European Megaraid Summer 2012

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Dragononymous, Feb 22, 2012.

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  1. Dragononymous Member

    Stated multiple times that I'm willing to, if possible.
  2. See y'all, I'm off to Norway!
  3. Anonymous Member

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  4. MassMRDR Member

    Oslo it is then!!!!!!
  5. Pique Member

    Received a user request (not from quoted poster in case that needs to be noted) to reinstate some pertinent posts that previously had been moved to the derail thread. Mod consensus agreed. So...
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  6. Anonymous Member

  7. Anonymous Member


    It looks the Irish anons can formally announce their candidacy for hosting the megaraid.

    Aside from raiding the shit out of already shitty mission (salt in wound and all that), we also have another key attraction. We will be hosting a conference featuring Irish ex-members of Scientology including John Duignan. We will also have some special guests including Biella Coleman. More details will be published as we get confirmations.

    /r/ votes for Ireland plox.
  8. Dragononymous Member

  9. Anonymous Member

    That is interesting sir.
  10. So, Paris was apparently voted, Should I start to planify everything ?
    First of all we have to choose a date.

    After the date choosen we will look for group prices, really interesting in France (when we have good contacts :) )
  11. Profanity Member

    Dragon pretty much fucked everything up with this thread. Decisions for the megaraid tend to be spontaneous rather than voted on. Take a look at the Ireland thread, because there seem to be a few there that are seriously considering going, myself included.
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  12. We can organize the megaraid in a different date to let the week end of the 30th June for Irish Anons
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  13. Profanity Member

    For those wanting to attend both, there may be cost issues. I remember it was over £100 to visit you guys for a day, and that was without sleeping arrangements. :(
  14. Anonymous Member

    Good timing. Where were you in the beginning of this survey? You're 3 weeks late.
  15. Profanity Member

    I was apparently in a different thread watching Trap and Dragon bicker, sighing, briefly posting something along the lines of 'stopitufagz' and then leaving them to it because I wouldn't be listened to anyways.
  16. Anonymous Member

    What makes you think we'll/they'll listen to you now?
  17. Profanity Member

    Oh, I don't think they will at all. But since some of the UK Anons have taken an interest in Ireland (we've been discussing it off-site), I figured it would at least be polite to let the Frenchfags know before they spend ages planning lots of win stuff and then not many turn up for whatever reason. Whether they look into it or not is up to them. :)
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  18. We are prepared to receive you this time, 16 beds are yet ready (for free), and we will probably be able to have more than 35 places soon.

    A Parisian hotel can make me a group price : 25 person for approx 23£/each with breakfast in triple rooms.

    We are looking about travel group prices from Germany, Deutchland, Spain, UK, Ireland and other countries too.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    Ireland were also 3 weeks late coming up with their proposal. It just so happens to be the best option for things to do, rather than "Oh look, shitty little org, let's stay here for 3 days".
  20. What about a mega raid in France for end of july and the european raid for June in Dublin ?
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  21. Anonymous Member

    Not what happened. Ireland didn't put the conference together in order to plan a megaraid. Rather, the conference was put together first and it made sense to organise a raid around it.
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  22. GNIP Member

    Well, both proposals sound good to me if we acknowledge that they are both deal brokers for financial means sensitive people. Hence, downsizing the effects.
    We have btw 3 to 4 months to build something strong. In my opinion, Paris has serious strengths including its geographical location, and the numbers of active members -see serious posts from anonymous vicieux-. I am not saying Irish people aren't as numerous as Frogs, nor they re not serious, just emphasizing the seriousness of the French proposal.
  23. Anon_Guy Member

    That, and the fact that they now have to pay 600.000€ to the french justice... And that we can shout "escrocS".
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  24. Yep, that's why we can do a raid in the end of July in Paris, some french anons has bed at disposition and we have reduced prices in planes and hotels.

    EDIT :
    We just need to know if we do this Paris mega raid or not.
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  25. Anon_Guy Member

    Even if it doesn't take place in paris, we could still do a "french mega raid", with french (and/or without foreign) anons from wwp or elsewhere...
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  26. KiRiku Member

  27. Sneak Moderator

    Why not contact an oldfag from each cell and ask? :)
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  28. GNIP Member

    As some of us think it is Time for a Global Uprising, and Dublin's cell has built a strong event at the end of June. The French node has decided to amend the initial raid date. In Paris, we are building a decent sized event on the 25th of August 12. It s a Saturday. Needless to say that any of you, Anons, is more than welcome with your personalities and ideas.

    We will shortly give you further details of all aspects of the raid, Scientology is targeted, but non only. We will get in touch via PMs with all new registered members.

    We are United. And None of us will be persecute without a fightback. Let's make it clear to all lobbyists, and corrupted peoples.

    Justice is coming. You are part of it.


    Relay as much as possible this information as we do not have a formal and marketing tools -it is coming, we apologies for delay-

    A new World is in your Hands. The force of our ideas is sufficient.
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