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  1. SPRTT Member

    I've read it once (in re: the CC "Christmas Pageant") that the COS fashion is stuck in about 1983, when L-Ron was still occupying his meat body. I know they flirted with Katie Holmes/Twilight Vampire Chic lately, but I happily see that fizzled and they have re-reverted to 1983. Imagine my surprise to see Mr. Duckface's "IAS" shirt. That is SO 2001, as in , "FDNY" or "FBI" on dark background shirts and hats in that highly charged pro-law enforcement period of time post 9/11/01. 11 years later. And IAS. Couture fail. Fer shur.

    Waiting restaurant story re: Duckface-In-Bad-Shirt (DIBS).
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  2. IAS Stalking peaceful protesters. Fair gaming is still alive. Scientology is still creepy.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    View attachment MV5BMTU0ODkwNTUxNV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMjU1MDgxMQ@@._
    Staying Alive (1983)

    93 min - Drama | Music - 15 July 1983 (USA)
    Your rating:
    Ratings: 4.1/10 from 7,306 users Metascore: 17/100
    Reviews: 77 user | 14 critic | 6 from
    It's five years later and Tony Manero's Saturday Night Fever is still burning. Now he's strutting toward his biggest challenger yet - making it as a dancer on the Broadway stage.

    Sylvester Stallone

    Nik Cohn (characters), Sylvester Stallone, and 1 more credit ยป
    John Travolta, Cynthia Rhodes and Finola Hughes | See full cast and crew
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  4. Anonymous Member

    Now that is just disgusting.
  5. skeptic2girl Member

    It honestly looks like the letters were sewn on by hand, possibly by RPF members (and if so, well done, slaves!) -
    I mean, that's no silk screen...

    PS:Here's footage from when Duckface (lol!) first came out, plus some bonus stuff.
    To me, Duckface looks a bit like Tim Roth, therefore when I call him handsome, I'm not really joking: it just kind of slipped out --
    ANYWAY, in this video you can clearly hear him NOT asking us to move, and therefore we can add this to documented proof of the cult lying to police.
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  6. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Is there something that happens to peoples eyes when they go in to Scientology that makes them look bitty? What is the tech that gives them that goofy smile and tunnel vision?
  7. So we are in the restaurant, all unmasked and eating, when the guy with the camera you see in Moog's pictures walks in to buy a bottle of water. Now, IAS guy has walked past like two restaurants to get water, so they obviously knew where we were and he followed us. I quickly looked him over to make sure he didn't have a hidden camera poking out of his pants or shirt, and he didn't. He looked at us as he was buying the water and said, "I can see you." To which I thought, no shit. I thought about inviting him over to sit with us, since there was room, but he actually came over and stood by our table. There was a silence. It was awkward. I was just about to say, "Sit down, we were just talking about your church," when he says, "Those are nice people in there, you know." Again, no shit. I quickly say, "Yeah, that's why it's too bad they're in a brainwashing cult," but he quickly scampered off. They didn't come back and nobody was waiting outside the restaurant.
    I did notice that when I was passing the org in my car, about 45 minutes after we had cleared out, they still hadn't washed off the last chalk messages we left them. Which was funny, since they were so eager to clean it all off when we were there...
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  8. Anonymous Member

    It's called the TRs. Staring at someone for 2 hours does a number on your head. When I got out people told me to "quit fucking staring, it's creepy"
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  9. skeptic2girl Member

    I was so impressed you gave such a good response -- I was in shock, I think, and speechless.

    I was going up to get a water refill myself and spotted the IAS dude, probably the same time my fellow femanon did. In case the others hadn't seen him, though, I said, "Oh! It's the IAS guy!"

    That's when he said, "I see you!" I think he was trying to be Sauron, but it came off more as a game of peekaboo.

    But we really were caught off-guard - after they had followed us to the restaurant a year ago and we kept going there anyway (and even saw dear Josh there, legitimately buying food) I thought they were done with following us. I mean, we knew they knew we went there: end of story, no?

    They got a bit smarter this time, at least in terms of pretending to go in there to buy something. But who on earth goes to a sit-down Indian restaurant for a bottle of water? Why not do it right and at least get take-out? Probably couldn't afford it and was too cowardly to stalk us for more than 30 seconds.

    Wouldn't be surprised if Tim Roth/Duckface/Thirsty had a device to record audio with him, Bill-style.

    Lady M is super-observant! And good on her feet, obviously. :) She supected an event was happening, even before the raid. Then right before she and I headed over to the org, a random dude passes by and stops to talk. He indicated he was on his way over to the org for an event.

    We schooled him on what the cult was about, but emphasized he should make up his own mind.

    I didn't *think* he was a Scilon, except then he began to ask us personal questions, and it was like, um, see ya. Strange. Not sure if it was a coincidence or not, with what happened later.

    PS: Confirmed sightings of Jerry the OT8, Josh, Bookboy, Richard (IAS Handler), Rico Suave (whose real name might be Alex), "Mom," Vicky, and yes... PIPPI. Who looked completely pissed, lol.

    Wonder if Get out of my Way Lady is Dana??

