Fact-Checking CoS Video "In Support of Human Rights"

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    You can also contact the Dean of the School of Public Affairs, William LeoGrande, and his assistant Teri King. The Department of Justice, Law, and Society is under his umbrella, and he's been in his position for a number of years.

    I could also do it too.
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    This work is amazing. There are not enough internets to be awarded. Amazing.
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    I received a mail from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the matter that they seem to be in support of Scientology's front group, the reply goes against what is said in this topic so far:

    Both this man and the Dutch human-rights advisor held a lecture on human-rights and freedom of religion during the opening of a CCHR office in Brussels. The video posted on the Scientology website is in relation to that (eventhough that doesn't seem to show). They make no distinction between religions and therefore do not treat Scientology in a different manner than other religions, they -would- take another stance if Scientology is or has been guilty of crime.

    That's basically what the mail says. No crimes? Time for the Dutch anons to do some informative mail spamming, I'd like to see an investigation here in the Netherlands or we're falling behind Belgium.

    Confirmed, this is the guy, Dennis de Jong
    SP afdeling Rotterdam :: Afdeling :: Bestuur
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    Looks like a match to me..
    Dutchfags: MinBuZa - TaartEnLollies
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    The first post in this thread has reached the limit. So, I'm going to park the unfinished research entries here for now, so that the data isn't lost, while I reduce the content of the first post.


    "The changes the scientology church and the scientologists are making is really unique. They are really putting the hope back to the human race mainly to create a better world. And I think it is absolutely fantastic and it gives me the tools really to work for things I never thought we could do before."
    Government Board Member, Huddinge District, Sweden --- Argh and Virre investigating. CONTACT MADE: Follow-up email sent 28 March
    Her name is Jennifer Lind.
    Her profile: TroInt
    Her current political assignments: TroInt
    Another photo of her:
    "Hello *****!
    thank you for your letter
    Unfortunately I'm having trouble remembering who you are at the moment, but the answer to your questions is that I've been interested in supporting human rights among with many other different organisations. Occasionally I end up with someone that wants to ask some questions etc. I did not know that I'm on their website.
    The answer regarding if I am a Scientologist? can't really say that I am since I pick the good things in every religion Happy Easter Regards/ Jennifer"Virre's post
    Follow-up email sent 28 March

    "I have never seen something like that – the human rights campaign – it is for me, it is a beautiful example of education of human rights."
    Council of European Communities, Brussels --- CONTACT: Email sent 30 March to Council of the European Union Link to contact details
    the Council of European Communities changed its name ages ago! The institution is now called the Council of the European Union. When we contacted them, the Press Dept. sent us the following reply: "We've seen the video mention in your e-mail. It doesn't ring any bells at all and the name "Council of European Communities" does not match an European Union institution. This video, which does not indicate the names of any of the speakers, does not strike us as convincing." [...] Alas, a thousand times alas, the European Parliament's Media Director, Jaume Duch, is formal: "After carefully watching the video which you told us about, I can confirm that none of the people bearing witness work for or belong to the European Parliament." [Bakchich] Quand la scientologie fait son cinéma, ça bidonne sec !

