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Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by notCOBmiscavige, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. Arsolycus Member

    Updated First Post
    Thank you cultawereness
  2. I Ran Hubbard Member

    Updated First Post
    Thank you I Ran Hubbard
  3. PresidentShaw Member

    as a twitternoob I appreciate this
  4. anonymous612 Member

    Not sure how fond I am of the idea of listing off confirmed Iranian accounts.
  5. PresidentShaw Member

    Hmm, you got a point here, on second thought might not be a great idea.
  6. anonymous612 Member

    If we're avoiding retweeting them, why go and list them off?

    Also as a heads up, several of these people are MIA. Example, one on the list posted that (paraphrasing) "It's worth the risk, we're going to the protests, we'll tweet when we get back" and hasn't been heard from in 20+ hrs. Another one was injured and hasn't been heard from since he left to seek medical attention.
  7. PresidentShaw Member

    /r/ this list be taken down
  8. Lynx Member

    Good point, If however you are retweeting confirmed iranian message please do post the account.
  9. I Ran Hubbard Member


    I'm not suggesting adding rare and obscure ones, but the first list is already been passed around like your sister the cumdumpster. One more time in the sack isn't going to hurt.

  10. Jaymax Moderator

    I think the half-dozen or so very-well-known twitters should remain listed - there's no point trying to protect them at this stage. If necessary they can set up a new twitter account.
  11. Minnou Member

    Very bad idea.

    No one should be posting this on open forums, essentially.

    If it's for the western world's benefit, a site should be set up that bans all Iranian IPs as well as Proxies. That's the only way of truly helping them in every way we can.

    If this is unfeasible, then there shouldn't be any post at all.
  12. Roxanne93 Member


    I see many of people twittering the Free Iran. You can also see whats going on with CNN.
  13. PizzaIsNice Member

    Whats the point in not ReTweeting them to avoid their names being found, yet make a public list of known Iranian twitters? That's retarded.
  14. The Iranians listed said they don't mind their name being out. I wouldn't list them otherwise. The ones outside of Iran obviously don't need that special protection.
  15. I Ran Hubbard Member

  16. I Ran Hubbard Member

  17. ATTN: API fr33x

    could one of you twitter API peopulz mashup these twitfeeds on an anonymous non authenticated rss?


  18. twitter going down in 1 hour

    twitter is going down at 2pm pacific for an hour. That's one hour down starting in one hour.
    Any predictions of life on the other side?
  19. that second iranian twitter has ceased to exist
  20. hiddenname Member

    He changed his name, but he is still tweeting. I won't post his name for his own security.
  21. question for all more educated people then me: Shouldn't we all unfollow our reliable sources? When the VEVAK will start crawling the lists of people we are following, they can find them anyhow.
  22. parhamdoustdar twitter was erased

    Tryied to access it and it doesn't exist. Anyone as the new one?
  23. Bad usernames!

    Fake Twitter accounts: IranElection09 StopAhmadi mohamadreza looked into it. Propoganda by gov. Fill follow with more soon. .

    Several of those accounts are listed here to follow. When they are NOT by people in Iran. StopAhmadi has been tracked to an Israeli Right wing newspaper seeking to provoke more chaos making Iran weaker.

    IranElection09 has also been linked to Israel.

    Not to say they are bad, but are NOT, i said NOT reliable inside or outside sources, only seeking to provoke violence. Something we don't need.
  24. Do you have anything to back those claims up with?
  25. Bad usernames!

    I'm saying that it is better to be safe than sorry
  26. I Ran Hubbard Member


    The tweeters shown below are possible fakes accounts and may have connections to the Iranian Security aparatus. Do not re-tweet anything from these accounts. You can block them using the link attached below:

    Block Now (unconfirmed) (Retweeting same message over and over) (Writing fake articles on the Iranian Election Twitters)
  27. dude, on topic, por favor?
  28. As you may know Pirate's Bay is endorsing the Iranian Revolution. Go to their web site and you can download videos from Iran that you can pass on. I have eleven of them available myself so distribute and inform the world what is going on in Iran.
  29. hiddenname Member

    This is utter nonsense. These are some of the best Twitterers supporting Iranian progress.

    They're new accounts because they're old Twitter users that created new accounts to focus specifically on this issue, and they share images that represent the issue. Some are Americans, and others are Iranian, posting in English, because they're trying to permit the international community to contribute and communicate with Iran. They have thousands of followers because they're some of the best sources for information in Iran.

    Furthermore, NYTimes and CNN have both referenced many of these accounts. Your link is utter bullshit.
  30. Indeed. And a huge thanks to PB for being such a valuable resource.
  31. Misinformation

    I just read in several different places at least two on your list are confirmed iranian spammers... r/take list down.
  32. I Ran Hubbard Member

    LOL.. we've been passing out Mossad created Twitter accts!!
  33. I Ran Hubbard Member

  34. thanks

    for the correction
  35. change_for_iran is apparently verified as being from inside Iran. whether he's a mossad patsy or not is up to you, but his updates are allegedly legit: @justin_hart got some kind of dox or intel to back his claims via DM and "will defend going forward."

    IMHO the chartingstocks guy is looking for conspiracy where there may not be one; you really think that in a nation of 4 million people there aren't at least three or four guys who know a bit of english and know enough about proxies & etc. to do something like this? For all we know, they could be Persianonymous. I guess it's a lot easier to just scream OMG ZIONISTS!!!!

    Regardless, it is important that we keep offering routes for communication into and out of Iran, even if it's being used for some sketchy stuff, it still will hopefully allow legitimate people with legitimate need to get intel where it needs to go, even if it's just emailing your cousin in Tehran to see if he's OK.
  36. Twit iran now..

    Please join this people at twitter and give them a hand on how to go on with the revolution. Post your ideas and support the Iranian revolution now

    We are trying to form groups of people to block streets in Teheran. Help us to get connected with other people and form other small groups.

    If you know someone in iran, tell them to get in contact on twitter

    The more groups we can form the more streets we can block.

    Tonight, my group will attempt a dangerous act. We will try to get a truck or a city bus and take the wells out of it to block 1 street in Teheran.

    Let your friends contact me at twitter, we cant let this opportunity fly away. There is no time to waist, the dictator will get stronger if we dont kill it now...

    thank you

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