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Discussion in 'Translation and Text Composition Projects' started by WMAnon, May 23, 2008.

  1. WMAnon Member /.net /.com setup

    We've gotten in touch with the owner of and he's willing to let Anonymous take over the site. We have technical people in place, and all of the actual construction of the site should be completed sometime next week. That means we need content, and fast.

    Fair Game English - Operation Translation is the wiki we've set up to help get content ready to put into the actual site. Please, if you have the time, register and help us get everything ready.
  2. timthephoto Member

    Re: /.net /.com setup registered. I can do that for Anons 'cos my name is namefagged a million times on Google already. -from

    there's a *lot* of chatter about getting data lines like this in before the OSA really starts..
    i hope we don't see several, non-linked projects trying to cover the same ground
    i'll cross post in the hope of fostering co-operation

  3. gregg Member

    Re: /.net /.com setup

    We have, .net and .com. Check out the thread here

    The backend used for the database stuff will be the same backend that uses and the programmer is working on getting multi-site support into it so we can handle both.

    Join forces so we can get this going. The design is basically done, you can see it in that thread (by cpt-obvious.)
  4. timthephoto Member

    Re: /.net /.com setup

    there are many of us...
    1 this thread is doing a wiki
    2the other thread wants to *really analize data* (full geeky boffin analisis)
    3 scientrollogy wants to get every OSA listed, pictured and linked to fair game reports (like you wanna do)

    we don't need one site for all this people, we need Data-Exchange, now we're moving into sensitive areas... there's a restricted access forum on scientrollogy "the collaborators thread"
    get logins on there, tell me on here, and i'll MOD you up (and then you can see)
  5. gregg Member

    Re: /.net /.com setup

    We use the wiki, just like we've used for other website projects, because its easy to collaboratively edit. It also makes it easy for us to get the work done on translations. Its the same way we did and all the translations for it. Forums should never be used for something that requires collaborative editing and storage of data.
  6. timthephoto Member

    Re: /.net /.com setup

    i know, it's why i'm having some warez done..

    wiki's well from what i seen you might as well write the content in the sand.. so much vandalism, especially if OSA don't like it
  7. gregg Member

    Re: /.net /.com setup

    They havent played with any of our wikis that I host, and I host 5 of them. As for vandalism, its very very rare on ours and usually one of the oldfags just needing to vent. Its also very easy to fix.
  8. WMAnon Member

    Re: /.net /.com setup

    Since my internet's been down for the last week, this project is running behind. We're in need of contact information for individuals who are being fair gamed so that we can write up bio pages for them. Also, we could really benefit from some heated discussion on the matter of what requirements the site would have for a fair gamed entry.
  9. Helium Member

    Re: /.net /.com setup

    We have too many websites. Many of them overlap information. =(
  10. WMAnon Member

    Re: /.net /.com setup


    Your name:

    How did you become a target for the Church of Scientology?

    What kind of Fair Game tactics have been used against you so far?

    What effect has this had on your daily life?

    For how long have Fair Game tactics been used against you?

    Are there any currently active Fair Game attacks against you?

    What actions (if any) have you taken to fight back?

    What concessions (if any) have you had to make in light of Fair Game attacks?


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