Examples of Fair Game where false data lead to criminal charges

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by Anonymous, May 18, 2011.

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    I seem to remember an individual who had evidence planted on him which ended up in him being imprisoned (I believe because he fled to Canada). Does anyone remember his name?

    I am compiling a list of people who face criminal proceedings because of Scientology and other non-litigious actions used to harass. So far I have

    People who have had false charges brought against them:
    Paulette Cooper (Have dox)
    ??? Need help/dox Imprisoned - Fled to Canada.
    CameraAnonymous (Have Article but no dox - no dox exist)
    Anonsparrow (havent looked yet but I will).
    ??? Need help The Sea Org guy who fled recently and was accused of stealing a hard drive.

    Also False AVOs on Aaron Saxton (Have some dox).

    Destruction of files QLD soldier. (Have article)
    Missing files french case. (found documentary)
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  3. Anonymous Member

    You could fill up a few books with the details of people being fair gamed by the Scientology corporation.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Thanks. That was what I was after.
    True, but I am looking specifically for people who have had false allegations made against them and have faced criminal proceedings not related to copyright.
  5. DeathHamster Member

    Guess where the foot-high stack of DA material came from...

    Basically CoS used the DA material to PA the police into doing an armed arrest of someone convicted of a misdemeanor offense as a "dangerous explosives expert".
    Previous to this, CoS PIs had been doing their Noisy Investigation tactics. I'm sure they were hoping that Henson and Hagglund would think this was more of the same by CoS, try to escape, and provoke a deadly reaction from the SWAT team.

    Basically it was a murder attempt by Scientology. (Sure, with a low chance of success, but if you try enough of them...)
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  6. DeathHamster Member

    Gabe Cazares had a number of frame-up attempts, including a faked hit-and-run.
    • Church played dirty tricks on Cazares January 9, 1980, Charles Stafford, Scientology: An in-depth profile of a new force in Clearwater, St. Petersburg Times (Large file, but full of Epic News Reporting!)
    Reporters are always Fair Game.
    And any lawyers that they don't like.
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    Keith Henson is the one who fled to Canada after being convicted on a misdemeanor charge of "interfering with a religion". He did so because of an implied threat from $cientology that he would not leave prison alive.

  9. Herro Member

    Keith Henson is kind of an idiot though. Fleeing to Canada? Fucktarded.
  10. Anonymous Member

    The more you deny being Keith Henson Herro, the more people will suspect it.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    Thanks so much guys and gals. You've all been very helpful. That should be enough to convince ... well it will be very useful anyway. It will keep a few people out of trouble.
  12. hey man im a las vegas anon (the only active one in fact) trying desperately to restart chanology in vegas.
    i wanna ask you if youre willing to share your info on what happened to CamerAnon so i know who i can trust of the old cell and what mistakes not to make with the new cell im trying to start. and ill try looking for more info on what happened to the las vegas cell.
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    ^^ Op here. I ony have the articles. I have looked here and CA has not lodged any docs. I hope he does soon.

    Also good luck getting started in LV. I'm disappointed it stopped and probably because of what happened to CA. I hate to see Sci using fair game to take out cells like that. If you do get started up again, be careful. They are getting desperate.
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    The Jesse Prince pot frame-up:
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    This is a good thread moar plox
  16. Attorney Michael Flynn represented disaffected scientologists in the 70's and 80's and became a major target of Scientology's LRH fair-game policy.

    They tried to set him up by paying operatives to implicate him in a bogus check-cashing scheme that back-fired, scientology then turned on their hired operatives who they claimed tried to make the "Church" look bad in this case.

    Trash-tech was used on Flynn who was cleared of charges in the failed frameup attempt.

    Google: Michael Flynn / Scientology

    Also an extensive list of Scientology "Enemies" here:

    The list is expanding daily thanks to many stand-up exes and Anonymous.
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