up here. You don't want to come up here, fine.

    There will be a march in DC this summer, and nothing you say is going to stop or change that. You can still do whatever you want though.
  3. PLyTheMan Member

    Re: EPIC DC march, READ

    Any news on the permitting process from last Friday?
  4. Re: EPIC DC march, READ

    Yeah, what came of trying to get a date?
  5. JRhumperdink Member

    Re: EPIC DC march, READ

    DC has a certain namefag who has connections and know-how about obtaining the permit. This particular namefag has been unavailable since the plans first were created, and efforts are being made to find him and have him negotiate a good date for the EPIC DC RAID.

    Sit tight, it's gonna happen. We're all just waiting for the details.
  6. JRhumperdink Member

    Re: EPIC DC march, READ

    --- HT has changed the topic to: Anonymous Raids the National Mall! Saturday July 19th. 11am-5pm. Permits are in. PARTY HARD, EVERYONE
    <SenatorXenu> PARTY HAADO

    See thread: Invitation to Anonymous - National Mall Rally

  7. Alive Member

    Re: EPIC DC march, READ

    Nice, I can very, very likely make that... time to start looking at my schedule.
  8. Re: EPIC DC march, READ

    I'll be there. Driving up from the South. I'll bring people with me.
  9. Re: EPIC DC march - July 19th

    Reiterating, but bayfags will be there.

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