    "It showed me that the principal fight in the life of man is not uniquely for himself but for others – for humanity – because in this way we find peace, liberty, respect."
    Mayor Office, Marseille --- terryeo and annoyia are investigating
    "Abel Djerari. Teacher. Mayor adjunct(*) for 11th-12th Marseille's boroughs.
    Leader of the "Independent List" at the regional elections in PACA [Provence- Alpes - Côte d'Azur]. (*) Candidate of the civil society [often from associations], without etiquette, on the list of the municipal majority."
    To summarize, he is a legitimate borough adjunct mayor, but he belongs to no party.
    Terryeo's post w/ captioned pic.
    Par Monsieur Derari
    Le page d'auteur de Monsieur Derari
    [...] the Press Officer answered us within the hour. [...] there were no declared scientologists working at Marseille's City Hall. The guy in the video was a total stranger to the Mayor's team. And the communication representative stipulated in his reply that "this document is false and we have forwarded it to the Mayor's office for possible legal action." [...] Despite his slight French accent, the fraud did seem more of a character from an American TV serial than from one of Marcel Pagnol's novels or a bistro on the Canebière seafront of Marseille. [Bakchich] Quand la scientologie fait son cinéma, ça bidonne sec !
    Ann O'Nymous2 - Re: Abel Djerari
    In a few of the biggest French cities, like Marseille, the local election goes that way:
    - people get elected by sectors and form the sector council
    - they elect the sector mayor and adjuncts
    - they also choose among themselves city councillors
    - the city councillors form the city council and elect the city mayor and adjuncts.
    The sectors are an election thing without existence the rest of the time. The everyday element is the borough (arrondissement).
    If I understand well, Mr Djerari is adjunct to the sector mayor of the sector composed of the XIe et XIIe arrondissements.
    It is not completely surprising that he is not known of the city mayor staff.


    "Scientologists go far, expand all over the place and send all the information that they have because they are not doing it for them. They do it for you, for me, for everybody."
    Vice-consul office of the Consulate Dominican Republic

    "What impressed me most of the human rights program of scientology is the capacity of mobilizing everyone, everybody into one objective."
    Director Center of Sociology Studies, College of Mexico --- CONTACT: Email sent 30 March

    Roberto Blancarte, Director of Centro de Estudios Sociológicos, El Colegio de México
    image url Article with his views on secularism and Catholics

    "When you see something visual, when you hear the word, when you start learning about something you did not know before, these people prevail in making an impact."
    Executive director Mexico-USA bilateral safety corridor coalition --- CONTACT: Email sent 30 March
    Website confirms that Marisa Ugarte is the founder and executive director of BSCC. Marisa Ugarte - Pipl Profile Photo of Ms Ugarte : > News > Metro > Peter Rowe -- A force to reckon with

    "Even though we see war everywhere on television, papers and every media, but Youth for human rights, they can bring – they can bring peace in the world."
    Executive Director, Nepal television Ltd --- KnightofAncoats is investigating. CONTACT MADE: Email sent by Plups
    Content: General Entertainment Company: Nepali TV Limited Westec House Westgate Ealing London W5 1YY Tel: 020 8728 6470 Fax: 020 8728 6479 Website: First Nepali Satellite Channel Outside Nepal Email: Contact: Mr Bijaya Thapa (Public Contact)

    "Human rights is not an abstraction, it is a very real thing that happens every day, that we have to defend and advance and deliver every day and so the everyday situations are presented in the PSAs are exactly the way to communicate human rights."
    Cabinet secretary national Government, Philippines --- CONTACT: Email sent 30 March
    The Honorable RICARDO L. SALUDO, Cabinet Secretary, Tel. Nos. 7343971 Office of the President Website - The Cabinet - The Honorable RICARDO L. SALUDO
    Local girl meets office of Philippine President > Government > Stories > The Valley >
    Hmm.. Check out lbweiland the OP for that article> Scientologist Briefs Aide to the President of the Philippines on an Important Human Rights Initiative | The News is

    "Youth for human rights actually helped the Mexican people to believe and to feel and to enhance their capabilities in terms of human rights."
    Advisor to secretary of social development, Mexico City KnightofAncoats and O Fortuna are investigating.
    According to the current Sec. of Social Development for Mexico (Note: NOT Mexico City) is Ernesto Javier Cordero Arroyo. His wiki says he's a member of PAN, the National Action Party, "a conservative and Christian Democratic party and one of the three main political parties in Mexico."
    The only other name that comes up is Sara Topelson de Grinberg, who seemed to work with Beatriz Zavala, the previous incumbent, and also a member of PAN.

