Everyone on Twitter follow Jason Lee's ex, Carmen Llywelyn - @carmenllywelyn

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    I think Carmen needs to go back to the media and tell them she is being harassed or file a lawsuit at this point.
    Letters to her ex and Scientology will fall on deaf ears unless of course she has the media publish them which would be beyond lulzy
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Agreed. She did tweet mention though of going to the EEOC over a company that wronged her in all this mess. Seems likely that would have been her scilon agent who dropped her and messed up career. So she might be moving on that front and keeping some cards close to the chest until that plays out.
  4. Do an appeareance with Leah perhaps? being home gurls stuff
  5. The Wrong Guy Member

    Ex-Wife Of ‘My Name Is Earl’ Star Jason Lee: ‘The Church Of Scientology Harrassed Me’ After Our Divorce

    By Melissa Cronin, Radar Online, March 17, 2014

    As the Church of Scientology and its leader, David Miscavige, continue to fight allegations that they harass former members, yet another ex-Scientologist has come forward to describe the “abuse” she says she suffered after deciding to leave the Church.

    Scientologist actor Jason Lee‘s ex-wife, model Carmen Llywelyn, tells Radar exclusively, “The whole Scientology thing has been sort of just this thing that I can’t shake off. It’s really messy.” She even claims, “The Church of Scientology harassed me.”


    “I’ve been recording my C of $ abuse for years,” she wrote recently, citing as an example that “Last week after I called out #kirstiealley I started getting prank phone calls from phone #111-1111.”

    And her ex has become the target of her tweets as well.

    “#JasonLee you would never let what’s happened to my family ver happen to yours,” she wrote the My Name Is Earl star. “I don’t hate you #JasonLee. Truth be known, I actually wish we could be friends. But this abuse isn’t comedy. Not art. And I know you know… Jason Lee I’ll never mention your name again if you acknowledge the [Scientology Office of Special Affairs and the #scientology handlers use my PC folder to harass me."

    But her open letter to her ex, posted on Instagram, is by far the most vitriolic:

    "Jason, What a little baby b*tch you are," she writes. "If people only knew whats gone down in the last 11 years, they'd never believe me. If u were really a tuff f*ck you'd be freaked out that you are a part of such bullsh*t."


    A Church spokesperson told Radar that Carmen was a “pathetic and disturbed person.”

    “It goes without saying that, based on her own comments, this source is unreliable, highly biased and appears to be a bit “off,” the rep said.

    “Ms. Llywelyn’s perceptions that she was part of some fictitious, walled-off “celebrity circle of the hierarchy” and her bizarre conspiracy theory that her “calling out” a celebrity led to prank phone calls exist only in her own mind.”
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  6. RightOn Member

    “Ms. Llywelyn’s perceptions that she was part of some fictitious, walled-off “celebrity circle of the hierarchy” and her bizarre conspiracy theory that her “calling out” a celebrity led to prank phone calls exist only in her own mind.”
    “Scientology's perceptions are delicious. They are walled-off from the rest of the world and their success exists only in their own mind.”
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  7. Radar Online: Jason Lee’s Ex-Wife Fights Back Against Scientology: They’re ‘Heartless’ & ‘Disrespectful’ For Denying What She Says Happens To People Who Leave The Church
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  8. Wow, she's one amazing looking lady.

    I think she has the star power to make the media headlines, and she's not ready to make nice.

    Maybe teaming up with Leah Rimeni would work out, but she definitely has the ability to attack the cult and win. Her beauty makes Slugface LRH and the Dwarfenfuhrer look very ugly indeed.
  9. Mr. Magoo Member

    It amazes me they honestly think it helps their case and makes them look better to call Carmen Llywelyn "pathetic and disturbed." What a loving, caring church community. Not evil at all. Nope.
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  10. May they always do that. I would hate for them to do things which make them look good.
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  11. anon33 Member

    She's still in, attending YHRI fund raising.
    Other WISE/Cos front: SHIELD, TXL films, UMS Banking.
  12. DeathHamster Member

  13. Radar Online: Drinking, Fights & #Scientology: Jason Lee’s Ex-Wife's Claims About Their MarriageDrinking, Fights & Scientology Secrets: Jason Lee’s Ex-Wife Makes Outrageous Claims About Their Marriage From Hell

    Video at link.

