Fact-Checking CoS Video "Panorama Exposed"

Discussion in 'CoS Front Groups' started by Ann O'Nymous, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Fact-Checking CoS Video "Panorama Exposed"

  2. Re: Fact-Checking CoS Video "Panorama Exposed"

    creepy security cameras are creepy...
    even when he wasn't around they were always watching him.. always watching him...
    fuck that noise.

    seems as well that they've had the domain on lockdown waiting for this.. this garbage to arrive from Golden Era Productions.
  3. D... Member

    Re: Fact-Checking CoS Video "Panorama Exposed"

    Oh my, are they really attacking the BBC?

    Honestly, this actually might be good for us if they piss off such a major news source because they just might have the balls to push back.
  4. musketeerwang Member

    Re: Fact-Checking CoS Video "Panorama Exposed"

    I'm afraid I'm not at all surprised that the Right Reverend Graham James would say that. Many christians see the Co$ for what it is, and want no part of it. Others see criticism of *any* kind of faith as the thin end of the secular atheist wedge, and will rally around to decry anything that could be construed as religious hatred. What's good for one self-described religion is good for the other (more genuine) ones. Witness the archbishop of Canterbury recently stating that Sharia Law in the UK (given a continuing multi-cultural society) was inevitable. He wasn't saying this to big up Islam. He was thinking that if, one day, society gives separate legal systems to some religions (because they shout loudly, unlike the mainstream Christians) then they would HAVE to do likewise for christians, some of whom feel their religion (our state religion) is undermined in everyday life.

    To illustrate what I'm talking about, this guy is in charge of an organisation founded to advocate for ALL religious programming on the BBC;

    I think he wants programmes about religion to be positive toward the concept of religion, whoever's pushing it -

    God forbid we be sceptical about religion! Even if it's only a religion for tax purposes, bish?

    Finally, he seems to think that light-hearted, PR gift of a TV show "The Vicar of Dibley" is offensive -

    So whilst I can't prove he wasn't taken out of context (and it IS a very truncated clip), it's IMO CofE standard M.O. to blindly support "religion" and especially to press for nice fluffy TV programming about it.

    PS Interesting that in the pic on this page (2006) -

    ..he looks a fair bit older than he does in the Co$ video...
  5. musketeerwang Member

    Re: Fact-Checking CoS Video "Panorama Exposed"

    Sorry for the two posts on this, but this is interesting stuff.

    According to Wiki, Rt Rev Graham James is a patron of;

    Which it seems was set up by Eileen Barker, known for holding anti-anti-cult views and rejecting the brainwashing theory of cult indoctrination;

    Who if not in the pocket of the Co$, has been part of an academic pro-cult movement much enamoured of Scientologists desperate for religious legitimacy and immunity from criticism;

    See Jeffrey Hadden's entry here -

    If that email is anything to go by, "Religious Freedom Watch" may have been inspired by these efforts to reach out to more moderate academics studying cults and sects. Whilst Hadden was a paid expert witness for Scientology, I think people like this actually mean well, but are misguided. You can place the good bishop in this category IMO. He's too quick to defend even the most spurious religion on the grounds of the enemy of his enemy being his friend.
  6. thexen00b Member

    Re: Fact-Checking CoS Video "Panorama Exposed"

    Do the BBC know about this yet?
  7. Anon32167 Member

    Re: Fact-Checking CoS Video "Panorama Exposed"

    I find it interesting that the Co$ execs say they openly invited Mr. Sweeney to visit their churches and facilities, but then they say "he just showed up out of the blue demanding to bring his film crew in."

    Seriously, who the fuck are these people trying to prove? They gave Mr. Sweeney the run-around and he didn't bite, so now they make a defamatory documentary and play victim.

    EDIT: And out of the hours upon hours of video footage they had, they only took the scenes that present Sweeney "attacking their religion". And they dare quote passages out of the BBC's codebook, as if their own documentary follows those guidelines! Honestly, how do they intend to convince people that they aren't fucking hypocrites when they're being fucking hypocrites?!

    EDIT 2: "What he would have seen if he had accepted a personal tour is one of the largest film stages in southern California, cutting-edge video editing and music studios, a state-of-the-art CD replication center, and much more." What he wouldn't have seen were the RPF camps, the outright inhumane living conditions, etc. And by the way, none of those "staged" filmings appeared in the Panorama documentary when it aired.
  8. Re: Fact-Checking CoS Video "Panorama Exposed"

    They made this video after the Panorama spot on the Co$, and yes, the BBC knows about it. They referenced it in the final version of their expose.
  9. Anonypeg Member

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