Ex-CCHR assistant, blog from last year

Discussion in 'CoS Front Groups' started by OTBT, May 25, 2010.

  1. Chechar Member

    Re: Ex-CCHR assistant, blog from last year

    Thanks andonanon for your translation. I have just a little suggestion. The phrase “técnicas que no sacan a la luz pública, sino que entierran, el dolor de la niñez” could be translated to understandable English as “techniques that do not process the childhood pain, but bury it instead,” (precisely what Hubbard did about how he had been abused at home). The chapter “The cause of Hubbard’s maddness” can be read in Spanish here.
  2. andonanon Member

    Re: Ex-CCHR assistant, blog from last year

    Ok fixed.
  3. Chechar Member

    Re: Ex-CCHR assistant, blog from last year

    Thanks. Is there a way to follow up possible responses of this thread by email?
  4. AnonLover Member

    Re: Ex-CCHR assistant, blog from last year

    Chechar, your story reminded me of another very similar situation where one of the experts / authors featured in the CCHR "making a killing" film, publicly renounced any association with the group and claimed his participation was under false pretenses. His name was Howard Brody and his public announcement was here:

    Hooked: Ethics, Medicine, and Pharma: Public Announcement Regarding New Documentary Produced by Scientology-Related Group

    This revelation led to a project on these forums where all the names of participants in that film were indexed and researched, and i believe some contact was made to a few names on the list in attempt to find other situations like Brody (and now You).

    That research project is archived here: "Making a killing" interviewee listing MEGATHREAD - Why We Protest | Activism Forum You might want to skim through this and look for your name, and make sure you havent similarly showed up in some of the CCHR footage without your knowledge/consent and despite the fact you no longer have anything to do with them.
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  5. Scatman Member

    Re: Ex-CCHR assistant, blog from last year

    Perhaps because of her extensive psychiatric treatment while a patient at Chelmsford Psychiatric Hospital near Sydney, Australia. The brain operation that she consented to may have left her without the ability to learn a language, but it does qualify her to run a scientology organization.
    OT Powerz in action.
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    Re: Ex-CCHR assistant, blog from last year

    I'm personally fairly conservative myself, but this site is a free-for-all. Consequently, the ads which show up are going to be... colorful.

    Ask yourself this: if there were no ads, how would you react to the contents of the posts? (If you've only read this thread, lurk more before evaluating.) IMO, the same people who would leave due to the ads would leave due to the content of the posts. It might take an hour instead of 5 seconds, but the end result is the same: that demographic simply is not going to want to spend their time here.

    So, meh (a term which more or less means "whatever" or "blah").

    That said, I hope you stick around. Even if you decide this site isn't for you, you just might learn to see things from other perspectives, and that's always good.

    That was a good project; I wish it had blossomed more.
  7. Random guy Member

    Re: Ex-CCHR assistant, blog from last year

    Ah, your lesbians is part of the commercials that allows WWP to run free of donors. TRight now I am greeted by the look of five very friendly looking females age 20 to 31, all with usernames indicating I really should e-mail them. Lets just say WWP has not been very particular about what ads it allows.

    So: Enjoy the occasional lesbians!

    Your story is interesting. What is your assertion of Eastgates knowledge of psyhiatry? Does she have any actual knowledge? It is rumored she helped shut down the "Deeep sleep therapy" program in Australia, do you know anything about that?
  8. AnonyMary Member

    Re: Ex-CCHR assistant, blog from last year

    This is really good! She really saw through the vaneer! Did you post this to ESMB?
  9. Shinythings Member

    Re: Ex-CCHR assistant, blog from last year

    Why am I not getting any lesbians? I knew that adblock thing was evil!
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    Re: Ex-CCHR assistant, blog from last year

    I haven't visited this thread for a while so does it mean only lesbians get ads? LOL!! loving it!!
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    Re: Ex-CCHR assistant, blog from last year

    I use NoScript, so I don't get any ads. Also CCleaner.
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    Re: Ex-CCHR assistant, blog from last year

    FWIW, I've seen the IMVU ad before. I'm a male lesbian.
  13. TinyDancer Member

    Just saw this for the first time. Wow. How to debunk Szasz and the others!
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    pix plox
  15. moarxenu Member

    Dr. Brody did a follow up post when he actually saw the "Making a Killing" - Living Up to Worst Expectations: Scientology DVD "Making a Killing". Overall he calls it a hatchet job on psychiatry.

    Besides being a physician he has a doctorate in philosophy, and gives an excellent critique of Szasz.

    More at the link.

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  16. Anonymous Member

    Anything on UK psychiatrist Joanna Moncrieff ? She is chairperson of The 'Bradford Group' of psychiatrists.

    She is quoted by CCHR and has never publicly stated she disagrees with them using her status to validate them. In this respect she does not stand up to scrutiny.

    "The 'Bradford Group' of psychiatrists first met in Bradford in January 1999. The group provides a network to develop a critique of the contemporary psychiatric system".

    Here's a list of members of
    the Critical Psychiatry Network from their website:

    Phil Thomas
    Rhodri Huws
    Duncan Double
    Chandrashekar Gangaraju
    Nazlim Hagmann
    William Hopkins
    Begum Maitra
    Sami Tamimi
    Charles Whitfield

    It would be interesting to find out if any of these are in the pay of scientology. At least one of them has received an award from CCHR scientology front group.

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