Fact-Checking CCHR Board of advisors

Discussion in 'CoS Front Groups' started by Ann O'Nymous, Apr 1, 2008.

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    Re: Fact-Checking CCHR Board of advisors

    Pastor Michael Davis, Pentecostal minister, U.S.

  2. albinocat Member

    Re: Fact-Checking CCHR Board of advisors

    James Chappell, MD
    Endocrinology Assoc
    950 E Harvard Ave Ste 650
    Denver, CO 80210
    Phone: (303) 315-3485
    Fax: (303) 778-0726

    He sells some kind of super pills on
    Dr. James Chappell Products
    CalComp Nutrition Inc
    2021 Clay Pike, Suite 1
    Irwin, PA 15642-1712

    To reach CalComp Nutrition customer service call us Toll Free 1-877-919-9992 or send an email to
    This was the only email-Address I could find.
    He serves as a medical consultant for The Oasis of Hope Hospital in Mexico.
    Founded by Dr. Ernesto Contreras, Sr. in 1963, Oasis of Hope Hospital was created with the specific purpose of providing alternative & integrative cancer treatment using a multi disciplinary approach that meets the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the patient.

    I have read somewhere that Scientologist send cancer patients to Mexiko for treatment. Maybe this Oasis of Hope is this place ?

    On the same webpage they sell products from this guy: Kevin Trudeau

    Trudeaus own webpage:

  3. albinocat Member

    Re: Fact-Checking CCHR Board of advisors

    I have found one lawyer with same name (J. F. Aguirre) in Mexiko. Could be him. No eMail-Address.


    * Teléfono(55)52648358

  4. albinocat Member

    Re: Fact-Checking CCHR Board of advisors

    Robert Butcher
    Butcher Paull & Calder
    8th Floor 231 Adelaide Terrace
    Perth WA 6000
  5. albinocat Member

    Re: Fact-Checking CCHR Board of advisors

    Lars Engstrand, attorney, Sweden.

    in 1999 he was the attorney for the Application for an accord regarding Church of Scientology in Stockholm, 802010-2623.

    So he already knows that Scientology is behind CCHR. I have asked the swedish Anons for help to find an email Address.
  6. AnonyK23 Member

    Re: Fact-Checking CCHR Board of advisors

    Peter Breggin of "Ritalin kills kids who should be having sex" infamy STARTED the CCHR and is still somewhat involved, doing publications and such. He started it w/Thomas Szaz.

    Contact info not easily forthcoming.

  7. XenuLovesU Member

    Re: Fact-Checking CCHR Board of advisors

    David Egner, Ph.D., child psychologist and former special education director, U.S.

    Here's an opinion piece he published:

  8. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Fact-Checking CCHR Board of advisors

  9. XenuLovesU Member

    Re: Fact-Checking CCHR Board of advisors

    Robert Morgan, Ph.D., psychologist, U.S.

    Betting this is the editor of "Electroshock: The Case Against (Paperback)" Electroshock: The Case Against: Robert Morgan: Books

    Wow... could that be a book by Bruce Wiseman, Scientologist?

    If Dr. Morgan was quoted 42 years ago in Wiseman's book... I think that safely eliminates this other Robert Morgan. He's too young to be a match (and his CV seems entirely too credible to have anything to do with the CCHR):
  10. Re: Fact-Checking CCHR Board of advisors

    Jesus Corona. (Almost all evidence is in Spanish)

    His complete name is "Jesús Corona Osornio". Claims to have PhD in psycholinguistics, did not find evidence to substantiate this (he claims to be expert in adolescence psychology as well - quite a multifaceted man ;)). In different versions of the CCHR board of advisors page he appears either as psychologist or as investigative reporter (!). He seems to have strong involvement with the media, having radio programmes and sporadic TV appearances. Someone with that name seems to have been active in politics around 1993, receiving some money from a political party that later could not be accounted for. Such party was later investigated under corruption charges. He has been lightly critical of the reactive mind concept of dianetics, but has been very active lobbying against psychiatry and "Big Pharma". In a bizarre twist, he seems to be interested in angelology.

    Could not find contact information.

