Evil Master Plan - thoughts?

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Marcab, Feb 27, 2008.

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    Evil Master Plan - thoughts?

    This is an extensive, rather evil master plan I wrote up. I'd like someone on the inside, such as a high ranking executive who wants to leave the church, to carry out this plan. It's overly ambitious and runs counter to our goals, but anonymous lacks the time and funds needed to get in the church and gain rank, or hire people to do so, or use existing members who would need to pay more to get to higher levels. Thus it relies on someone who is already near the top and has a short way to go before being a top executive and golf buddy of Miscavige. Let me know what you think.

    For Scientology to fall, it must fall from the inside out, and from the top down. Executives and board members must become closest to the top, and when possible, be at the top, to exert the most control. This means gaining more respect and admiration among peers, until likeminded executives can dominate the inner circle, while ousting the others from their positions of power. This "coup" would include using legal evidence against Miscavige and his closest supporters, making him susceptible to America's judicial system, while also informing church members that these members had strayed from the religion, using any means of internal propaganda available, including videos, pamphlets, magazines, and official documents.

    Yes, this is manipulative- this plan involves fighting fire with fire, or Scientology with Scientology. This means the maximum amount of control must be obtained by likeminded people, while others with the most control must have the least control. The most loyal must fight imaginary enemies, and prepare for imaginary threats. This requires the same type of plotting as an author like Hubbard. Some possible steps:

    -Use the anonymous legions as an excuse to increase security, and warn of infiltrators in the church. This attention to security will give the impression of more control and responsibility, giving a better opportunity for advancement in the ranks.
    -Expand operations and branches to demonstrate loyalty to the church, and to show executive responsibility. This will also allow advancement in the ranks.
    -Keep loyal members and security personnel occupied by going through training programs that occupy time, so that members do not feel the church is losing its strength. This includes physical "boot camp" style training, loyalty training, lectures, and training for heightened security against Internet threats.
    -Use a non-scientology company as a "consulting firm" for finance, security, law and management, with the firm used as a "more professional" executive branch. Use these outside firms for the purpose of "financial management and debt handling," "Internet security," "physical security," "professional legal advice," and "professional management." These new responsibilities will allow the dissolution of Scientology's strongest branches, and enable control of the church. With this control, one may prevent the church from issuing lawsuits, prevent funding and expansion of new buildings, missions, branches, and organizations, and set the stage for the systematic dismantling of the church.
    -Expand and reorganize branches, in a way that looks legitimate. Start new organizations and missions that do nothing, to give the appearance of expansion. Shut down existing missions and organizations, claiming a lack of budget, or an effort to restructure and expand, such as a "temporary restructuring effort" where the organization is told it will go back to work soon in a new office, but never does. Terminate building leases, sell locations and properties.
    -Recommend a number of likeminded people become high level executives. Use secret codewords to differentiate yourselves from loyal members, but always appear loyal.
    -Release incriminating documents to law enforcement and the federal court in order to oust Miscavige and all his followers. Ensure any people who threaten you are labeled as disloyal, suppressive, unfaithful, unclear, false, being controlled, etc. Have the legal team issue subpoenas for people to appear in court. Prosecute all members who have committed legal wrongdoing, and prosecute anyone who threatens you. Use the law to remove anyone who is actively against you, such as restraining orders, charges of harassment, charges of physical and verbal abuse, anything that will make an attack on you risky. Jailtime is a way to contain your opponents and prevent them from being active.
    -Continue closing down all branches of Scientology, including international branches, until Scientology is limited to the Unites States. From there, reduce Scientology to 10% of its current size or less, limited to a small number of buildings in one area.
    -Stop distribution of materials, stop recruitment centers, stop museums, stop advertising, stop Internet activities.
    -Close off new membership to the church, claiming a need to protect the church from infiltrators. Tell existing members that donations are no longer required, and that members must consult with each other using existing resources until donations are allowed again.
    -If possible, contact ambassadors from anti-Scientology countries including Germany, ask them to meet as an anti-Scientology group, and ask if they are able to donate time, personnel and funds in dismantling Scientology. This may include hiring personnel meant to replace executives, and donating people to manage the whole operation process. Working with governments in this way will take more time, possibly over ten years.
    -Ensure the top members and managers of all branches are all people who are working towards dismantling the church. If needed, hire managers or actors and give them instant promotions within the church.
    -Close SeaOrg, auction off all assets of the church including vehicles, land investments, Gold Base, etc.
    -Conduct mass layoffs of personnel and stop payment to existing managers and church leaders.
    -Declare Scientology to be a personal, individual religion that does not rely on materials, meetings, or donations, and that members must now seek answers for themselves. Shut down the last remaining buildings.
    -Declare Scientology as a for-profit organization, paying back taxes to the IRS. Or, reorganize as a charity foundation that gives remaining funds to charity.
    -Refer members to anti-cult organizations. Members may request to have prior donations refunded with proof of donation. Start a museum, documentary, or book to show the entire truth to the public.
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    Re: Evil Master Plan - thoughts?

    LCE/shortform: 42
  3. Re: Evil Master Plan - thoughts?

    No offense but you gotz to stop smoking crack.

    Thats completely impossible.

    I reckon the remotely realistic version is:

    "Find Mike Rinder"

    And thats not going to happen.
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    Re: Evil Master Plan - thoughts?

    Settle down, Ozymandias.
  5. flubbardly Member

    Re: Evil Master Plan - thoughts?

    too many words

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