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Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Jaymax, Jun 16, 2009.

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    thanks pirate bay for this initiative of allowing people to communicate.

    however some of the posting here do look like vocal minority - some also look fishy (western spin doctors at work, spooks and their surrogates)

    there is no doubt that some people are unhappy with election results but consider this: iran has little democratic tradition. if indeed 60 pc voted for the current president, this leaves 40pc of the people who did not, and having 1m people marh in tehran does not mean elections were rigged.

    in my country (also muslim, former socialist) we had similar uprising in late 80's few months before GDR and Romania went crazy. i participated in a march to contest an election. I did it for a very specific reason. to my great disappointment the march was manipulated by some political figures who had minority support, and who ended up being spinned by CNN types as having organized the march. the reality was that in fact people marching and protesting were doing so for very diverse reasons (ranging from crypto nationalists to anarchists to islamists, to true democrat to unemployed youth and students to vilains looking at profiteering from looting). the protests where met with police violence and the country went into civil war shortly thereafter.

    all I am saying is that it's obvious that some people in Iran are not happy with Iran politically and economically.

    But it does not mean that elections were rigged and it does not mean that these protests are good or will have good results. no one wants iran to go through civil war there is enough violence in the world today!

    so whilst i support advancement of democracy in iran and elsewhere i do not think that the world should be blindly supportive of iran protests just because they are brutally put off by the government police.

    again we have yet to see any evidence that the elections were rigged. does not matter that some of us do not like aminjedad, if he was indeed elected by a 60pc majority of rural people that he deserved to stay in place. protesters can voice their disagreement with his policies peacefully but should respect the opinion of the majority and the lection result.

    let's hope everything turns out well....
  4. Auntie Osa Member

    Stop posting the same post everywhere. ^^^
  5. This, goddammit. Long, seemingly-on-topic-but-not-really concern trolling is still trolling.

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