    I'll try to continue with some other spanish-speaking ones.
  11. Re: Fact-Checking CCHR Board of advisors

    Jose Francisco Aguirre, attorney, Mexico. (All evidence in Spanish)

    Acueducto Rio Hondo No. 210
    Col. Lomas de Virreyes
    Del Miguel Hidalgo
    C.P. 11000 Mexico D.F

    Tel/Fax 5211 9411
    04455 28922258

    The complete name of this guy is "José Francisco Aguirre González". The home page of his consultancy is here. He seems to have extensive experience in law for corporate and government. He claims to have postgraduate diplomas in marketing and corporate law. He seems to aware of scientology lingo:

    "Las diferentes escuelas de psicología nos indican que debemos "trabajar" los problemas que nos limitan, otros las llaman "engramas", otros hablan de traumas adquiridos desde la mas tierna infancia o desde el vientre materno. Hay quienes nos proponen acudir a una terapia de psicoanálisis aunque tarde mucho tiempo en descubrir el origen del problema, otros señalan la terapia individual y directa, hay quein solo propone que se identifique el problema y, como por arte de magia, con un chasquido de los dedos, ya se cambió."

    "Different psychological schools indicate that the problems that limit us must be 'handled', others call them 'engrams', others speak of traumas acquired from our earliest infancy or even from the womb. Some propose psychoanalytic therapy to discover the origin of the problem, even if it takes very long, others point to individual, direct therapy, and there is who propose that just by identifying the problem magically changes it" (the text is pretty badly redacted in spanish too)

    The guy definitely knows something about scientology, but he does not seem to have drunk the kool-aid completely. Better contact him and re-check. I will continue fact checking - maybe some other spanish speaker can contact him?
  12. Re: Fact-Checking CCHR Board of advisors

    Sandro Garcia Rojas, attorney and expert on international law, Mexico.
    (All evidence in Spanish)

    Lic. Sandro García-Rojas C.
    Enrique Rebsamen,
    Col. del Valle,
    México, D.F.
    Tel. cel. 044-55-23-04-95-996

    His full name is "Sandro Garcia Rojas Castillo". He seems to be very active in the research of "emerging economy" problems, such as child pornography and corruption, and human rights. He seems to be of 'central-left' political conviction.

    This guy does not seem like a scientologist AT ALL, nor does he seem in any way interested in eliminating psychiatry. Unfortunately I did not find any email contact for him.

    If any local Mexico anon reads this, maybe contacting him by phone might be useful - I find it very hard to believe that this guy knows what CCHR really is.
  13. Re: Fact-Checking CCHR Board of advisors

    Guillermo Guzman de la Garza, Director of Extraditions and International Judicial Matters of the Attorney General’s office for Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

    The domain for this guy's company has expired, but it was mirrored in 2006 in the Internet Archive. According to this, his contact info is:

    Calzada del Valle No. 400 Ote. Desp. 1015 y 1016.
    Edif. Moll del Valle
    Garza García, N.L. México C.P. 66220
    Tels. y fax. (52) 8335-27-61 | 8335-28-65

    The only email available is, but given that the domain registration has lapsed, I am pretty sure it does not work anymore.

    The guy's brief bio:

    Guzman de la Garza Guillermo
    Majored in Law and Legal Sciences (University of Nuevo Leon; 1976) and Bussiness Administration (University of Monterrey; 1977). Master in Bussiness Administrarion in Tulane University, U.S.A. 1980. Great Officer (Oficial Mayor) San Pedro Garza Garcia 1983-1985. Advisor to the CCINLAC from 1984 to date. Economic and Legal Services Sub-director in Alfa 1995. Prosecutor of Justice´s Office 1995. Coordinator of State Justice and Security in 1996. Member of several Law Schools such as Nuevo Leon School of Lawyers, ANADE, Staff at the Law Faculty in the University of Nuevo Leon and in the University of Monterrey and also cathedratic staff of the University of Monterrey in post graduate division. Foundating Member of BSI. Member of Infosel´s Board of Advisors. Member of the Law Faculty of the University of Nuevo Leon Board of Advisors.

    The guy later became a Juris Doctor.

    Being an attorney, there are bunches of trials on which this guy has participated. He seems to have worked managing donations for the fire department.

    I found no evidence linking this guy to scientology, but of course we need to contact him and confirm.
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  15. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Fact-Checking CCHR Board of advisors

  16. Re: Fact-Checking CCHR Board of advisors

    damn it, doublepost.
  17. Re: Fact-Checking CCHR Board of advisors

    Lisa Cain is only a Lecturer in Marketing at the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business! And from her "Linked In" page:

    Faculty member [sic] at UC Berkeley, Mills College and The Wharton School. Actively teaching Marketing and Sales Mgmt courses and involved in Wharton's Global Consulting Practicum.

    Additionally, principal of PagePoint, a Web-development company. Current projects include 'keeping it all together'.

    I have a PhD from The Wharton School in marketing. My research is focused on sales force management questions-- in particular performance evaluation and resource allocation questions.