    "Youth for human rights is the fundamental tool for educating each other about succeeding to be united as one, to have an understanding of all the differences around the world."
    Commissioner Community relations Sydney, Australia --- Anonchoir is investigating
    The Community Relations Commission in New South Wales is the only organisation that comes up.
    From NSW Government Directory
    PC Magazine:
    "The other, described in the Scientology video as a Commissioner for Community Relations, Sydney, Australia, could not be identified. The media manager for the NSW government Community Relations Commission said that the person in the video is not a commissioner of the CRC, and no one from the CRC has been authorised to speak on behalf of the CRC on that video."
    PC World - Scientology video channel's credibility in question
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    Darn it! The character limits must be a lot lower on Mimi.

    Part 2 of Division 2.

    "A campaign like this goes a long way in terms of educating individuals and thereby helping governments themselves do what they have to do about human rights."
    Senior political advisor to the African Union, United Nations --- An Hero is investigating. CONTACT MADE 29 March
    might be Advisor Bience P. Gawanas.

    "We are trying to create a world in which everybody will have the freedom and the equality that they were born with."
    Nigeria High Commissioner to the UK --- (somebody deleted) is investigating. CONTACT:
    This is the retired previous Nigerian High Commissioner to the UK Christopher Kolade. He is a powerful figure in African business and politics and is referred to as “His Excellency”. He currently serves on the “Convention on Business Integrity”.
    EDIT: Director of Cornerstone Insurance PLC in Lagos.

    "The campaign assists us in moving from the previous mindset based on discrimination, based on segregation."
    Human Rights Coordinator Dept of Education Gauteng South Africa --- CONTACT MADE 29 March by anonymous 90405

    "It puts me in a position whereby it becomes my duty to ensure that people’s human rights are observed, to ensure that people who don’t know about their human rights are informed."
    Uganda representative to the European Union
    KATENTA-APULI Stephen Tinkasimire
    Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Head of the Mission of the Republic of Uganda to the European Communities
    Avenue de Tervuren 317
    B-1150 Bruxelles
    Tel: (32-2) 762 58 25
    Fax: 763 04 38
    :.: Official Website of The Embassy of the Republic of Uganda in Belgium :.:
    Link to images

    "I have been a political activist for many years and basically the bottom line was for the people to know their rights under the law. And so this a really helped me."
    Liberia High Commissioner to the UK --- Shadowchaser is investigating.
    The so called Liberian High Commissioner to the UK can't be a High Commissioner. Liberia is not part of the Commonwealth and so they do not have a High Commission they have an embassy. That said the chap does look like he might be the Ambassador. members of Liberian communities/CIMG0423.JPG

    "This educational campaign is incredibly, incredibly powerful in stopping the erosion of our rights."
    Board Member, United Nations Association of America --- Sargo is investigating
    Proper name of the Association is the United Nations Association of the United States of America.

    "It calls elected officials, it calls communities, and cultures into accountability."
    Bishop Imani Temple, Washington D.C. --- downstat is investigating
    Bishop Carlos E. Harvin serves as Pastor of Imani Temple

    "It is a demand that we do it now, that we look at the individual rights guaranteed by the United Nations in its Declaration."
    Member House of Representatives, US Congress --- entent54321 is investigating. CONTACT MADE: Xenu55 and others - telephone contact with Congressman's Office
    This is Congressman Brad Sherman, Democrat from CA 27th Congressional District.
    Brad Sherman is a Scilon sympathizer/dupe:
    Rep Brad Sherman (D-CA): On August 7, 2004, he presented a flag flown over the U.S. Capitol in recognition of the Scientology Celebrity Centre’s 35th anniversary of "humanitarian and voluntary contributions", together with Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.
    Clearwatergate: US politics and Scientology
    He also supported
    Title: Expressing the sense of the Congress with respect to government discrimination in Germany based on religion or belief, particularly against United States citizens.
    More: Sherman apparently loves Scientology, appearing at several events sponsored by CO$
    Sofia Milos - Publicity

    "You stand for your rights and automatically then the government officials have to take note and change their policies."
    Honorary Chairperson, Federation of of Indo-American Women Wing, California CONTACT MADE 28 March
    The Federation of Indo-American Association of Northern California is the closest I can get to this description. They have no "women's wing", or an honorary chairperson. They do have a Board of directors:
    Federation of Indo-American Association of Northern California - Contacts
    of whom the closest resemblance is the Secretary.
    Emailed: Dr. Suresh Mahawar, President and Mr Shailesh Patel, Chairman

