Ex-OSA spy to speak at Riverside BOS meeting, 7/26/11

Discussion in 'GoldBase' started by Anonymous, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    AGP sez...

    "About a year ago protester AnonOrange ran into a stress test table in Riverside County. The person running it worked for OSA. Orange gave them the typical agressive enturbulation that some people say is counterproductive.

    The OSA spy was shocked that somebody would protest Scientology and ... this is the kicker ... the spy was especially amazed that Orange knew who David Miscavige was. The OSA spy took Orange's advice, went home and looked up Scientology on the net. The spy was horrified at what they found and quit Scientology the next day. This is ironic since the spy worked with the net every day for years on-the-job but never dared (or bothered) to google "Scientology."

    Orange and I have kept mum about this spy (as well as other issues). But now that I am told this person is going to speak before the Riverside Board of Supervisors I thought I would mention it.

    The spy will discuss how they ran survelliance operations and spied on people such as protester Glib.

    And to those who say aggressive protesting is counterproductive here is a concrete example of it working almost effortlessly. Take that losers who do nothing. Can you imagine a Scientologist being SURPRISED that a non-cultist would know who David Miscavige is?
    Not how much money he wastes on motorcycles, not his pathetic voting record, not the mysterious death of his mother in law, just that he exists!???"
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  2. Anonymous Member

    O hai AGP. This is great news on many levels. But is there any indication that the Rivercide County Board is going to give a fuck? I mean other than their possible shock that this Ex-OSA spai knows who Jeff Stone is? Not how much county money he wastes on cars for family members, not his pathetic voting record, not ... well.... just that he exists?

    Oh, and which " losers who do nothing" are you referring too exactly?
  3. Miranda Member

    OP is not AGP. That's a great story and I can't wait to hear the speech. Different strokes.
  4. Random guy Member

    I guess this only goes to show that we need to bring the message out again and again and again.
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  5. We can rest when Scientology stops destroying lives... so probably the day the cult is pronounced dead.
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  6. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Sounds good.
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  7. This really doesn't make any sense..... Here are a couple of reasons I'm kind of confused about it.
    1. When was this? How soon before or after 2008 protests did this happen? Shocked that there were protestors? When was the last time that happened? Remember the Gold Tone they use to try to chase away protestors? That's the sign that evil SPs are at the gates.

    2. Does this strike anyone else as not jelling with what we know about how members in the church feel? I thought the idea that this was a huge expansive organization was thrown around. Does it seem odd to anyone else that a victim of a cult that pretends millions of people are Scis would be surprised that a protester knew who David Miscavige is? That's like protesting the Catholic Church and not at least knowing who the highest person the pope is. inb4 dmisthescipope

    3. Does this also strike anyone as a little too sudden? A little too clear cut? Did it really just take one night with Google to crush this Scientologist? No period of trying to reconcile the net stories vs reality? No intense ethics handling for what they saw? I guess I'm just saying is these stories usually have someone going to ethics, or getting crush regged before they finally decide to leave. Most importantly, this person didn't have any family or friends that he even considered the pain of disconnection, he just came to the conclusion that leaving that night would be the best thing for what he believed in?

    4. Not really ironic since we know that Sci computers tend to have net nannys that prevent such entheta showing up. If he did google "Scientology" I'm sure the first result would have been the main website, and the next couple would be different orgs.

    5. A little too effortless, as the previous parts of my post mention. Almost too good to be true. And not really that interesting. We say things about googling Scientology, and DM abuses his staff. What if Anonymous showed up with those 2 signs? Sci prolly still would have left then if that's all it took. You didn't mention how the METHOD of what AO did was any different from the MESSAGE. The message contents, "Google Scientolgy, I know who DM is" cause the sci to leave, not how getting in his face got him to break.

    6. and that in a nut shell is why I'm most skeptical about the accuracy of your post. Why the hell would we not know? Sure maybe right at the beginning of 2008 not all Anons knew who David Miscavige was. But this is maybe 2009, 2010. I think after a year analyzing and learning all you can about your target you would learn who the highest leader of the church is. Why this sci would be surprised that someone outside the church knows DM doesn't make sense. How did he know that AO had never been in the cult? Maybe AO is an Ex member who knew about DM?

    tl;dr The idea that a sci took a protesters advice to Google scientology SOLELY because he knew who DM is likely a lie or a gross exaggeration at best.
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  8. xseaorguk Member

    as far as I can see the "riverside county board" are corrupt and know exactly what is going on, but get a few perks out of the job by accepting money for their campagnes from organised $cientology.
    How they can wake up in the morning and look themselves in the mirror? I really wonder how that is possible.
    There has been enough exposed to them over the years.
    This is how the USA works, unfortunate and very corrupt but true.
    When it eventually all gets exposed to the larger press what is going on at Hemet, they will al pronounce that they "knew nothing", just as the people did in the second world war living next to the concentration camps where people suffered and were "disposed of quietly".
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  9. RightOn Member

    ears perked up
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  10. Anonymous Member

    Transcript and, if possible, video, would be very useful for submission as evidence in other matters.
  11. subgenius Member

    If this happens, this is what will be good: the meetings are video captured.
    Sounds too good to be true, though.
  12. subgenius Member

    Can't quite do that when its on public record in front of them. That's why these efforts there are a good thing.
  13. RightOn Member

    yes public record
  14. xenubarb Member

    Here's an idea. Why don't you watch the BOS meeting instead of speculating on it?
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  15. subgenius Member

    Someone is going to capture and post, no?
  16. Anonymous Member

    Yes, the video will be posted on YouTube later today.
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  17. i'mglib Member

    I actually talked to this very nice person, and the story I got was that the SP Times series with the stories of DM beating people up is what got the ball rolling. I don't want to tell this person's story for them though.

