Ethical Hacker Threatened and Intimidated by Banks After Finding Exploit

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PresidentShaw, Jun 24, 2012.

  1. PresidentShaw Member

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  2. Anonymous Member

    Ethical hacker lol, why put the security info out on the netz? Why, if he was really concerned, not go directly to the banks concerned and show them the issue?

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  3. Anonymous Member

    Nothing new here, move along folks.
  4. PresidentShaw Member

    You're not really familiar with what Proof of Concept is now are you?

    Here, let me quote the article directly since you haven't read it.

    Clearer now?

    Not to mention that in the past those who did go to the banks to tell them about the issues directly were also sued. Did you not notice how the bank even denies the existence of the vulnerability and accuses him of slander? They'd rather do that than fix a security hole that can affect YOUR account. Food for thought.
  5. SOJOA Member

    Ethical hacker? phhffttt....
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  6. PresidentShaw Member

    Yes, it exists, you know, like bill gates, or steve jobs. Or people who work in the computer security industry and help fix security holes. Go look up the definition of hacker and realise your derp.
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  7. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Let me spare some the mental fortitude they lack and are too retarded to use Google:

    TL;DR version:

    The word "Hack" came from MIT back in the 50s by two dudes who made a old school game called "Space Wars!". Back then: Computers used punch cards and didn't use keyboards for input.... So to make something this elaborate (at the time), you had to make a whole fuckton of punch cards...

    Now, before the nets came around to the general populace and before shit like MPAA/RIAA/DMCA/FAG/etc. people had full range of these cards for the game. Well, one of the guys (the lazier of the two) loved to make up words. Whenever somebody "changed" the cards to change the game, he said they "hacked" the game...

    Thus the phrase "Hack" and "Hacker" was born.
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  8. SOJOA Member

    Steve Jobs known for stealing architecture and putting a fancy face on it and Bill Gates known for stealing, well everything, to get Microsoft off the ground. Totally ethical. Go read about them alittle more and realize your derp to my derp. Inderption.
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  9. PresidentShaw Member

    Way to miss the point
  10. Herro Member

    I don't know about Steve Jobs, but Bill Gates is genuinely an awesome human being. As for the bank, this would be a great example of what to do if you want to quickly and cheaply generate some bad PR for yourself. Why you would want to do that I don't know, but they've shown us a great way to do it.
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  11. HOC Member

    I have stickied this thread for a bit since its a current trending topic. Any ree tweets on twitter and generally spreading the news would be appreciated. :)
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  12. Anonymous Member

    Bullshit and drama, no bank is going to leave a security issue once known about, they would quickly go out of business.
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  13. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    I think, but not 100% sure, that Steve Jobs did some humanitarian things... Like install nets around their Chinese manufacturing plants to catch the jumpers trying to an herro (no pun intended)....Not to mention giving Applefags jobs that offer shit pay but give the emo hipsters a "hip" place to be fags.

    Can't think of other causes he did. I am sure he gave some money to some third world shithole too....

    Seriously though: I am sure Steve did something along the lines of Bill Gates.

    As for the bank: Fact of the matter is: The bank should not have done this and fix this error immediately. All this is going to do is make themselves look like assholes and make investors reconsider their stance.
  14. muldrake Member

    The IT guy is clearly discussing a species of attack, not distributing an exploit that attacks some specific bank. This is the kind of abstract information that is discussed by security professionals all the time.

    He did it at a freaking LAW SCHOOL, for fuck's sake. Do you think a law school hosts some kind of black hat hacker convention?

    These people clearly know what they're doing.

    The banks clearly don't. Period.
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  15. RightOn Member

    two words that should never be used in the same sentence….
    banks and ethical
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Anyone raeping a bank without hurting anyone is ethical in my own opinion.

    Fuck the lot of them.
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  17. Herro Member

    Seems like he was trying to help the bank.
  18. Anonymous Member

    Should have raeped em like the Mongols raeped China.

    It doesn't pay to be helpful. Banks crush the benevolent.

    Better to exploit and run with the money, Robin Hood style.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    Retard some of that banks customers ARE THE POOR.
  20. PresidentShaw Member

    It's a waste of time to explain basic logic to some people. I just mock them now and I feel much better. You should try it.
  21. Anonymous Member

    WTF does it have to do with customers? Bank gets robbed, not customers.
  22. PresidentShaw Member

    Wow, you are not so bright now are you?
  23. Herro Member

    SOOO edgy.
  24. nightfire Member

    If a hacker goes in and messes with computers... and accounts... and bank doesn't catch it... (or pretends to not catch it) then customer loses money, bank plays dumb, poor person has no money bank still fine.
    was that simple enough for you??? DO I need to use my kindergarten voice?
  25. HellRazor Member

    Bank publicly denies there is a problem but then quietly fixes the vulnerability. Win-win for the bank.
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  26. raboon Member

    Next time don't tell the banks.
  27. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator


    Maybe you don't know this but: Banks have to pay back customers should they accidentally the whole customer's money. If banks have to do that, who do you think pays the bank back?

