Escapes from Scientology's Narconon - Three Hour Radio Show

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. Yes, how can you destroy something that doesn't have an address or even a phone number?
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  2. Precisely ! And although I like how David has worded & phrased it below....
    ... I think of that "... anonymous force.." as a Force Of Nature, something that can't be stopped. Forces of nature don't have addresses or phone numbers. They are things that command respect!

    Could it be that the Co$ is learning about respect?

    I mean respect in the sense that when I am trekking in the wilderness, I have total respect for the wild creatures that live there. I'm in their front and back yards. They are nowhere near mine.
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  3. Intelligence Member

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  4. The really funny ('funny' strange) thing about that FB post, is that some moonbat scientologist will be told about or shown that, and they will believe it to be true, and then use it as PROOF that the pharmaceutical companies are funding Anonymous.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    At the same time some moonbat thinks the joke is real, some other client of the Scientology corporation will see that, get the joke, and start wondering. Because if the company lied to them about Anonymous being funded by drug companies, what else has the company lied to them about?
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  6. xenubarb Member

    Please direct all inquiries to Barrett Brown, thank you. ;)
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  7. xenubarb Member

    No. They can't possibly respect that which is reviled in their own doctrine.
    What they're feeling is fear; something Hubbard used liberally in his doctrine to control and direct his followers.

    Their tone scale reduces us to less than animals; criminally insane suppressives who don't want anyone getting better.

    In this situation, I feel it is better they fear us. Respect requires too much rationality for them to handle with their heads jammed up Hubbard's capacious asshole.
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  8. Quentinanon Member

    Has anyone here received their fourth quarter stipend cheque from Novartis yet?
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  9. Intelligence Member

    The Hubbard Quackery Tone Scale - - a Scale I know all too well.

    Being in 'Fear", they are not at "Cause" , but "In Effect" :)


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  10. Intelligence Member

    Comments coming in from Radio Show:)

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  11. Intelligence Member

    I'm going to work on some video clips of this show to post on Toutube, but not until
    Monday or so.

    I'm drafting a Formal Complaint to the Ontario College of Physicians right now against
    two scilon quacks who saw a NN TR patient when the NN TR quack was on vacation.
    They drove the guy all the way to Ontario from Trois-Rivieres. (have dox)

    I'm flying into Toronto on November 19th for a protest, then to the College, then to
    visit the Hospital Administrator where one quack has priveledges.

    Busy this weekend; as usual:):):)

    Will leak substance of College Complaint to media (ones with balls to publish)

    Then "Rock N' Roll" at a Toronto ORG Protest!

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  12. Intelligence Member

    I LOVE it!!! The Ontario College web site is in English for doing Case Precedent Searches:)

    Alberta College is next:)

    Going to take walk now and clear out my mind from files in progress. Then come back fresh
    and hammer out these next two Cases:)

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  13. Intelligence Member

    Ok, here we go:)

  14. AnonLover Member

    ^^That was my FB sock repeating comment earlier ITT ;)
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  15. Intelligence Member

    <3<3<3 (((HUGS)))

  16. The Wrong Guy Member

    Dave, I saw this on Twitter and thought it might give you a chuckle.

    A_Tizz_L A.L.
    @1002things Don't stumble into a church of Scientology [when you're] high and give them your information. They won't stop emailing me.
    44 minutes ago
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  17. Quentinanon Member

    It's my understanding that Hubbard invented the tone scale in 1951 while he was in rehab for cocaine addiction.
    No scientific evidence from research into emotions has shown any validity to Hubbard's ideas about emotions.

  18. Anonymous Member

    Does Body Death (0.0) really mean dying as in room temperature, if so anything less than 0.0 is considered worse than dying?
  19. Or looking at it from the other direction...DEATH is BETTER than: failure, pity, shame, accountable, blame, regret, controlling bodies, protecting bodies, owning bodies, approval from bodies, needing bodies, worshiping bodies, sacrifice, hiding, being objects, being nothing, can't hide, and total failure.

    IMHO it kinda puts an umbrella of understanding on at least some of the scientology suicides.
    What a waste of a life to spend it in such a dark place.
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  20. moarxenu Member

    This is extremely perceptive. It is the paranoid's fear of being seen through and exposed to nothing and all the shame, self-disgust, and complete failure. It is Hubbard's own fear. "Can't hide" from being exposed as a failure. Death is preferable.

    Thanks for the great insight.
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  21. Aww gorsh thanks. Once in a
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  22. Anonymous Member

    I interpret this differently. Hubbard's whole philosophy is that there is no objective external world, that the external world is created by minds, and only exists in the mind of the people in it. Nobody ever ceases to exist, so when someone dies it just means they don't imagine themselves in a body anymore. Being dead does not mean you don't continue thinking and feeling. So it's possible to be dead and also have regret, or blame etc.

    Now why did I waste my time and yours with this nonsense? I guess when talking with a homo novis, it helps to understand what they think the world is.
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  23. Anonymous Member

  24. I've heard both explanations from Scientologists. I could well imagine them agreeing with both. I haven't read anything from LRH about this but then again I never read as much as other people.
  25. Anonymous Member

    Brainwashed and delirious people need not look at the world around them. Their fairytale is their way of protecting them from real world responsibilities.

    I just think $cientology teaches lies and cowardice. Sorry to the exes, hope you've woken out of it.
  26. Quentinanon Member

    I think a more accurate statement is that scientology encourages delusion and denial, which can cause treachery in scientologists.
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  27. patriot75 Member

    Hey David, I started cutting the audio last Sunday..almost done with the cuts...hopefully this weekend.
  28. Anonymous Member

    The irony of sacrifice being at -6 on the tone scale is hilarious.

    Billion year SeaOrg contract/disconnection/financial ruin, anyone?
  29. xenubarb Member

    Oh, but that's DIFFERENT. And if you press me why and how, I will baww and call you a religious bigot.
  30. Anonymous Member

    OOooooOOooo, this I want to hear...


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