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    According to Llywelyn, the couple’s fights were acceptable as part of a larger Scientology culture that could sometimes “justify violence,” despite the Scientology rep’s insistence that the church “does not condone violence.”

    She said, “They’re the bullies on the block.”

    Watch her video here and for more Scientology secrets, stay tuned to Radar!

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
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  14. The Wrong Guy Member

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  16. Next installment.

    Radar Online: Scientology In The Bedroom! Former Member Claims The Church Controlled Her Sex Life

    Video at link.

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    “Scientology sex to me is bad sex!” Llywelyn, the ex-wife of My Name Is Earl actor Jason Lee tells Radar in a bombshell interview. In particular, the former model claims, she felt that the church discouraged her from same-sex attraction and experimentation — even though she’d experienced both in the past.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    But Llywellyn insists that she felt pressure to toe the line with her sexuality.

    “Before I met Jason, I had girlfriends,” Llywelyn said. “And I like that about myself. I had always thought that was something good to be proud of … I fall in love with people and that’s just the way I’ve always been. And when I met Jason I told him this and he didn’t care.”

    “I would like girls! I would get crushes on girls,” she recalled. “I remember Jason would just come home and be like, ‘That’s just Carmen!’ and he loved me for that.”

    “But I remember when I became a Scientologist and I started hearing about how gay people are bad … they’re considered degraded beings,” she claimed. “They’re now talking about the eradication of these degraded beings. What are you talking about? Are you saying I deserved to die?”

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
  17. RightOn Member

    "And when I met Jason I told him this and he didn’t care"
    Do tell! So Jason Lee knew about this and kept it quiet from the COS? Or it must have come out in his auditing sessions?
    I can't even imagine what the COS has on it's celebrity members.
    Sounds like Jason was a bit PTS to me? hmmmmm?
  18. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology Exposed By Member Jason Lee Ex Wife Carmen Reveals Controversial Church Secrets

    By National Enquirer Staff

    In a blockbuster world exclusive interview the ex-wife of “My Name is Earl” star Jason Lee, former Scientologist Carmen Llywelyn tells The National ENQUIRER reveals Xenu’s darkest secrets!

    The Church of Scientology and its secretive leaders can no longer hide their dark mysteries – especially as the ultimate insider courageously steps forward to expose the cult-like religion’s deepest secrets.

    Former Scientologist Carmen Llywelyn has told The National ENQUIRER about how the controversial church harbors a sick obsession with members’ sex lives – and blackmails celebrities with their intimate confessions!

    In a stunning exclusive interview given before the church was rocked by the “Going Clear” documentary aired by HBO on March 29, Carmen claimed the church turned a blind eye when she and her then-husband fought during violent drinking binges, harassed her even after she left the church and killed her acting dreams by etching her onto a Hollywood “blacklist.”

    “They ruined my life and my career,” Carmen – whose exhusband, actor Jason Lee of TV’s “My Name is Earl” fame, is one of the church’s most high-profile celebrity members – told The ENQUIRER in a blockbuster interview.

    “If I see a Scientologist now, I cross the street!”

    Long before the HBO exposé, The ENQUIRER revealed the religion kept “blackmail files” on its most prominent members, including Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Kirstie Alley.

    According to Carmen, the information in those files is gleaned during so-called “auditing sessions” when celebrities are forced to reveal their sexual secrets.

    “The church goes into your bedroom – literally!” Carmen said. “When you’re going through the auditing process, if a thought about your husband or an intimate sexual detail comes up, you are required to say it.”

    It was Nicole Kidman who gave her the courage to break away from the religion.

    They met when Nicole’s then-husband, Tom Cruise, was filming the 2001 movie “Vanilla Sky” with Jason Lee, and Tom introduced Nicole as a Scientologist.

    “She turned and gave Tom the most evil look,” Carmen recalled. “I interpreted the look to mean, ‘I am not a Scientologist and I will not be a Scientologist.’ Next thing you know, they’re getting a divorce! It kind of inspired me.”