    "It is bringing everybody together under the understanding: “Look – we are all in this together.”"
    Commissioner Los Angeles County, California --- An Hero is investigating. CONTACT MADE 28 March
    Rev. Zedar Broadous, Vice President (2007-0
    Reverend Broadous is Publisher of the San Fernando Valley African American "Chronicle News" and is well know for his efforts in the promotion of understanding and equal opportunity for all peoples. He is President of the San Fernando Valley NAACP, founder of the San Fernando Black Chanber of Commerce and a board member of the Valley Interfaith Council.
    Got on the phone with him (he was in the car atm) and he said that he was aware of a video on human rights, but not how it is being used. I am about to send him an email, per his request, and show him where to find it.

    "L. Ron Hubbard had the courage and the vision to put this together and say: “These are the rights that belong to all of us.” He is saying that it is up to us and here it is, go for it, we can do it."
    Dean and Professor of Justice Studies, American University --- Plups is investigating. CONTACT MADE: Email sent by Plups to Professor Trotter, Director, Justice Studies American University, Deirdre Golash, Chair, Department of Justice, Law and Society, AU
    There is no department of Justice Studies at AU. I do nor recognize the speaker in the video.
    Deirdre Golash
    Deirdre Golash, Chair, Department of Justice, Law and Society, American University , Washington, DC 20016-8043, (202) 885-2955

    "We have to thank the church of scientology for all these big and different campaigns for our human rights. Not for the humans rights, for our human rights of everybody around the world."
    President Emeritus Kiwanis International Belgium --- Anonybuses is investigating. CONTACT MADE: Email sent by Anonybuses to François Paulus
    There is currently no direct Belgian representative of Kawanis international. These are all the representatives I could find.
    International board- KI Board
    Foundation board- KIF Board
    I also had a quick look around the European site, this is the current president of kawanis International. His name is Ed Callis, the pictures do not match: members/Ed-Callis.jpg
    Another thing I did find was the only link between Kawanis and Belgium was this guy:
    François Paulus board 2007-2008/Francois_Paulus.jpg
    I found some contact info, not sure on the validity of it but its the best I could do in a short time:
    Full Name: François Paulus
    Country: France
    City: Cesson Sévigné
    Zip code: 35512
    Street Address: 4 rue du Clos Courtel
    Telephone: +33 (0)2 99 124644
    Gender: Male
    He is the representative of the Belgium-Luxembourg District these pictures also don't match.
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    Response from Dennis de Jong, Adviser on Human Rights and Peace-building, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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    Text of message to which Dennis de Jong replied.

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    I heard back from Doniah Mothutsane at the Gauteng Department of Education yesterday and she said she'd pass it along to her Director.
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    My response:
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    This link:

    Dominicana On Line

    Has every Embassy and Consulate of the Dominican Republic. It is VERY tl;dr.

    Not really sure where to go on this one.

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    i´m a german anon and my english isn´t good enough to write letters to officials. but i think you´re doing a very important job. i read a lot of original LRH-stuff and some of the policy letters might be helpful for your work.
    Mr de Jong is arguing that there´s no reason "to treat Scientology differently from other religions or beliefs."

    Besides what you´re already doing it might be helpful to point out, that the scientologies human right campaign is first of all a vehicle for good public relations, what is even written by LRH in his policy letters himself:

    1) Exposing the human rights campaign real purpose:

    In 1966 Hubbard layed out a loose plan about "what to do"


    Therefore we must act like a reform group.
    We must convert from an attacked group to a reform group that attacks rotten spots in the society. We should not limit ourselves to mental healing or own line. We should look for groups to investigate and blow the lid off and become known as a mightly [sic] reform group. We object to slavery, oppression, torture, murder, perversion, crime, political sin and anything that makes Man unfree.
    Remember - the only reason we are in trouble with the press or government is that we are not searching out and exposing rotten spots in the society. We must practice on the whole group called society. If we do not it will attack us just as preclear will attack a Scientologist that won't audit him.