    Hint: Look in the mirror.

    ...And NO: FDIC does not insure every single penny lost. I believe they insure up to $250,000 and that is it. Banks have to pay to be insured by it and guess what will happen to the bank's insurance rates, FDIC or not, if they lose customer's money in robberies? They will go up. Guess who will pay more by raising rates, service charges, etc. so the bank will make that money back?

    Hint: Look in the mirror.

    But who cares according to you. Banks are evil and are ran by demons not people with families and lives.
  28. Anonymous Member

    Srsly!!!!! Learn moar before posting.
  29. Zoom Member

    This is somewhat off. The word "hack" was used in those days, true, but it used to refer to a program one had written that was a modification of an existing program.

    In MIT, the term "hack" later meant a certain kind of practical joke.

    Meanwhile, "Spacewar" (not pluralized) came out in 1962, not the 1950s. And the "two dudes" (one of whom was Steve Russell) did not invent the term "hack". In any connotation.
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  30. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Forgot my Game History class (I took classes in game design)... Thanks for the correction.
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  31. Dragononymous Member

    The only part I agree with you on that is that we should damn 'God'.

    As for the rest; if something's the way it is, it doesn't automatically mean it's good.
    Okay, so he/she is plain wrong. And? If I remember correctly, the scilons are too.

    Have I been trolling them? Yes.
    Have I ever refused a conversation/discussion with them, even if they threatened me or someone else nearby? No.

    As we both know, threats are a sign of weakness. Unless you seriously consider them as 'a warning'..

    Let's get back to this.
    Let's say, you are raiding and some scilon comes outside and starts telling the same things as the poster above.

    Okay, I would be like Lolno at first too, but I wouldn't ignore him/her for the rest of the time.

    1. It ain't working as (s)he would continue telling lies some people might consider plausible.
    2. Maybe these things are being told to him/her and (s)he might not be aware these are lies.
    3. Everyone, including the ones that act retarded, have the right to get the right information and a honest and fair point in an argument/discussion.

    Do I agree with the threat? Do you actually seriously think I do....? Fuck no.

    Do I think the post should be modified because of the threat, the poster not to be banned and a normal discussion should be held in a separate thread to inform this user about the current things concerning Anon and maybe open his/her mind? Yes, I do.

    If you disagree with that last part, well, I guess you're not that much into freedom of speech and freedom of knowledge/information and freedom of a fair trial/discussion.
  32. darron Member

    do u think he was hoping that it would bring us " as americans " togeather too do something about it , instead of sitting on our asses like we always do, i think the reason why he didnt go to the banks with it , is because he knew they could use it to there advantage , to screw us more,,
  33. Anonymous Member

    -* their *-

    They're having their lunch over there. Isn't that easy?

    I'll let you sort out -* together *-

    to, too and two needs work, too.
  34. anonymous612 Member

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  35. Ωmega Member

    This sounds like a more likely story of what happend. thx muldrake ;)

    Face the fack that no matter what the banks do to secure online banking it will never be 100% secure.
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  36. nitrejack Member

    "Rothschild' why does this name come up everywhere? anyone that can tell me more real info, please write. no half-baked conspiracy theories. I'm searching for fact not fiction. ty
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  37. Anonymous Member

    Google works and it helps people.
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  38. A.O.T.F Member

    "It’s in the best interest of a company that finds itself compromised by a hacker not to prosecute, but instead work with the hacker to fix whatever problems he or she has uncovered — sort of a “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” philosophy. Of course, the government doesn’t usually see it this way, as proven yet again with the hounding of Adrian Lamo (see Chapter 5, “The Robin Hood Hacker”), saddled with a felony conviction despite the fact that he (for the most part) provided a public service by advising companies of their vulnerabilities.
    Prosecuting can certainly be a lose/ lose situation, especially if the company never learns the particular vulnerabilities the hacker used to infiltrate its network. As a knee-jerk response, firewalls and other defenses are piled on, but it’s an approach that may completely overlook the unseen flaws that astute hackers may discover, not to mention all the ones already well-known to the hacker community"

    Excerpt from - Kevin Mitnick - The Art Of Intrusion
  39. anonymous612 Member

    Hint: people don't generally sympathize with Adrian Lamo these days.
  40. A.O.T.F Member

    Grinz ... Yeah I know Anon612 ..Its more about the premise and less about the guy yeah.

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