    PS2: That really is interesting about the chalk still being there 45 minutes after... Confirms our suspicions that the hose was for other intents and purposes.
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  10. Anonymous Member

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  11. Anonymous Member

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  12. Anonymous Member

  13. skeptic2girl Member

    OSA or not?
    At first I thought these were from the world's most clueless newb, and didn't think twice, but then after that scilon followed us to our restaurant last Saturday night, what with his foreign accent (these emails sound like they're from a non-native English speaker) it makes me think it's the same guy.
    He seemed really happy to get my voice on tape. But who wouldn't, right? ;)
    The only reason I think it's OSA, frankly, is because the messages are, well, DUMB. (speaking of which, I did me some typos in these messages) Notice how the guy joined last Thursday, was last here Friday, and then - perhaps - followed us on Saturday... at our posted raid.
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  14. Ersatz Global Moderator

    I would be interested in knowing the newbs name. We haven't had any reports of profile spamming or other strange pm's. Maybe pm me or one of the other mods?
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  15. Stupid OSA is stupid
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  16. RightOn Member

    Am a
    t shirt guy was sent out to distract you I guess? They were prolly hoping that if you paid attention to him, that you would miss some of the people walking in.
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  17. skeptic2girl Member

    Actually, I messed up and didn't ex-out all the naming in the screenshots and I am not going back to fix it...
    They named themselves, "Someone:"
    Creativity: low on the Tone Scale?
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  18. Anonymous Member

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  19. RightOn Member

    the close up of this guy's face, made me feel sad
    he looks so manic.
    It's sad what this cult has done/does to people
    Sad and frustrating that it has been allowed to continue for 50+ years
    all for the love of money

    Probably all's this guy wanted to do was to better himself and possibly help save the planet.
    He is left with thinking he should disconnect from his son, giving money to the IAS (can't imagine what that t -shirt cost him) a lost life and a very damaged mind.
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  20. Anonymous Member

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  21. Anonymous Member

    You're right -- it's weird, though -- as much as I want to feel sorry for someone like him, I don't want to let my guard down. I DO think he earned relentless, hardcore mocking by following us.
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  22. Anonymous Member

    Make no mistake, his following you is a disgusting attempt to intimidate you. Anyone who could be comfortable doing such a thing is contemptible and far from deserving any pity!
  23. RightOn Member

    He may wake up some day and realize he was under COS's spell. Like others who have gotten out and regretted what they did and are now trying to right their wrongs. Of course there are many who do absolutely nothing.

    Even though I pity this guy and all others still trapped in COS, I would never let my guard down if I was protesting. Many can not be trusted and I certainly wouldn't trust this one.
    But like I mentioned, there was just something about his face that made me sad. And well, I also felt a little creeped out. That's all.
    That picture to me shows the evil of Scientology in his face.

    oh and lol at Rocky Horror pic!
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  24. Xenu Is Lord Member

    So he left acting and joined a cult
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  25. Xenu Is Lord Member

    I love the fact he still has the stupid youtube sticker on it. Does this fool not know that Youtube is an SP Co. ? The Clams look compleatly stupid on it and Youtube has stopped taking Scientology for their word on copry rights complaints.

    But his face is the best. Its all like; huhuh uhhhh huuu huuu huh huh huh, this screen makes them all look small, huuh huh uh huh huh, they are all shrunk. My OT powers do work!
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  26. Anonymous Member

    You asked the scilon during the video, "Why are you recording this to make sure he does it right?".

    I found out the reason they record video;

    When an order is sent down "lines" from "uplines" in order to prove compliance one must submit what is called a "Compliance Report" or "CR" for short (we all know Scientologists' love of acronyms). A "CR" must show that an order was carried out to positive results. One of the primary things used to evidence the compliance is photographs. Video is also very common.

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  27. Anonymous Member

  28. Anonymous Member

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  30. Anonymous Member

    Btw, Nov 5th raid is unconfirmed. At least by SF Anon regulars.
    What time is it posted for on other sites?
  31. Anonymous Member

    ^Scratch that. Reverse it: game on. Not sure of time, though.
  32. Chipshotz Member

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  33. MOOG Member

    hey gays, remember remember the 5th of November - you say what time, and i'll DJ it.

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  34. rickybobby Member

    Can I request some Caturday Night Fever??????? Perhaps STAYIN' ALIVE??????? Ah-ah-ah-ah Stayin' alive, stayin' alive---ah-ah-ah-ah stayin' aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiivvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeee

    Too bad there's not a Stayin' Alive/30 Days in the Hole mashup.....

    CU THERE! It's going to be a BEAUTIFUL day to be outside enjoying the glorious sunshine! 80 degrees and SUN!
  35. rickybobby Member

    TIme: 1 PM is what I'm readin'
  36. rickybobby Member

    So..... they wash it off, video for proof to send back to the Mother Ship, you guys re-install Chalk Tech, they don't care enough to wash it off again cuz no one is making them? FAIL
  37. Anonymous Member

  38. Anonymous Member

  39. MOOG Member

    welp, i remembered the 5th of November, and then i forgot it again - love to Anon for the /b/lackup <3<3<3 apparently there was a Jerry sighting... please tell it!

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  40. skeptic2girl Member

    re: DX video in post #78 -- sometimes I can't tell if someone's kidding or not.
    Anyone who calls Adhocrat an asshole, though, has either not met him or is trying to be funny.
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