    In 1969 the plan gets a more concrete form:


    For a long while we have not had an exactly stated policy on building a public image. We have just been ourselvesand done our jobs and hoped somebody would catch on. This is basically what protected us. And we should keep doing it. But the time has come to also build a public image as an outflow publicity action.
    By uniting with other civic, humanitarian and civil and human rights groups we can make an organized progress.
    "Effectively handling mental healing on the planet" is what we are being effective in doing. But we didn't make enough public image with it. We keep building the image to Scientologists. We must study how to do it outside. We have clean hands. We are effective. We dedicatedly do our jobs well. We must keep on doing this. But we have to find more PUBLIC ways to SAY so.
    In both instances you have to go civic, go outside Scientology, get support, organize committees, plot out campaigns, work for outside finance etc. In handling the above Public Image policy, you don't announce the policy. You use it for a guide to keep pounding variations of the same message.
    The policy is expressed in community action, well press covered, not just in statements. Committee meetings, deputations, picketing, big names, events. You figure out the story that will be written, then do it, seeing it gets covered by having the press to hand.
    You can and must ally with real humanitarian and civil rights groups (getting press coverage for every such contact).
    Plan a programme, let it run awhile. The programme is based on the policy which is the Major Target-to make that Public image.
    You can and must seize the attention of the press in your area, not to defend Scn, but to hammer home the above Public Image by forwarding crusades and campaigns that carry the message.
    Build up Scn celebrities that can speak and meet the public in your area.
    Our end product is a sane planet. His was a dead one. So with all the theta in our lines and purpose, Scn PRO to the PUBLIC can be ten thousand times as effective and worthwhile.
    This public image can and must be built if this planet is to survive at all.

    OEC6 page 276

    Also we begin to stand for something they all stand for. If as we progress a lot of people also get processed, then there's also the effect of their beneficial influence added to it.
    Example: We poll an area or a country regarding desirable social targets with "What should be done to improve human rights?" We get a lot of answers. We boil these down to an honest common denominator. We find whatever we find. Maybe it's "Parking tickets should be given to the person, not left on cars". So we liaison with any and all civic groups and put this up to them.
    You can do it with a much more general approach. "What should be done in this city to better it." The choice of the question of course to some degree regulates the campaign. The improvement of human rights will be found to be very generally acceptable.


    He utilizes word of mouth, persons, publications, and news media of all types. The publications can be his own or general public ones.
    A PRO doesn't let an event go by without getting it reported on and getting his message into it.
    A knowledge of the ETHNIC values of the public to whom he is communicating is vital. What they think is wonderful, good, passable, bad, awful. He can get these by survey or by studying what the public has reacted to in the past in other fields. He makes his organization compare to the wonderful, good ETHNIC. He makes the enemy compare to the bad awful ethnics.
    Scientology has been the effect of PRO actions of this nature all its life. To reverse public opinion it is necessary that one really learns PRO actions.
    A Scn PRO is way out in front. The orgs do well. The tech is tops. Scn has a complete technical monopoly in Mental Healing.

    And concrete action is taken by installing special Departmants:


    Ideal Scene.- The Org has established PR Control over its business contacts, local community, mass media and profession leaders, community groups, necessary VIPs and people who count who are now on our side, in our favour reaching for Dianetics and Scientology; with such alliances achieving safety for Dianetics and Scientology to expand in the area free of third party actions or enemy attack, past, present or future.
    In essence PR Area Control exists in the fullest sense of the term attained and maintained with regular PR activities, PR programmes and broad public promotion projecting a highly acceptable Image carefully aligned to what is publicly popular and needed and effective in bringing masses of people into the Org reaching for service.


