"Extending our reach in cyberspace"

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  1. Another article from Highwinds #21 (1998): This is about the infamous "Scientologist On-Line" program, Scientology's first online "dissemination campaign" that resulted in nothing.

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    From the department of things that did not end well.
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    I remember that crap. Complete with Nannyware cds.
  5. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Who's gonna help your case gain endure?
    Who's gonna keep your theta pure?
    Who's always watching when you're online?
    Who's keeping out-tech out of your mind?

    That's right! It's CLAM NANNY, the guiding presence of the old man himself, embedded in your PC!

    How many times have you clicked what should have been a useful link, only to have some pesky entheta page jump in front of your eyes? Remember the headache you felt as you tried to ''un-see'' the lies? Remember all the hassle and extra expense of the sec checking you needed as a result of some DB's misinformed parroting of squirrel stuff?


    CLAM NANNY takes all that away! It's like having your own personal case supervisor always standing guard over your delicate Scientologist mind, keeping watch over every source of information out there, and only letting in the ones you are supposed to see!


    Get CLAM NANNY today and start enjoying worry-free web browsing!
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