Facebook attempts to silence Jessie Prince

Discussion in 'Fair Game Reports and Personal Experiences' started by BLiP, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. BLiP Member

    Facebook have shut down Jesse Prince's notes about his time in the cult. According to Jessie, Facebook has told him the content of his story is deemed to be "abusive"!/permalink.php?story_fbid=208993505781492&id=100000125333302

    Undeterred, Jesse has transferred the telling of his tale to a blogspot site:

    Jesse is not a tech-whizz so its looking a little ramshackle at this stage. Come on over, have a read of the story and, if you can help with formatting or even put Jessie in contact with someone who can video his story for uploading to Pootube and mirrors, don't be shy.
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  2. anonamus Member

    Exactly! Co$ is abusive. So, what's the problem, Zuckerberg? Or is it Suckerberg?
  3. Anonymous Member

    What is this?

    It's abusive to accurately recall how he and others were abused by Scientology?

    What fucking nonsensical world are we living in.. Now I'm depressed.
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  4. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    Do they say this about all abuse survivors? Is Facebook not allowed to have any stories about abuse?
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  5. RightOn Member

    Wonder who was bugging FB to take it down hmmmmmmmmm
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Same old story. They fear being sued by the cult.
  7. MOOG Member

  8. CarterUSP Member

    Very true.
    I've read plenty of crap on facebook that could be deemed offensive that was left untouched. Bloody cult.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    Facebook's conduct toward Jess Prince is abusive, Facebook needs to remove itself from the internet.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    The problem with facebook is that they never actually check into these "abuse" complaints. If someone hits that button often enough, FB reacts without actually checking into it.
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  11. Nancy Beazley Member

    Exactly. Which is why it's so amusing to hear anyone say, "Then I'll just take my toys and brilliant opinions away from this board that's moderated by idiots and go post on my own Facebook page, where I'll have complete liberty to say what I want to say."
  12. I think facebook want to avoid harrasment and issues themselves.
    I've seen evidence that the co$ do indeed hire PI's to dig up dirt on 'enemies' or anyone who openly disagrees with them and then use it against them. People's homes have been broken into and then they attempt to sue them for anything possible. Not with the intention of winning I might add, just to harrass, upset and bankrupt the enemy. Even if nothing stands in court, court case after court case is brought against said enemy in an attempt to 'break' them. Some commit suicide, some go bankrupt, some meet fatal accidents.

    Look on google for scientology. There are hardly any bad mentions on the first few pages because scientologys legal team have been on at google for 'defamation'

    Probably facebook is scared of facing the same. Suckerberg's company is a law unto themselves. They've broken so many privacy laws to date. I hope they go down. They don't do what is right, more what suits them.

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