Ex-Anonymous Hackers Plan To Out Group’s Members

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Mar 18, 2011.

  1. lulzgasm Member

    Where the fuck you've been? We were starting to miss you.
  2. Orson Member

  3. FreakE420 Member

    Whats this we shit?
  4. Anonymous Member

    Hubris, anticipates getting business from those requiring social engineering skills. And, they use 'retarded' 'script kiddies' as the example of whom they might best. Unless they plan on hiring each other, I can't think of this as a business plan. Wait, there is that guy in Nigeria ...
  5. Anonymous Member

    We shit twice a day or more. Don't we?
  6. Anonymous Member

    No just once a day,buts its alot! Double flusher!
  7. Anonymous Member

    Are you saying we miss Herro like a daily turd? Im down.
  8. Orson Member

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  9. Anonymous Member

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  10. Orson Member

  11. Orson Member

  12. Anon rejects ppl?
  13. Optimisticate Member

  14. Jeff Jacobsen Member

  15. anonymous612 Member

    Wait, so, they're complaining anon is too moralfag these days?

    And yet their spokesman was a Chanology anon all the way into 2009?

    So Chanology ISN'T moralfag but Operation Payback IS? WHAT IS THIS I DONT EVEN.

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  16. Anonymous Member

    This is a media troll and nothing more.
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  17. Anti-anon anons
    domino hat hackers
  18. Pinopank Member

    I`m a outsider and one Man show can i help with this Fags, i wiil you support, Pinopank
  19. Anonymous Member

    I'm not so sure about that. Ever since the HBGary hack there has been some strange things happening. Like finding out about our new "leader". I think games are being played that only a handful of fags know about.
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  20. 3rdMan Member

    Not until you correct that spelling error. :p
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  21. Anonymous Member

    marblecake drama 2.0
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  22. Anonymous Member


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  23. Anonymous Member

    i dont buy that bit one bit... this is either the most awesome media troll of all time, and they be frontin their chanologists for the irony.

    or its an old miserable b tard being a hater who's wants to spank the script kitties & devour his own in shame, and claming to be a former newfag from chanology is just for the lulz.
  24. je suis Member

    I'm too new to have a knowledgeable opinion. But the Chronicle seems to be, just the teeniest bit jealous of Anonymous

  25. Backtrace Security: the early years
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  26. je suis Member

    Getting Luv even on Forbes. That has got to piss Oligarch Steve Forbes something fierce
  27. Kilia Member

  28. Link is down
  29. Tourniquet Member

    This is an attempt by the world bankers' running dogs at Forbes (fag) magazine to plant fear into Anonymous and shudder us into silence, because of what they think is a (troll) threat by Anonymous. Classic Establishment FAIL FUCKING FAIL.
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  30. JohnnyRUClear Member

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  31. Kilia Member

    It's up for me. hmmmm
  32. je suis Member

  33. HOC Member

  34. Anonymous Member

  35. je suis Member

    They read like Sophomores in college who spend too much time singing Russian Vodka drinking songs to each other.

  36. Anonymous Member

    Chuck Noris just called me from the future. He said "asshole, if you gonna try a bad joke about me, spell my name right." He hung up before I could apologize.
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  37. Anonymous Member

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  38. anonymous612 Member

    dunno, I know some pretty retarded chanology anons.
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  39. Anonymous Member

  40. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    I see a difference between a person who is performing a coordinating function and a person who has a position of power. They can both be the same person, but with Anonymous I see a great attempt to prevent anyone from having a position of power. Certainly you need coordinators, like where to meet or whatever. But the coordinator has no particular status, just a function. That's my take anyway.
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