Exclusive: Some Basij turning against Regime.

Discussion in 'Iran' started by Geraldanthro, Jul 7, 2009.

  1. Geraldanthro Member

    ScreenHunter_15+Jun.+24+22.39.gif.png From our Iranian source.
    She has proved reliable many times in the past.
    EXCLUSIVE: Basij turning against Regime.

    From an encrypted communication.
    She is fully cloaked.

    My com to her:

    Sorry to hear about your....... attack.
    Can you confirm anything about
    "coup by the revolutionary guards"
    Monday July 6 – the daily story � Iran Election 2009

    Her reply:
    Hello Gerald
    Thank you
    This is not a coup as u many name it.
    It is an engineered centralization of power to help the Spiritual Leader to mange future clashes and crashes and purges.
    This is pre-planned from before the so called elections. sorry u cant understand Farsi but only yesterday the Leader of the opposition Mr. Rajavi sent a message in Faris its in the tube, that explains well that this was very well predicted a coupe of years ago by this resistance. The whole election was staged to get Khamenii the power for full control. Ofcourse there is a section of the Bassij which has in a way gone off control of the central gov and has made a group of resistance mainly agaisnt Ahmadinejad's thugs and Intelligence elements. They according to their statement have carried a couple of operations against certain thugs responsible for the arrest of some of their friends who denied opening fire on the people.
    So the whole thing estimated by the resistance has already begun.
    This regime will crack down from the middle and this will lead to an other element.

    sig. deleted.

    end of file. end of file.

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: EXCLUSIVE: Basij turning against Regime.

  2. KoolAidV2 Member

    What in the fuck is this?
  3. SanguineRose Member

    I 2nd that Motion...

    What The Fuck Is This Shit?!?!?!
  4. Geraldanthro

    i agree with everyone else and ask a 3rd WTF is this?
  5. Geraldanthro Member

    maybe not clear

    Its from our Iranian source with connections in the resistance.

    The question I sent her, the link and her reply.

    Sorry if I didn't make that clear.


  6. if you would, what exactly is it saying?

    not sure i get it..
  7. I 4th that WTF. It is utter bullshit, or your source has been utterly compromised. Or once again Geraldanthro continues to have absolutely no clue as to what it is about which you spew.

    The Basijii has never had central control, it is a popular mob that distills commands from religious broadcasts.

    methinx ur source is located in Nigeria.

  8. Geraldanthro Member

    Good source:

    The source we have been working with for over a year.
    In the past she has proven reliable,

    We passed on what she has reported.
    I think her main point is some of the Basij
    have turned on their own.

    We have been waiting for clarification of her statement.

    Other Intel she has passed on, names of dead students.
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: EXCLUSIVE:5 Students killed in Tehran University, Names

    While some of you may disparage and ridicule her,
    I think she is a very brave Iranian patriot doing her part.
    And we are very proud of her.
    Her native tongue is Farsi.
    How would an Iranian in the forum who writes broken english
    take your comments?

    And I guess I just don't understand the personal attacks and reactions?

  9. There are a lot of Iranian government stooges in here who like to pretend they are not Iranian. Them, and the usual kiddie trolls living in their mommy's basement. Ignore them. They are little flies. They'll attack and disparage anything that doesn't fit into the pre-planned fascist line of propaganda.
  10. NiteOwl Member

  11. Even after this detailed reply I still have to ask what in the fuck is this? I don't get it.
  12. Jaymax Moderator

    Same 5 names which were all over twitter, and picked up here at the same time.

    The comments are not directed at your source

    Try harder
  13. Visionary Member

    Um, I kind of understand it.

    The source says that the election was really a way to consolidate power behind Khamenei and Ahmadinejad.

    And some of the basij have revolted and captured or killed their own members who tried to punish other basij who refused to attack the protesters.

    This supposedly means that the government is cracking.

    That's what I gathered anyway.
    No idea if this is true or real info or not.
  14. Geraldanthro Member

    Good point

    She reported the deaths,and we posted on 6/15/2009 01:40:00 PM

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: EXCLUSIVE: 5 students were killed in Tehran

    She reported the names on 6/16/2009 11:14:00 AM
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: EXCLUSIVE:5 Students killed in Tehran University, Names

    What was the time line on the tweets you found, links also please.

  15. SanguineRose Member

    The count so far is 5 "WTF is this shit".

    I still ask... WTF is this shit?
  16. Well, this seems fake, BUT DON'T PASS IT OFF AS BS! Forgetting about these little things makes dumbasses around here close their mind to any fringe possibility.

    Now think about it, afterwards Khomenei would have significantly more power, not so much as he does legally, but in the say he has in everything the country does and in his capability to become more and more dictatorial/autocratic. Aka 5 billion times worse than the shah (and the shah wasn't too bad... the Ayatollah's on the other hand...)
  17. LAWL, that's like from some B movie ... "end of file. end of file" bwaahaha.

    Get lost troll. Back under your bridge.
  18. There have been tweets all day saying the police would not attack the protesters, the basiji were running, etc. I don't think your almighty basiji have their hearts in it anymore. They'll fight when their bosses are around to intimidate them into fighting, but only then.

    It is just a matter of time until they start getting sick of it, and switching to the other side or leaving in large numbers. Deal with it. The time is coming when you will no longer have your precious basiji at your side.
  19. Is there a suggestion that the unrest in Iran was engineered by Khamenei to achieve objectives that would, in his view, help Iran:

    1. Give foreigners the (false) impression that Iranians are young modern, freedom-loving people - humanizing Iranians in the view of the Western citizenry - thus making any military action against Iran unpopular.

    2. Identify potential internal threats to Khamenei's power, and brand them as enemies of the state

    As a side note, I have a reliable source I have been working with for over two years, and she can confirm with 100% certainty that your source is in fact a man.
  20. And I don't understand why you decided to put bullshit like "she is fully cloaked" and "end of file" and "sig deleted" in your post, you braindead moron piece of shit. What kind of game do you think you're you playing?
  21. This is nonsense drivel. The Ayatollah was already the SUPREME FRICKIN LEADER, essentially a dictator. Why would he need to get more power, when he has absolute power already? Ridiculous.
  22. You've got to be kidding me. How low are you willing to sink? Apart from the fact that there is absolutely nothing to suggest that, it makes no friggin sense whatsoever!

    Use your brain cells (all 3 of them) once in a while!
  23. Maybe it scares you because you know it might be true?

    The proof is inside the pudding!
  24. atmasabr Member

    This topic would be funny if it weren't so inappropriate.

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