Ever wonder why Chiropractors make such good dupes for scientology?

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    I found this article tonight, written by an ex-Chiropractor, and was stunned at the parallels with scientology. I have been to one chiropractor in my life, I was fortunate in that he was excellent. Maybe I was just lucky, and I probably won't go to another one after reading this article.

    But I always wondered why chiropractors were so easily duped into scientology. This article lays it out for you, and all I can say is OMG! He also explains why it may be dangerous (healthwise) to go to certain chiropractors.

    Why I Quit Chiropractic

    Allen J. Botnick, D.C.

    Although I have a chiropractic degree from Life University in Marietta, Georgia, I do not encourage students to enter the profession. It took me a long time to learn the extent to which chiropractic is riddled with problems. Students and prospective students may not realize this because the schools and many practitioners paint an overly optimistic picture of what awaits new chiropractic graduates in the real world.

    At the time I attended, Life encouraged its alumni to recruit prospective students from their practices. Successful alumni were given rewards such as a white distinctive blazer with the school's crest. My own chiropractor was one of these supporters. She told me that chiropractic was based on legitimate scientific principles and that I would receive the best chiropractic education at Life. Admissions materials from the school described it as providing a thorough education in the diagnosis and care of patients so that their health would be improved by removing nerve interference. These assertions were all false.
    My Chiropractic School Experience

    During my college years, the only negative information I encountered about chiropractic was Ralph Lee Smith's book At Your Own Risk: The Case Against Chiropractic in the local library. But my chiropractor advised me to disregard it because it was inspired by a "witch hunt" against chiropractic by the American Medical Association. She also said that a recent verdict in an antitrust suit against the AMA had proved this was true. Years later, I learned that this was completely untrue and that the judge had actually remarked that the AMA had had legitimate grounds to attack improper chiropractic practices.

    Career almanacs and handbooks favorably describe chiropractic as a promising career and do not mention any negative information. Because I encountered almost no negative information and trusted the fact that the college was accredited, I did not think to question the validity of chiropractic theory. Later I learned that most of the information in these career guides originates from chiropractic organizations themselves and portrays the profession in an unrealistically positive light.

    Students at Life University (and many other chiropractic schools and postgraduate programs) get an intense indoctrination into the chiropractic belief system. They are exposed to contradictory chiropractic systems and are encouraged to find one that they can support even if they disbelieve the others. My instructors taught that all the techniques were effective and encouraged us to use whatever method we liked, based on personal preference and patient responses measured with chiropractic assessments. Whether or not methods were evidence-based was irrelevant.

    ** Have to stop here ...

    There is much, much more interesting information in this article, but to give proper credit to the author, please visit his website below to read the rest of his story. The comments from other chiropractors are also very revealing.

    Also, perhaps ex-scientologists would like to write up similar narratives, such as:

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    Best explanation of this as it pertains to Scientology (even if unintentional) that I've ever seen. Will use this.
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  4. ??? Nothing like Scientology. Apparently, the author dint pay attention and can’t adjust himself out of a wet paper bag. I went to the same University and have since helped people be able to walk again, get pregnant after in vitro failed, reverse AVN(which is not supposed to be reversible, prevent surgeries(many and the list goes on and on...please. Get a Life.
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