Fall into another monster

Discussion in 'Iran' started by Unregistered, Jun 17, 2009.

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  1. I don't know, I don't know.

    Your fighting look so honest and holy. I just want to warn you, read carefully! read carefully!

    Just like many other countries. People struggling to reform, their succeed to overthrown their government. Establish what they called as a clean and good government. In fact, they just fall into another monster.

    Do you think your economy problem already resolved? People in the government listen to you? People in the government concern about your well being?

    What do you eat today? Do you slept well tonight? What is you unhappiness? How about your house condition? How your parent condition, is he healthy? Do you have money?......Is your new leader asking you this questions? Or he just care about what he will eat tonight? Beef steak or Chicken steak? How much his salary? Which part of presidential palace need to be fixed? Will Allah smile upon him? HIM! He didn't asking Allah will smile upon you. Such a selfish leader.

    Do you think the new leader is a great statement? Is a great industrialist? Is a great economist? Or he is just another stupid and bully? Or even, he actually is 1% smarter than you, but he speaks better than all of you?

    Your leader everyday talk about patriotism, nationalism, how he loves his country, how he loves his people, how he care about you, economy in several percent of progress, talk about lower inflation, his new bridge, buildings, new monuments..........but for decades, you still poor, your country still poor.

    Is there something wrong?

    May be it's not your leader problem. How about all political elites. How about all political parties in your countries struggling each other, talk about who should sit in the presidential chair, talk about how stupid the current president, they talk about 1001 mistakes of the government. But the people is still poor and abandon for the next decades.

    People in political parties care about how many money in their pocket, but they never ask about how many money in your pocket. They care about their new laptop and new car, they never ask if you had some of this toy.

    People in political parties care about how God loves him. How he is a good person in the eyes of God. But all of you live in hell, in the very very poor condition.

    May be new Iran will became a better country, but still in poor. With a slightly better, but still worse.

    The world, I'm so tired talk about it. Humanity, it's just another joke. Why we all not just die, and go to the heaven. Armageddon is not such a bad idea, I think.
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    And what's the deal with airline peanuts anyway?
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