    Awareness Level: Acceptability

    Ideal Scene: Dept 16 accurately and routinely supplying reliable information, facts and evaluation/research findings pertaining to PR successful/unsuccessful policies and programmes, public trends, local and world events affecting or likely to affect Org operations, what is popular/unpopular and acceptable in local Scn, Dianetic and public circles, the publics we control and don't yet control...

    This datum is further delineated and its use explained in HCO Policy Letter of 24th January 1969 "Purpose and Targets". A whole department, 17, (Awareness -Level-Rehabilitation) is devoted to the rehabilitation of public purposes-the "Handling the enemy" department.
    A third new datum is used in this org board, which is the anatomy of population control; This depends on a knowledge of the ethnics of the people. Ethnics-What is Wonderful Infinitely valuable
    Good Valuable
    Bad Worthwhile
    Awful Unacceptable
    Not wanted
    You find out the current ethnic values of the population, what is acceptable or valuable and assimilate this data into your propaganda and publicity. You beat the drum about that and ignore what the Press are beating the drum about. You push that in literature, and it is different in each ethnic area. Know the purposes of the public.

    KEY THE PURPOSE AND THE STOP BLOWS-which is the exact formula to put a group into action.
    Human rights are currently very popular in the U.S. and elsewhere. So there is a whole Department, 16, to do with Public Research and Reports
    (Awareness Level : Acceptability)-Ethnics.


    • the hole human rights campaign is just a vehicle and. society is surveyed. "whatever is found" is treated like product and the product is first of all used and "sold" to build COS´s public image, that "must be built if this planet is to survive at all", because the scifags "must practice on the whole group called society. If we do not it will attack us:"

    • this is not just an utopic idea, but strategically planned and done by especially for this only purpose created departments.

    what might mr de jong answer to that?

    2) claiming, that the COS is a totalitarian organisation, which goals are in heavy conflict with the human rights. freedem of religious believe is just one human right. and when the goals of a an organisation are are in heavy conflict with other human rights, it doesn´t even matter if that organisation has religious status.


    Well, we’re easing right into the starting line for Clear Earth. Factually, we are getting lined up for the big push. Clearing a large population of Earth in our lifetimes is not even improbable now the way it’s going.
    The exact pattern of how this is done now exists and will be put out when centres are ready for it. Special people will come and do the basic work. The advertisement copy, texts, incorporation papers, everything is being made ready right now.
    There’s too much at stake. We can’t go by halves. We’re Clearing Earth. Therefore people fall into two groups for us, those who are with us and those who aren’t. Those who aren’t will be handled by processing and where necessary, by law.
    This is a real tough planet. It will take a really serious shove to clear it. So here’s where we start. And we start with no half-hearted measures. We have a new motto in HCO WW. If somebody drops a ball, we drop a person.
    So let’s stop fooling around and get serious. Clear Earth!


    confirmed, obey him or keep him. He's rare. But beware these parliamentary procedure boys and girls who know all the legal and time wasting processes but who somehow never accomplish anything except chaos. A skilled, successful leader is worth a million impressive hayseeds. Democracies hate brains and skill.
    Democracy is only possible in a nation of Clears-and even they can make mistakes. When the majority rules the minority suffers. The best are always a minority.


    Note. Neglect of this Pol Ltr has caused great hardship on staffs, has cost countless millions and made it necessary in 1970 to engage in an all-out International effort to restore basic Scientology over the world.
    Therefore actions which neglect or violate this Policy Letter are HIGH CRIMES resulting in Comm Evs on ADMINISTRATORS and EXECUTIVES. It is not “entirely a tech matter” as its neglect destroys orgs and caused a 2-year slump. IT IS THE BUSINESS OF EVERY STAFF MEMBER to enforce it.
    The only thing now is getting the technology applied.
    The proper instruction attitude is, “You’re here so you’re a Scientologist. Now we’re going to make you into an expert auditor no matter what happens. We’d rather have you dead than incapable.
    We’re not playing some minor game in Scientology. It isn’t cute or something to do for lack of something better. The whole agonized future of this planet, every Man, Woman and Child on it, and your own destiny for the next endless trillions of years depend on what you do here and now with and in Scientology. This is a deadly serious activity. And if we miss getting out of the trap now, we may never again have another chance. Remember, this is our first chance to do so in all the endless trillions of years of the past. Don’t muff it now because it seems unpleasant or unsocial to do Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten.
    Do them and we’ll win.


