Extortion Plot "Explained"

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  1. MrNiceNice Member

    Extortion Plot "Explained"

    I wish I could read this with fresh eyes.

    Extortion Plot Revealed
    --edited to include 1st para--
    A document signed by famed actor John Travolta instructing a paramedic/ambulance driver to
    take his son Jett directly to a Grand Bahama airport is the central object of an alleged
    extortion plot. When it was discovered that the aircraft could not accommodate Jett as a
    patient, he was taken to the Rand Memorial Hospital, where he succumbed.

    According to Police sources, shortly after 16-year-old Jett Travolta died, the
    paramedic Tarino Lightbourne, met with Obie Wilchcombe, Member of
    Parliament for West End and Bimini and former Senator Pleasant Bridgewater.
    Police say Lightbourne showed them the document, which was not filed with the authorities
    and suggested that it was valuable. Thereupon, Mr. Wilchcombe telephoned
    Travolta lawyers and informed them of the document, which he said they should be concerned about.

    Travolta’s lawyer Michael McDermott was told that it was incriminating. To which
    Mr. McDermott responded, "In my part of the world that is extortion."
    Police say Mr. Wilchcombe then introduced Ms. Bridgewater to Mr. McDermott.
    Subsequently, Travolta’s Bahamas attorney, Allyson Gibson was instructed to meet with Ms. Bridgewater, who was representing Lightbourne.
    She, according to Police, told Mrs. Gibson that her client wanted $25 million for the document or that it would be turned over to the international media.
  2. Mutante Member

    Re: Extortion Plot "Explained"

    Mmmmmm the smell of fresh smokescreen.
  3. WTF Member

    Re: Extortion Plot "Explained"

  4. MrNiceNice Member

    Re: Extortion Plot "Explained"

    Skippeded the first para.
    --place in OP

    Died at hospital. Note: NOBODY *EVER* dies in the ambulance. IF you're in the
    ambulance you get to be "alive" until the doctors officially "dead" you.

    Greed. Stupidity. Yeah I recognise the planet...
  5. TheBitch Member

    Re: Extortion Plot "Explained"

  6. kitfisto Member

    Re: Extortion Plot "Explained"

    ^^^ Yeah , no shit lol . So they were trying to get his body to Florida to get a Scilon coroner to examine it then lie about how he died .
  7. MrNiceNice Member

    Re: Extortion Plot "Explained"

    maybe. I'm at the mercy of a journalist & editor here.

    "When it was discovered that the aircraft could not accommodate Jett ..."

    Where 'discovered'? At the airport would be totally insane. I think JT just
    wanted to save his child. A sadly long dead child. When the 'stuff goes
    down' all kinds of people get really great (stupid) ideas because they
    don't have a clue as to what the situation really is. [strike]Trust me.[/strike]
    "Never attribute to evil and malice that which can be simply explaind
    by stupidity". MMNV (mymileagenevervaries)

    KISS works.
  8. TheBitch Member

    Re: Extortion Plot "Explained"

    Is wot I'm thinkin... WHICH BRINGS US BACK TO PICTURES OF THEM TRYING TO FIT THE BODY THROUGH THE MOTHERFUCKIN DOOR OF THE PLANE, taken with a cell phone, and into the realm of something worth $25 million bucks.

    Can you say, "He banged his head on the door."

    "Lulz wot?"

    "He banged his head on the fucking plane door. Oh shi- ..... I think he exteriorized!"
  9. cubby Member

    Re: Extortion Plot "Explained"

  10. cowboyanon2 Member

    Re: Extortion Plot "Explained"

    they probably couldn't fly him back.. coz he was dead... and no death certificate.. weekend at bernies is coming to mind...
  11. MrNiceNice Member

    Re: Extortion Plot "Explained"

    It's more fun your way. Sounds like a merry band of idiots.

    ^fixed^ BT/DT

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