    Sales Force Management Consulting; Marketing; Web Marketing;

  18. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Fact-Checking CCHR Board of advisors

  19. Aaeunnimbus Member

    Re: Fact-Checking CCHR Board of advisors

    I actually work with Dr.Edmunds. We've had some interesting conversations about CCHR's ties to Scientology, and the ethics of working with such a group. Even though he'll speak at CCHR events...he wouldn't speak next to the big bust of L.Ron. And he's apparently had to fight tooth and nail to actually, you know, get paid. Overall though, he's a good guy with a social conscience and a sense of humor. The exposure of the abuses of the biopsychological pardagim just happens to be his cause, and CCHR lets him work towards that cause.

    Still funny, having to explain some of the CoS jargon to him. He's got a christmas/holiday card from them in his office. Occasionally he mocks me with it.

    And then i say he looks like Horatio Crane, and all is well.

    He also has some stuff available over Lulu, but unless you're into psychology, a great deal won't make sense.
  20. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Fact-Checking CCHR Board of advisors

  21. Bad_Wolf Member

    Re: Fact-Checking CCHR Board of advisors

    Ann Auburn, D.O. is not the chairperson of the Osteopathic Medical Board of Michigan, mainly because that organization does not exist as such. There is the Michigan Board of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery, as well as the Michigan Osteopathic Association, but Ms. Auburn is not on the board of trustees for either of these.

    MDCH - Michigan Board of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery Members

    Michigan Osteopathic Association - Physicians Contact Information - MOA Board of Trustees
  22. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Fact-Checking CCHR Board of advisors

  23. XenuLovesU Member

    Re: Fact-Checking CCHR Board of advisors

    Seconding Lilly's observations re: Lisa Cain.

    Doesn't look like she's full-time faculty at UC Berkeley, and definitely not in psychology.

    You can look up all faculty and student e-mail addresses on CalNet:

    Unless she's really Amanda Louise Cain and "Lisa" is a nickname.

    Additionally, re: "" -- Haas is Berkeley's school of business.

    Apparently, she HAS taught some (marketing) classes at UCB. She has some ratings on "Rate my Professor" from 2005-2007:

    Lisa Cain - University of California Berkeley -
  24. lurkanon Member

    Re: Fact-Checking CCHR Board of advisors

    Yes, old thread is old. But there's a bit more info on Patrick Holford on his website Holford Myths

    Patrick Holford's website lists the jobs he does (among other things, he's a Visiting Professor at Teesside University) About Patrick Holford
  25. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Fact-Checking CCHR Board of advisors

  26. iguanamous Member

    Re: Fact-Checking CCHR Board of advisors

    I just started work on a new version. while I could just make this read better in English, I would rather re-work this and make it longer (though not too longer) and quote, among other things Jenna Miscavige's accounts of working in the CCHR, so as to make a stronger argument. I will post the new version here when I have finished it.
  27. iguanamous Member

    Re: Fact-Checking CCHR Board of advisors

    according to Wikipedia, he worked with the CCHR from 1972 to 1974 and decided that he did not want to have anything to do it any more. it doesn't say that he co-founded it.

    Citizens Commission on Human Rights - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I glanced at his bibliography on his website and Breggin's books have come out from Prometheus Books, Haworth Press, Springer Publishing Company, St. Martin's Press and Perseus Books. nothing by any publishing house associated with the CoS.

    Home - Springer Publishing
    Perseus Books Home
    Welcome to Prometheus Books
    The Haworth Press

    unless you go to PETERBREGGIN.COM.

    Peter R. Breggin, MD
    101 East State Street, PMB 112
    Ithaca, New York 14850
    Phone 607 272 5328
    Fax 607 272 5329
  28. lurkanon Member

    Re: Fact-Checking CCHR Board of advisors

    Ah, but is Anonymous a "reasonable person" ;)
  29. Don Carlo Member

    Re: Fact-Checking CCHR Board of advisors

    Tell 51 of the following people on the CCHR Board, that they were exposed to asbestos on the Freewinds. I compared the above people against the list of Freewinds passengers from : Church of Scientology publication, Freewinds Magazine, compiled by Kristi Wachter at Freewinds Magazine Statistics
    You can match each if you like, using Kristi's search function. I used Excel and a pivot table. I posted this on Operation Clambake at Operation Clambake Message Board :: View topic - Celebrities on the Asbestos-contaminated Freewinds.
    Thanks for researching the CCHR list.

