Fact-checking "KVPM: DVD über die Psychiatrie"

Discussion in 'CoS Front Groups' started by Ann O'Nymous, Mar 31, 2008.

  1. Himbeertoni Member

    Re: Fact-checking "KVPM: DVD über die Psychiatrie"

    Ok done, i checked all of these people in that list ... Results will follow need a break now!
  2. Himbeertoni Member

    Re: Fact-checking "KVPM: DVD über die Psychiatrie"

    Someone asked to check the following list of people.(i did as you can see in the 2 million entries before)

    Dr. Walter Afield, Medizinischer Leiter eines neuropsychiatrischen Instituts
    Dr. Garland Allen, Professor für Biologie
    Dr. R. Christopher Barden, Psychologe und Anwalt
    Dr. Fred Baughman, Neurologe und Autor
    Dr. Michael Berembaum, Holocaust-Experte
    Dr. Samuel Blumenfeld, Autor und ehem. Lehrer
    Dr. John Breeding, Psychologe und Autor
    Dr. Paula Caplan, Psychologin und Autorin
    Prof. Elof Carlson, emeritierter Professor eines Instituts für Biochemie
    Dr. Ty Colbert, Psychologe und Autor
    Dr. Lee Coleman, Psychiater und Autor
    Dennis Cowan, Ermittler für Betrug im Gesundheitswesen
    Ted Eagans, Leitender Geschäftsführer, Vereinigung Schwarzer Angestellter
    Dr. Charles English, Assistenzprofessor, pädagogischer Berater
    Prof. Martin Fiebert, Professor für Klinische Psychologie
    Dr. John Friedberg, Neurologe und Autor
    Dr. William Glasser, Psychiater und Autor
    Dr. Margaret Hagen, Professorin für Psychologie und Universitätsdozentin
    Dr. Ron Leifer, Psychiater
    Prof. Barry Mehler, Professor für Wissenschaftsgeschichte
    Prof. Joseph Melling, Direktor eines Zentrums für Medizingeschichte
    Mona Montgomery, Rechtsanwältin
    Hamilton Moore, Rechtsanwalt
    Dr. Craig Newnes, Abteilungsleiter psychologische Therapien
    Prof. Gary Null, Professor für Naturwissenschaften
    Eral Ofari, Autor, freier Kolumnist
    Lance Priddy, Anwalt
    Prof. Anatoli Prokopenko, Historiker
    Dr. Colin Ross, Psychologe und Autor
    Prof. Jeffrey Schaler, Professor eines Instituts für Rechtswesen und Gesellschaft
    Prof. Don Schwartz, Professor für Geschichte
    Skip Simpson, Anwalt
    Prof. Andrew Skull, Professor für Soziologie und Wissenschaft
    Prof. Thomas Szasz, emeritierter Professor für Psychiatrie, Syracuse University New York Health Science Center, Autor von über 30 Büchern über die Psychiatrie
    Robert Whitaker, Wissenschaftsschriftsteller, Autor von Mad in America

    They were all interviewed in the process of m8ing this propaganda Video, for the Co$. It´s a Movie created by their frontgroup CCHR, called "Psychiatry an Industry of death".

    here´s the trailer

    this will be a tl/dr article but i will make a short version later (tommorow it´s already late here), so if you are interested in following this up you will have to read this ;)

    So i was wondering:
    1.why would someone who is a psychologist speak out against psychiatry on behalf of a mind controlling cult, and
    2.why the fuck is psychiatry such a big issue for the scifags, why do they fight it so hard.

    Ok i checked all of the people on this list and they all do exist (as far as i could say though i´m not 100% sure in any case). Some of the titles are rather strange to me, but that doesn´t matter much here i guess.

    1. I think not all of these psychologist are aware, that they are on a promotion video for the cult (i think partially some of them have a really good reputaion, and just speak out their opinion about Psychiatry, because they think some of the /Us/fags swallow to much prozak .. hehe but however everybody is allowed to state it´s own opinion). Nevertheless this video is a hate video against psychiatry and i know that not all psychologists think that way, strange enough no psychiatrist is named/allowed to speak that may offer us a different view on the issue, but we are used to that kind of things from our beloved cult ;) "never let a critic speak". I will spend more time on that issue to figure those out who i think are not even aware that CCHR is connected to Scientology, maybe we can send a mails to some of them. They seem to select especially those psychologist that have a very critical view on the psychiatrists, i mean this fight between the disciplines is an old one, but why did they pic this side and let psychologists do the work for them and on internal Vids claim it´s their success?

    2. i have no idea! Can anyanon help me out here? Going to bed now will Lurk moar tomorrow!
  3. Himbeertoni Member

    Re: Fact-checking "KVPM: DVD über die Psychiatrie"

    somehow we have to bring the information together, i´m not finished completely though, but all of these guys on the list are americans or do currently live in the US, so maybe you can contact some of them so we can sort out who is a scientologists who is not, who is aware that CCHR is just a frontgroup etc. etc. the Movie is called "Psychiatry an industry of Death" if anyone can get this movie i will watch it, even if my eyes may bleed and check.

    1. if the named persons are really the ones appearing in that "documentation"
    2. What they have to say so we may sort out who is aware that this movie is created by a front group of scientology

    thx..i`ll ask the Swissanons if they can help me dismanteling this website even more it`s a huge propaganda website for the Co$ based in switzerland that i´ve never heard of before ... so thank you for the hint!
  4. albinocat Member

  5. Himbeertoni Member

    Re: Fact-checking "KVPM: DVD über die Psychiatrie"

    yes you are right there are some, where shall i namefag them? i think this thread is in the wrong place anyway.
  6. albinocat Member

    Re: Fact-checking "KVPM: DVD über die Psychiatrie"

    I think CCHR thread would we the best place and hope that the information would go into a wiki for better research.
  7. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Fact-checking "KVPM: DVD über die Psychiatrie"

    I disagree with albinocat,

    When I checked CHHR's board of advisors on, I had hits all the way though.

    Here, nothing or very little (check the OP, i put the list and the information I have).

    This is a different group of people and I think it is worth trying to contact them and ask them if they are happy with the scientology connection...

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