    Is anyone watching the live streaming?
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  18. Anonymous Member

    I tried but I must be doing something wrong
  19. Anonymous Member

    I am watching live and recording. The public comments segment will take place a few minutes from now.
  20. Anonymous Member

  21. Anonymous Member

  22. xenubarb Member

    It only works in IE, so if you're trying thru FF, don't.
  23. Try with IE - compatibility view
  24. Anonymous Member

    This is how this might have been written if NOT written by a bitter douchebag like AGP.

    The last paragraph that the lackey for AGP posted just doesn't make sense.
    I can see that. But being coupled with complimenting AO's aggressive style, I have no idea what AGP is trying to imply.
    Different styles work with different people. I have no idea what AO was doing at the this stress test table. If it was holding a sign and asking about Xenu or warning about the cult to people walking by...that is not uncommon so I don't know what AGP is being all bitchy about.
    So, I need more info on the actual protest to make a further comment. AO and AGP have been aggressive in LA for a time. But I suspect any people who have left in LA were more persuaded to investigate and leave after speaking to exes like Michael and Tory and critics like I'mglib and RiF rather than seeing more aggressive tactics and name calling. It is human nature to hold even more strongly to beliefs when people call you stupid for believing them.

    Just admit it AGP...(because you are reading this) just like being a dick and being loud. Whether it works or not was never an issue.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    Or open this URL with Windows Media Player:
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  26. Anonymous Member

    I was thinking the OSA spy was a woman because AGP tried to refrain from using terms like he or she....

    I should have bet money
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  27. mnql1 Member

    From the July 26, 2011 meeting of the Riverside County Board of Supervisors:

    Scientology: July 26, 2011 Ex-OSA Agent Speaks Out

    Scientology: July 26, 2011 Fatal Traffic Accident Outside Golden Era Productions
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  28. adhocrat Member

    Damn, Pauline did a great job speaking.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    Well spoken by Pauline. Where is she from? Her name sounds French, but her accent appears to be more Northern European, Dutch perhaps. Does anyone know?
  30. Yes indeed: very articulate, well organized train of thought, and no reference to notes. Wow. And she went over time at least by a bit and got in one last very valuable remark about Reitman's book. Good for her.
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  31. subgenius Member

    fuck yeah, Mr. Stone....
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  32. Anonymous Member

    Hey OP, instead of re-printing text given to you by AGP, why not next time just post that an ex-scientologist would be speaking at the BOS meeting today. You could even mention she was used by scientology to harass AO and admits to it. The post from AGP really adds nothing.

    It also states:
    But Pauline said she left in June 2009 after hearing Tommy Davis talk about the abuse that had gone on at Gold (Re: Marty). That 2 years ago, and she mentioned nothing about a stress test table.
  33. i'mglib Member

    Wow, Pauline did an amazing job. It was so quiet in the room, I'll bet people were riveted. Especially when she said, "Mr. Stone, I hear you have some friends who are Scientologists...they used to be my frineds, too...they have since disconnected from me..."

    Excellent, well-prepared, nicely-delivered speech.

    Last year around Christmastime, my husband was outside taking out the trash, when he saw a woman walking up our walkway. She asked if Glib was home, and he said, "Huh?" Then he figured out she meant me, so he invited her in. We sat in the living-room as she told us how she and some others from Orange County had watched our house. They apparently had 5 hour shifts or something.

    I thought it was really cool that she came by to let us know. She said she was now disaffected, because of the beatings at Gold Base.

    Funny thing is during the time she watched our house, I had to get some dental work done. I went to a protest around the this time, and the security guard at HGB asked my something about, "What's wrong with your teeth?" It was really bizarre, because my teeth are actually fine. I thought maybe it was some weird thing to try to cave me in.

    Later, after talking to Pauline, the whole thing made sense.

    Pauline, I applaud your courage and your character. You are a good person.
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  34. Smurf Member

    Pauline's OSA terminal, I believe, was Yvonne Prince, who coordinates ops with Marie Murillo in Tustin. IMG_5872800x600.jpg

    Pauline was working a Scilon event in Tustin that AO protested at 2 years ago. She's sitting down in the above photo.


    Pauline is an elderly woman. I hope she has a strong support system because she's going to be put through hell for speaking out like this.
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  35. i'mglib Member

    I wouldn't call her elderly at all. :)

    Also, I think she does have family with her, but I don't want to tell her story. Maybe she'll show up on ESMB or something.
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  36. Anonymous Member

    This seems huge to me, having an official statement in a govt office, former OSA intelligence agent confessing scientology's dirty and illegal tricks. I would love to see this get media attention. Maybe if will even offer her some protection if it does hit the media.

    just wow
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  37. the anti Member

    spread like wildfire faggots, lets do this.
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  38. Spin us a yarn anyways, it would be great if she did, but I wouldn't count on it. Just tell us what you know so far
  39. RightOn Member

    I can't hear her entire name, would like to add her to the ex list
    Is it Pauline Lombard?

    oh ok, the man in the second vid, said Lomabard.

    added her to the list
    BRAVO PAULINE!!!! It is now on public record.
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  40. Exponential Member

    I applaud ur bravery Pauline
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