Exposing An Abuser

Discussion in 'Projects' started by ELLS, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Kk, thankws.
  2. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Maybe no one else is paying attention newbie from yesterdaqy, but why the fuck! would anyone trust you? Go sit on a fence.

    ...just sayin'.

    Play safe, play samrt, remain anon.

  3. ELLS Member

    I greatly appreciate everyone's input. You all have been great. I certainly don't want to do anything illegal and openly admit to a great deal of ignorance when it comes to obtaining information that i desire. Thing is, I don't know if there are other victims and I hate that because of his social status others won't come forward. I thought that if he could be outted legitimately then others wouldn't be afraid and he could be stopped. I haven't seen or spoken to him in multiple years, it is unlikely that he would know where I am or that anything like this would come from me. But understand why you all have brought up the power he has....and thank you for helping me maintain approaching this with caution.

    again thanks for the suggestion of the support group. I have a fantastic therapist and group where I live. but honestly I'm not going to act like doing something like this wouldn't empower me because it would. It would be a chance to make things fair for others not just myself. Action needs to be taken. If I know anything for sure its that.
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  4. ELLS Member

    also, Ogsonofgroo: was that directed at me? the telling me to sit on a fence? no hard feelings, only asking because I am new here and don't want to do anything that is offensive. I think I have been pretty open about my motives behind all this. But also understand your skepticism. I come in peace.
  5. Anonymous Member

    I think you'll find Ogsono's beef was with the member he was quoting, not your fine self.
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  6. snippy Member

    The FBI may be able to help. They investigate crimes committed by police, human trafficking and exploitation/corruption of minors. You can report crimes anonymously.
  7. Anonymous Member

    The Boy Scouts, Jerry Sandusky, Jimmy Sevile, the Catholic Church all in the news now, all high profile. This works in your favor.

    Seek out a group to support you during this time, if you can't find one locally there are certainly online groups more skilled at helping then we are. You need to know that the chances of you being his only victim are very very small. He more than likely has molested other children. Someone out there, someone near you could be his victim right now. If you don't speak out you are safe, nothing will happen, except to the children who will be his next victims.
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  8. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    I don't have anything to add that hasn't been already said. Report the abuse to anybody and everybody that can help (law enforcement, therapists, etc.) You clearly have the tools, but I guess are concerned about taking the first step in getting closure or perhaps finding justice.

    Things like this aren't easy starting off with. However, you should listen to the advice given and do it despite the hardness. Silence in this case isn't golden and there is no telling how many others have suffered at this person's hands. If you don't, who will? There isn't a guarantee somebody else will come out and all that time others may suffer while you stay silent.
  9. The Wrong Guy Member

    First you could get a consultation with an attorney who can advise you on the statute of limitations as well as what it would take to subpoena any evidence.

    Also, there is nothing stopping you from anonymously outing the guy, with all of the details.

    Check this out, too:
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  10. ELLS Member

    I think an attorney would be a great step, thank you! also, some of you folk mentioned the FBI and contacting them....seriously? Is there are a way to legitimately do that? Because if I get put on the phone with another computer or woman who sits at a desk all day Im gonna go nuts...but seriously.
  11. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    I agree with The Wrong Guy. Talk to a lawyer first to see what legal steps you can do.

    I am not 100% sure if contacting the FBI first or by yourself would do any good. Might be something to tell your attorney. The FBI gets a whole fuckton of requests daily and there is always a chance they would blow off your request if you did it by yourself. It helps a great deal to have an attorney that deals in these matters because they can help guide you through the process.

    There are a plethora of options you can take. However, it helps to have a professional on your side to guide you through the process as they know what to expect. In addition: It helps to have family, friends, etc. to be by your side during this time.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Yes, there are legitimate ways to contact law enforcement DUH, including the feds. Several people posted hotlines and gave you other, solid, advice. I think it's time for this thread to die now. I'm beginning to smell the stench that is oft referred to as troll.
  13. Anonymous Member
    Federal Statutes Relating to Crimes Against Children

    Crimes Against Children Links
    Crimes Against Children Home
    Our Programs and Resources- Child Abduction Rapid Deployment Teams
    - Family Child Abductions
    - Non-Family Child Abductions
    - Innocence Lost
    - Federal Statutes
    - News and Stories
    Report a Missing Child
    - National Cyber Tip Line
    - International Family Abductions
    - Submit a Tip Online
    Protecting Your Children
    - National/State Sex Offender Registry
    - Innocent Images/Online Predators
    - Additional Protections
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  14. ELLS Member

    man, if I had feelings they'd be hurt ;) It can die if you wish, i am no troll. I guess I wanted help in a way that was "unethical" (at least thats what they tell me) I have explored every option and been shut down hence why i came here. hotlines are great on the surface.
  15. Anonymous Member
    There are links on the page to the right. Please do this. BTW FBI loves arresting pedophiles in law enforcement.
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  16. ELLS Member