    Carmen soon decided to leave Jason, who she said attacked her during the couple’s mutual drinking binges.
    But Scientology ignored her pleas to end the violence while forbidding her to seek help with Alcoholics Anonymous!

    “[Jason] was a drunk who hit me,” Carmen told The ENQUIRER, adding: “They didn’t say, ‘Hey, if you do that you’re gonna be arrested.’ There were no consequences for his behavior.”

    Even worse, Carmen said the church continued to control her after she left. They pressured her into signing a divorce agreement drawn up by their officials, then allegedly harassed her with a string of prank phone calls after she commented about Kirstie on social media.

    “I always felt monitored by them,” Carmen said. “I would see a person sit outside my door. They would want me to see them. It was like a show. A ‘noisy investigation,’ they call it.”

    The church also used its clout to put her on a showbiz “blacklist,” she said.

    When contacted by The ENQUIRER, the Church of Scientology blasted Carmen as “pathetic and bizarre,” adding that she “seeks to avoid taking personal responsibility for her actions by blaming the Church and others.” A rep for Jason has never addressed his ex-lovers allegations.

    The article continues with a video, here:
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  19. RightOn Member

    Carmen, please send your story to the IRS! With ALL the details.
    Demand your PC folders back (even though they will be of course altered)

    You were abused by Jason, and forced to sign a divorce agreement? and the COS didn't let you seek help from AA?
    Doesn't sound very legal?
    Were the police ever called?
    Their tax exemption should be readdressed. Maybe your letter can help?
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  20. Anonymous Member

  21. anon8109 Member

    That's from a year ago.
  22. 401

    This is from today:

    Carmen Llywelyn
    June 6, 2016 at 3:26 pm #

    Miss Tia, Alanzo, thank you. I’ve begun to speak with lawyers about possible litigation against Tony. I believe his sadistic handling of myself & some other ex’s needs to be throughly investigated. People’s rights have been trashed like they’re worthless & this is inhuman. The last time I checked I had the right to privacy & quality of life. I’d also like for the other details about the harassment Ive gone through to come out in public & Im ready to name names. If anyone else is interested in joining suit please let me know. But one thing I’m very adamant about is finding out who this person is at The Bunker who’s lying about knowing me. Let me be clear, this person does not know me & I have no idea that is. I would never be friends with someone so egocentric & cruel to engage in abuse. Not after what Ive been through. This person needs to be exposed & brought to justice. I plan to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. Ive made no secret that I’ve had a stalker who I know has hacked into my personal phone & endangered me & my family in real life. If anyone can find out who this person is, I would greatly appreciate it because I’ve got a victim impact statement that I can’t wait to read to him. This person has unjustly gone on a campaign to hurt & discredit me. Why? For attention? Because he’s sick? Yes most likely, but that’s not my problem anymore. I will get justice for my children. Thank you guys more than words can express for bringing me that much closer to getting real resolution.
  23. Anonymous Member

    Yep. And he hasn't apologized in a whole year.
  24. DeathHamster Member

    Appears mental.

    (Unless she can produce some comment by Tony other than the one I posted above in 2014.)
    Very mental.
    I'd be happy to dig, but without a user name or a link to a comment? I got nowhere to go.
    That part is worth considering, but without more information, it's useless. Is she accusing Tony Ortega of doing that? Ford Greene? Who?

    Dox or GTFO.
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  25. DeathHamster Member

    Needs moar "Rue the day!"
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  26. DeathHamster Member

    Meh. I don't doubt that she's been through the wringer, that Scientology has been its usual prick-self, but blindly lashing out at anyone who would like her to talk sense doesn't help. And enablers like Alanzo don't help either.
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  27. anon8109 Member

    Why bring it up a year later? Nobody remembered that comment until it was brought up again. Why suddenly dredge it up now?

    A lawsuit against TO for making a twitter comment? If she's going to sue anyone it should be the scientology corporation, not one of its most ardent and effective critics. makes no sense.
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  28. It's been sitting in that folder for so long waiting for the time to spring forth.
    "Aha! Tony O is a meanie! Sue the bastard!"
  29. RightOn Member

    what a strange turn of events

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