    The three principal zones in a Scientology org are
    I . Ethics
    2. Tech
    3. Admin.
    We have the natural laws of these subjects, each one. If you can get in ethics, you can get in Scientology technology. If you can get in Scientology technology, you can get in admin. If you can get all three in, you have an org and have expansion. If you can't get in tech, ethics is out. If you can't get in admin, both tech and ethics are out.The sequence that things have to be "gotten in" to make an org is I st ethics, 2nd tech, 3rd admin.
    Where one of these goes out, the org contracts.
    We have these three sciences. To really handle things, one has to be a master of all three, even to live a good personal life. By "get in," we mean get it applied and effective.
    We live in a very woggy world at this time. The wog is so out-ethics he is living in what amounts to a criminal society.
    When we try to get tech in on the planet, we run into the out-ethics areas and this is the real source of our troubles where we have any. We are getting in tech before we get in ethics. It can be done (obviously, since we are doing it). But it is a heavy strain at best.
    Just because we do not at once get ethics in on the planet does not mean we can't get any tech in. By handling small sectors, beginning with self and Scientology groups and orgs, we can continue to repeat the cycles of three-ethics, tech, admin. Gradually we enlarge the numbers we have
    and gradually our sphere of ethics-tech-admin expands. And we one day have ethics in on the planet, tech in on the planet, admin in on the planet.

    it has to be mentioned that KSW (KEEPING SCIENTOLOGY WORKING), is a very central point.

    Tom Cruise is talking about it in the Scientology Awards Show (6:25-7:10):

    "Being a Scientologist you look at someone and you know absolutely that you can help for me it really is KSW and it's just, like, it's something that.. I don't mince words with that, you know with anything. But what LRH says with that Policy to me has really gone, 'Boy'. There was a time I went through it, I said, you know what, when I read it, I just thought 'Wooh' : this is it. This exactly it."

    Finally the last to cited policies should be seen, because both of them point out, what being a scientologist first of all means:

    ..."getting the technology applied."..., "to one day have admin in on the planet"

    not doing so, is a "high crime".

    And the SCN POLICY DIRECTIVE 19 July 7, 1982 points out, that only editorial changes of the HCO PLs are allowed. they have (holy) law character and can be used to

    if here´s not clear conflict with the human rights, then i don´t know...

    and to have lrh claimings about human rights in the yhri-flyers next to those o gandhi, etc. semms just ridiculous and absolutly unacceptable.
    all of them are dead ... exept kofi anan. he should be informed, too.

    i hope that might be helpful for your work, which i suppose to be sticky-worth.:roll::wink:
  13. Anonema Member

    Re: Fact-Checking CoS Video "In Support of Human Rights"

    Um, I know this thread is several months old, and maybe I'm missing something, but has anyone noticed that the "In Support of Human Rights" video has changed to reflect the content of Anon posts? Go through carefully. One clip is missing (Clarke), the Mayor's Office guy has had his title changed, the "council of european communities" guy's title changed to "council of the european union retired" and the Family justice center lady has had her title changed to "founder of life changing consultants" - which is barely listed anywhere on Google, and doesn't seem to be a real organization. wtf? we have all the proof on this thread, straight up documentation, because you people saved the old videos.
  14. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Fact-Checking CoS Video "In Support of Human Rights"

    Thanks for the information. Changing the titles is one thing.

    Others aspects should be considered, such as whether the people agreed to have their contribution published on the Internet. I seem to remember that some were not too happy about that.

    But if they did nothing themselves...
  15. Plups Member

    Re: Fact-Checking CoS Video "In Support of Human Rights"

    It's a good win to have introduced a little accountability to them. There's still a lot more scope for action here, I believe.

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