Experience with Charon (software) or a mod on this site? Pls read.

Discussion in 'Keeping Your Anonymity In Iran' started by If Only I Could Remember, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. Experienced with Charon (software) or a mod on this site? Pls read.

    If you use Charon, I'm looking for an entirely "clean" (as in clean) duplicate detector for use with it. [I want to create a video tutorial so that more people can get their computers crunching out lists of fresh, safe, anon proxies. The dup detectors I've used all sound off "Suspicous File" warnings with a couple of the engines on the aforementioned sites, and for obvious reasons, any files I link people to in the tut, need to be beyond reproach.]

    Given that virus scanners aren't infallible, and the Rev. Guard aren't exactly OSA numpties, if you were/are involved in Chanology, and have an account on WWP (preferably with a bit of history as a user), my preference would be to take the file via PM on there. This would act as a good added assurance of the file's integrity. [So I don't know your IranWWP ID, and your WWP ID, feel free to create a sock, PM me from it, and I'll respond by providing you with my WWP account name. I've been involved on the site since the beginning FWIW.

    To the mods, without wanting to know the whys, where's who's or how's; can you get anon proxy lists to the people that need them? (Preferably without publicly posting the lists or forwarding to the (by now, possibly too) well known bloggers, twitterers, etc. that have been suggested in the past.)

  2. Bump.

    Sorry for the extreme TealDear before...what can I say? I was tired.

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