Everyone on Twitter follow Jason Lee's ex, Carmen Llywelyn - @carmenllywelyn

Discussion in 'Celebrity News' started by Anonymous, Sep 14, 2013.

  1. Anonymous Member

    I respectfully suggest that everyone on Twitter follow Carmen Llywelyn - @carmenllywelyn - Jason Lee's ex, and show her some love.


    More at link. Also, she was later informed that @SquirrelBusters is a parody account.
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  2. There is a slight matter of protocol that needs to be addressed before I follow her.
    She hasn't posted her tits yet.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    She can get the money back if she takes the Scientology corporation to court. It's in their own policies that the money on account belongs to her and she can have it back.
  4. Anonymous Member

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  5. Anonymous Member

    Is she saying that John Allender has been following her? Did I read that right?
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  6. Anonymous Member

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  7. Anonymous Member

    Looks like someone is.
  8. Anonymous Member

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  9. 359

  10. Anonymous Member

  11. RightOn Member

    seems like a very fun and nice gal
    I don't tweet, but welcome Carmen!
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  12. Kilia Member

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  13. Anonymous Member

  14. Anonymous Member

    Conversation continues... which is good!
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  15. Anonymous Member

    She was given the link to Emma's thread on ESMB referring folks to Babbitt's law firm. The anon conversing with her on Twitter noticed that after she responded with a thank you message, there was 5 guests lurking said thread. 1 guest stuck around for a little while, the others dropped off pretty quick.

    That was definitely the impression the anon who was conversing with her on Twitter got. However, despite mention that she would DM said anon, that has not happened yet.

    But FWIW, ^^That seems to be norm with ex-members who reach out to said anon via social networks... there is a flurry of non-personal exchanges on initial contact, then they sit back and lurk/watch for awhile, then they reach out again privately after adequate time has passed to seemingly build up confidence anon seems legit.

    So there seems to be lots of room for hope that we shall hear more from Carment again after recent Twitter convo that lasted a good while. If that personal contact happens, she will definitely be pointed in TonyO's direction for telling her own Squirrel Busters stalker story after any other requests for help/info she might have are taken care of.

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  16. 351

    Jason Lee’s Ex-Wife Claims Scientology Ruined Her Life

    Published April 6, 2010 | By newsdesk

    Scientologists followed me down the street. They took pictures of my kids. They’d stake out my house, wait until we came out and follow us.” “They came looking for me to scare me, I was nearly suicidal.” Former “Dharma & Greg” star Jenna Elfman, another Scientologist, apparently treated her bad after she quit the religion, saying, “I was shopping recently when Jenna approached me. She spouted statements like a robot and treated me like dirt because she knew I’d broken free.”’s-ex-wife-claims-scientology-ruined-her-life/
  17. JohnnyRUClear Member

    If the actual SquiBs went after her, could she make a fine witness in Mosey's case?
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  18. Anonymous Member

  19. Anonymous Member

    The Carmen twitter feed is on a roll again.

    Twitter - carmenllywelyn- @DatumOmNom Do you know of ....png

    Twitter - carmenllywelyn- @DatumOmNom Man, celebs are ....png
    Twitter - carmenllywelyn- @DatumOmNom Absolutely..png
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  22. Anonymous Member

    Any client of the Scientology corporation that is willing to question the company for its criminal activity or unethical abuse will be immediately punished by the company. They can be threatened with being kicked out which entails losing all their friends an family that are in the cult, as well as fair game, which can be unpleasant.

    I wonder what percentage of victims remain in the cult just to avoid losing their loved ones.
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  23. jensting Member

    Well, former spokesperson Tommy Davis certainly thought disconnection did a world of good - for the criminal organisation known as the "church" of $cientology
  24. Anonymous Member

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  26. DeathHamster Member

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  27. Anonymous Member

    I'm tempted to join Twitter just so I can chat with this brave woman. Has someone tried to point her to information like Nancy Many's story?
  28. 459

    Jason Lee’s Ex-Wife Says Scientology Makes Divorce Process Long And Difficult

    Posted on Jul 8, 2012 @ 6:45AM

    Llywelyn says that she and Lee paid for a very Scientology-specific kind of counseling which called for them to answer questions about their relationship while hooked up to a device called an E-meter which Scientology claims can detect unexpressed thoughts.

    “You do it until the needle is flat, until the sign on the machine doesn’t read any more thoughts,” she explained. “They think that once you unload all these bad things, you’re going to fall madly back in love with each other.”

    The process ultimately didn’t work for Llywelyn who added that she had to use an in-house attorney because “Scientologists aren’t allowed to sue each other” and are made to keep any disputes out of the public eye.

  29. My Name Is Earl Star Jason Lee's Wife Accuses Scientology Of 'Wrecking Her Marriage'

    WENN | Posted: 17/07/2012 11:13

    Llywelyn wed Lee, a Scientologist, in 1995 and quickly found herself part of the Church, but she claims her reluctance to get more involved with her husband's faith led to their split.

    She explains she struggled with the Church's much talked-about "auditing" process, which she claims was too invasive.

    The actress explains, "When you get married and you have that dynamic of family and children there is that entity, that other extra part, that is involved in so much of the intimate details that at this point in my life I couldn't imagine being a mature woman... and actually allow it, literally, into my bedroom. The Church goes into your bedroom.

    "When you're in session and you're going through the auditing process, if a question comes up or a thought comes up that has to do with your husband or an intimate sexual detail, you are required to say it... I don't want to get too gross, but (it would) have to do with sexual positions."
  30. 368

    Carmen Llywelyn, Lisa Marie Presley?, Jason Lee, ?
  31. JohnnyRUClear Member

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  32. Anonymous Member

    She should have done her homework on the cult before getting involved with a Scilon Celebutard.
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  33. Anonymous Member

    Ow god you snob you high horse fuctard you I am better that you OT 8 Bastard
  34. Anonymous Member

    shoulda, coulda, woulda - doesn't matter. she's up in present time and speaking out now. hahahahaha.
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  35. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Hindsight is 20/20. We should all be diligent in checking out anyone we get involved with. I'll bet she's learned a lesson from this; she seems to have a brane.
  36. Anonymous Member

    That's either a deliberate joke I don't get or a forewarning of The Apocalypse.

  37. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Checking to see if anyone's paying attention. You win/lose the game.
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  38. So, did Beth Riesgraf leave Scientology after she and Jason Lee broke up? If she did then I guess he is not seeing his child. Kind of like the whole Nicole Kidman thing.
  39. Anonymous Member

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  40. Anonymous Member

    Her whole has been hacked?

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