Eugeniu Voiculescu and Dan Kelly v. Narconon Fresh Start, and Does 1 through 50, inclusive

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  1. New lawsuit against Narconon.

    HT - Narconon Reviews:
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    Re: Lawsuits against Narconon and NN front groups - Ongoing Thread

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    From link

    21. In addition to the aforementioned KELLY and his wife were seriously misled by
    both the NARCONON website and its representatives (e.g., Mr. Carmichael) about the SUMMIT
    RIDGE facility. To wit,

    a. the number of patients at the facility was purportedly 24 at any given time.
    In reality, there were upwards of 50-60 patients there during KELLY'S
    stay and they were rooming up to 4 persons per bedroom.

    b. KELLY'S wife was misinformed that the number of counselors at the
    facility outnumbered the patients. This was key in deciding to send
    KELLY to treatment there. The truth is that there was only a total of two
    "counselors" at SUMMIT RIDGE during KELLY'S stay there; those two
    counselors were prior patients who had barely experienced a few months
    of sobriety themselves.

    c. The food was not organic and was not prepared by a professional chef
    which was a huge selling point to KELLY and his wife. Instead a food
    truck dropped off processed, prepared meals which were swimming in oil
    and grease.

    d. There was no "state of the art" gym or workout facility.

    Response to a.
    If the number of patients were 50-60 individuals Narconon was not only in violation of their Major Use Permit (MUP) -, they also placed Kelly (and all the other clients) in an unsafe environment by exceeding the Fire Code maximum.

    Response to b.
    If the number of patients was “purportedly 24 at any given time” (a) and the “number of counselors at the facility outnumbered the patients” (b) then Narconon is in violation of their MUP and their Fire Permit, the maximum number of staff is 15. There could never be more staff to clients unless the total number of clients are less than 15. Also if there are interns working there they are counted as clients

    Response to c.
    Not sure about the prepared meals but I have been told that commercial food delivery trucks do drop off supplies several times a week.

    Response to d.
    For pictures of their “state of the art” gym go to Narconons site (link not broken) note the small OUTDOOR area with a few pieces of equipment. HOT in summer COLD in the winter and WET when it rains.
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