Facebook Status Idea

Discussion in 'Projects' started by wat2, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. Facebook Status Idea

    Just an idea, to make the protests more known, what if everyone changed their facebook status to:

    "is wary of the tenth of February."

  2. I'm in. However that's a good way for Scios to identify you.
  3. L.the.Anon Member

    Not necessarily. Though they are clearly on here, so unless you get a few friends to do it as well, it's probably best to refrain from it.
  4. Its not really showing you're taking part, just that you're aware of it.

    If we could make it big enough it could be pretty overwhelming.
  5. Shadowflare Member

    There are 50+ Facebook events for the tenth last I checked with more people RSVP-ing all the time. It could potentially catch on fast.
  6. ^thats exactly what i mean to promote.
  7. dawnanon Member

    I did it.

    I mean, I have a ~privatized profile, so I guess it mostly gets the attention of people I'm friends with already, so if it gets my unaware friends asking, so much the better.
  8. L.the.Anon Member

    Ahh, you can do that? I don't have Facebook, so I wouldn't know.
  9. dawnanon Member

    Yeah, there are certain privacy settings you can put on your profile, which is normally visible to those in your school/regional networks. I'd be creeped out if everyone living within 60 or whatever miles of me could see my profile.
  10. oryx Member

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