Fact-checking Youth for Human Rights International

Discussion in 'CoS Front Groups' started by Ann O'Nymous, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Fact-checking Youth for Human Rights International

    Task: Find a way to contact these people (some of them appear in other fact-checking threads)

    Board of Advisors
    Dr. Pouran Ameli, President, American-Iranian Friendship Association Contacted
    Sheriff Leroy Baca, Los Angeles County Sheriff
    "The scientology's sheriff": also involved in The Way to Happiness and Narconon Source
    Almog Burstein, Mayor of Hod Hasharon, one of the districts of Tel Aviv, Israel Contacted
    Teresa Cheung, Hong Kong born actress, model, clothing designer and humanitarian Contacted
    Sheeraz Hasan, Founder, Tinseltown TV and Hollywood TV Contacted
    Hans Janitschek, President, United Nations Society of Writers and Artists
    Has a rather long track record of connection with scientology Source
    Rev. E. McKinney, C.E.O., The Ghana Trade Information Office
    Irving Sarnoff, Founder, Friends of the United Nations
    Appears in the video "Making human rights a reality" Source

    Mary Shuttleworth, President ,Youth for Human Rights International
    Michelle Seward, National U.S. President, Youth for Human Rights International
    Tim Bowles, Executive Director of Youth for Human Rights International
  2. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Fact-Checking Youth for Human Rights International (YHRI)

    Task: Follow the links, assess if the organization is another front group, clarify the collaboration

    YHRI Collaborators
    YHRI is proud to partner or collaborate with the following groups:
    America’s Schools Program, USA Contacted
    National Alliance of Faith and Justice, Washington D.C. Contacted
    Liaison for the Abolition of Sexual Trafficking, Washington D.C.
    Friends of the United Nations Contacted
    Islamic Society of North America
    City of Los Angeles on the Status of Women Human Trafficking Task Force Contacted
    Community Arts Partnership Program of the California Institute of Arts Contacted
    Human Rights Department Church of Scientology International
    “Los Kitos” Los Angeles
    Hosted by Artists for Human Rights, the annual presentation of the International Human Rights Hero Awards was held at the Church of Scientology International Celebrity Centre, earlier this month. Awards were presented to three outstanding human rights activists and educators for their successful fight for human rights. [...] Martha Montoya, the second awardee, is an internationally renowned Latino cartoonist and creator of Los Kitos, a comic strip which reaches 12 million adults and children every day teaching them good lessons about life. More recently, Ms. Montoya gave life to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by illustrating each of its 30 articles. Source
    United Nations Association of Southern California
    Orange County Task Force on Human Trafficking, Los Angeles
    Seattle Human Rights Commission
    Nevada Association of School Boards
    Nevada School Board
    Iranian-American Friendship Association, USA
    United Nations Society of Writers
    See "Board of advisors". Interestingly, two members of UNSW are Sri Chinmoy followers.
    United States Fund for UNICEF – New York
    Earth Organization, USA
    Scientology's front group Source
    Hillsborough County Human Rights Council, Florida
    Governor’s Office Puerto Rica
    Foundation for Sciences and Documentation in Madrid, Spain
    Does not exist on the Internet

    Eurasian Department of the International Religious Liberty Association, Moscow
    Does not exist on the Internet

    Association Croce Giallo Azzurra, Milano, Italy
    Italian scientology group Source
    Peru National Youth Commission
    Mexico National Human Rights Commission
    Amnesty International South Africa Contacted
    Johannesburg City Youth Development Department
    Thembisa Community Development Center
    Philippine Community Council of Sydney, Australia
    Paraguay Ombudsman’s Office
    Times of India Foundation Contacted
    Humanistic Education Foundation, Kaohsiung, Taiwan Contacted
    Amnesty International, Tokyo
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  4. Rickglass Member

    Re: Fact-checking Youth for Human Rights International

  5. 3rdMan Member

    Re: Fact-checking Youth for Human Rights International

    Well I've checked this thread, I don't see any facts. Moving on.
  6. stacycake2009 Member

    Re: Fact-checking Youth for Human Rights International

    This had so much potential.
  7. LRonAnon Member

    Re: Fact-checking Youth for Human Rights International

    Please be trying to post in English in the English speaking threads.
  8. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Fact-checking Youth for Human Rights International

    Feeling like contributing ?
    That is why it remained unnoticed for 10 months...

    FTR, I removed the content of many of my OPs last June at a time when an Enturb staff member took the liberty of altering posts at will.
  9. cbusanonandon Member

    Re: Fact-checking Youth for Human Rights International

    people need a reason to find these contacts, ann. what do you wanna do with them?
  10. TinyDancer Member

    Re: Fact-checking Youth for Human Rights International

    This is an old thread that someone resurrected because the first few posts were enigmatic (they contained only a full stop).

    Ann has now restored the original content.

    This thread is one of many "fact-checking" threads created at the time whereby we went through the front organisations and showed how their boards and advisers were linked to Scientology.

    That process continues to be of value. I have drawn upon some of the "fact-checking" threads in the last week for info to poon legislators about the Utah Meth Cops Program, for example.

    It was very useful to be able to show that YHRI was a front for Scientology when we emailed government and community leaders who appeared in certain CoS videos. Some of those leaders were horrified to find that they had been included in videos promoting Scientology.

    That's just a couple of examples of how this information can be used.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Re: Fact-checking Youth for Human Rights International

    Scientology is annoying. Chasing down these "tentacles" to chop them free of their hold is tedious and annoying. (Reminds me of the image on Time mag's "The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power" article.)

    At what point do we say "Hey, Church of Scientology! Stop trying to be everything to everyone and just be damn church if you want to be a church."

    Doesn't anyone in government think these "many" front groups are particularly odd?


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