    CCHR Board members exposed to Freewinds Asbestos
    Ann Auburn
    Anna Law
    Anne Archer
    Bob Duggan
    Bodhi Elfman
    Cass Warner
    Catherine Bell
    Chick Corea
    Coleen Maulfair
    Conrad Maulfair
    David Campbell
    Dennis Smith
    Donna Isham
    Edward Hamlin / Edward C. Hamlyn
    Erik Langeland
    Geoff Levin
    Ginger Rodeghero
    Jenna Elfman
    Jennifer Aspen
    Jim Meskimen
    John Novello
    Joyce Gaines
    Juliette Lewis
    Kate Ceberano
    Kelly Yaegermann
    Lawrence Anthony
    Lawrence Hooper / Lawrence B. Hooper
    Lee Rogers
    Lewis Bass
    Lisa Benest
    Lloyd McPhee
    Luis Colon
    Marisol Nichols
    Marla Filidei
    Mary Ann Durham
    Mary Jo Pagel
    Megan Shields
    Michael Wisner
    Moira Dolan
    Nancy Cartwright
    Nicolas Franceschetti
    Otah Logi / Otan Logi
    Robert Morgan
    Roberto Cestari
    Roberto Santos
    Rohit Adi
    Steven Hayes
    Tamra Meskimen
    Timothy Bowles / Tim Bowles
    Tony Urbanek
    Wendy Ghiora

    Since some of these are deeply concerned with polluting the body, they should rightly be upset that Church of Scientology has callously exposed them to such deadly pollution.
  30. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Fact-Checking CCHR Board of advisors

    As the people who went aboard the Freewinds are most likely scientologists, I am not sure a specific action would have a special effect on them.

    Try it if you feel like to.
  31. anonyme Member

    Re: Fact-Checking CCHR Board of advisors

    Hmm well it certainly sounds like he's a Scientologist.I doubt anybody who wasn't would be so deeply taken in by their propaganda.
    Have you asked him for proof of this supposed big pharma/Anonymous connection?Have you asked which specific companies he is talking about or does he mean a secret cabal of pharma companies?
    I would agree that big pharma is extremely dangerous and corrupt but that doesn't mean that CoS or CCHR are angels!I think it's only brainwashed culties who have such a black and white worldview.
  32. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Fact-Checking CCHR Board of advisors

    You may be right, but it is not the impression I had. I can imagine people deep involved in such a fight against a powerful enemy could develop this type of argument without being a scientologist.

    In fact, it does not matter that much. I wasn't able to make him move even a millimeter.
  33. DeathHamster Member

    Re: Fact-Checking CCHR Board of advisors

    That seems to be a whopper verging on prevarication. It's heavily into Scientology activities from the top down. It's run by Scientologists Dan Stradford and IAS patron Wendy Bolt, hardly "an employee".

    Alternative Mental Health (their site)
    Hmm... California Business Search:
    C2091938 8/17/1998 suspended SAFE HARBOR RETREAT DAN STRADFORD

    I'm not sure why he'd try to minimize Safe Harbor's Scientology affiliation, but CoS is very good at latching on to enemies of enemies if they'll be useful.
  34. musketeerwang Member

    Re: Fact-Checking CCHR Board of advisors

    In case it's of use, sceptics have had their eye on Holford for some time now.

    Holford Watch: Patrick Holford, nutritionism and bad science

    Connections in their MO have been noted;

    Le Canard Noir sees similarities between Holford’s ‘optimum nutrition’, and Scientology Holford Watch: Patrick Holford, nutritionism and bad science
  35. ZeLyt Member

    Re: Fact-Checking CCHR Board of advisors

    Thanks for this. Tony(or Anthony) Urbanek is a member of the Nashville Scientology Celebrity Center. He makes ALOT of money(see my recent post here:

    Taking him out(legally) would decimate the Nasvhille CC IMHO. He's a private practice orthodontist so this may help make him think twice about what he's contributing to.
  36. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Fact-Checking CCHR Board of advisors

  37. DeathHamster Member

    Re: Fact-Checking CCHR Board of advisors

    Listed as a commissioner in the 2007-2008 Annual Report but not on the current commissioner page.
    I'm sure that not all of the CCHR commissioners get full reports...
  38. Optimisticate Member

    Re: Fact-Checking CCHR Board of advisors

    Damn that's a big list of "commissioners" for a group that functions solely to scare the shit out of people. Celebrities, doctors, former cops, attorneys, a bishop, and a reverend. I would bet that some of them are merely loaning their names to the cause, and that some don't even realize that their names are attached.

    Just as a check before getting started, has anyone looked into each and every person listed to ensure their affiliation with the group?
  39. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Fact-Checking CCHR Board of advisors

    Look at the OP.
  40. Optimisticate Member

    Re: Fact-Checking CCHR Board of advisors

    Thanks... I just had a doh moment. It was early and coffee/nicotine hadn't kicked in. There are a few in the OP that aren't on the list above, such as the reverend. Will see what I can do to help continue updating.

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