  17. Anonymous Member

    Troll accuser can go DIAF. You're on the right track.
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  18. ELLS Member

    thanks, I certainly didn't think I was trolling at all.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    You don't appear to be trolling, but its not clear from your various posts whether you are seeking justice or revenge. If you're looking for revenge, yeah, there are anonymous vigilante elements on the internet that might be interested in making a show of your abuser, but you should know that their tactics are always sloppy, often illegal, and could easily be turned against you without a moment's notice. Mobs are messy.

    If you are looking for a way to expose and/or prosecute this person through legal means then you probably do have quite a bit more work ahead of you. It's wrong and it sucks that someone who has been victimized has to give up so much of their time to get anywhere with the justice system, but it is what it is. Getting legal advice is a good place to start. Support groups are good, and there are probably victims' rights advocacy groups somewhere near you.
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  20. ELLS Member

    So lets be honest here...revenge would be sweet in this scenario but my desire for justice is much greater, I am safe now but I don't know about others and thats the motivation behind all this. To say revenge isn't a part of it would be lying but most of all I want the cycle to stop.
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  21. The Wrong Guy Member

    So you spoke with an attorney, and discussed the statute of limitations as it applies here and what it would take to subpoena any evidence? If so, what were the answers? If not, why not?
  22. ELLS Member

    Statute of limitations are expired, everything we have now is circumstantial. There has to be physical evidence for a warrent to subpoena his records. I had physical evidence as a teenager/child as explored by a doctor, as an adult that evidence is no longer usable for obvious reasons.
  23. Anonymous Member

    Just curious but are you in a big town or a city or what?
  24. fishypants Moderator

    OK, so I understand why you're hesitant to contact local police.

    But you should definitely contact some form of law enforcement.

    If not for yourself, do it for his current and future child victims.

    This page:

    has some numbers which might help.

    National resources and hotlines for crime victims

    The website for the Office for Victims of Crime in the Department of Justice includes an online directory of victim assistance programs.

    Childhelp USA/Forrester National Child Abuse Hotline
    (800) 422-4453 | (800) 222-4453, TDD

    Family Violence Prevention Fund/Health Resource Center(800) 313-1310

    National Center for Victims of Crime
    (800) 394-2255

    National Children’s Alliance
    (800) 239-9950

    National Organization for Victim Assistance
    (800) 879-6682

    National Resource Center on Domestic Violence
    (800) 537-2238
    (800) 553-2508, TDD

    Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network
    (800) 656-4673

    This website is not really a good place for you to get anything more than a referral to a more suitable agency - some people here will doubt whether what you're saying is true, and will (for want of a better term) try to fuck with you.

    Given that the guy involved is local police, I suggest you call your FBI office. You can find their contact details here:
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  25. ELLS Member

    sorry it has been a while everyone, the hurricane hit us hard here on the east and I've broken my hand making it difficult to type. I've taken some of your advice and have printed out flyers and pictures to post around outing the ass. i was cautious and used gloves and a public library's printer so i wouldn't leave prints and could remain as anonymous as possible since he is a cop. i also used some of the links you guys provided and got in contact with the FBI. I'm hoping something comes of it but haven't got my hopes to high. thank you all for your support. really, it has meant so much. lets hope we can get the bastard or at least save someone else from being hurt. :)
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  26. A.O.T.F Member

    Make sure you wear a hoodie when posting those flyers .. you know .. CCTV Cameras. Keep your head down.
  27. gruvvywave Member

  28. gruvvywave Member

    since you have first hand knowledge, your testimony would be most nessesary in persecuting the should not do this anonymously,you should give up to the cops.people knowing he;s done something is not enough to stop him nor does it help to make laws harder on criminals like himself.please tell the authorities fast.
  29. Anonymous Member

    Name the cunt.
  30. Anonymous Member

    Is this "fuck him up for me" or pedo.
    If pedo need to go to LE.
  31. Quick Silver Member

    Anon's I pose a question; what if the Government organization you are soliciting to bring down this pedophile is affiliated with largest largest Child Sex ring in North America? Now what? A 20 billion dollar Organization cannot exist as it does with out strings attached to the top. Remain Anonymous at all cost and smoke this Son of a Bitch out.......we should assist by any means necessary.
  32. Anonymous Member

    Go ahead I'll watch

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