Falun Gong helps crack Iran's web filter

Discussion in 'Iran' started by Cattypuss, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. Cattypuss Member

    Falun Gong helps crack Iran's web filter - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    We will see much more of this as time goes by. Global pro - democracy groups banding together in an effort to bring down tyrannical regimes like those in Iran. More power to them. This should be the century where more effort and energy is placed in ridding this planet of toltalitarian government and regimes at make ordinary people's lives a living hell.
  2. Falun Gong a global pro democracy group?
    Lol, no. Its a fucking evil totalitarian cult that should be wiped of the face of the earth like every other cult (no exceptions)
  3. I didn't see you getting into you PanzerKampfwagen and running them over.

    Remember that one time, when it took you twenty whole minutes...
  4. Cloak n Run Member

  5. If you feel that the truth is disturbed, you tread cautiously, but accept any assistance that you feel will be of use to you (unless the assistance is a trap or a dud).

    Dunno where you got totalitarian cult from (Chinese ultra-secularist propaganda, maybe?), but don't believe it to tbe truth just yet. Who knows what the truth is until you have seen and felt it with your own senses and reasoning?

    And rest be assured, I wholly support Falun Gong's efforts. Since I don't know what it is, I shall abstain from commenting on the group itself.
  6. Cattypuss Member

    This may help you understand the Falun Gong movement: The tactics of the Chinese government are similar to those used by the Iranian government against it's own citizens. So it is important that decent people band together in kindred spirit in helping one another to rid themselves of tyrannical governments.

    [ame=]Why is Falun Gong persecuted in China ?[/ame]
  7. Falun Gong. Imagine a martial arts discipline combined with a quasi religious structure. Before you start shaking in your feet realize the martial arts discipline is Tai Chi and the structure is Zen. Best cult ever if you ax me.

    Never understood chinas beef with them, besides the fact that all the iconography used is rather counterrevolutionary. Total guacamole.

    Still it's funny how afraid they were of a crowd of people doing Tai Chi.

  8. At one point membership in the Falun Gong was higher than membership in the Chinese Communist Party, it may still be. The Chinese commies are ultra paranoid about losing any power whatsoever & they are afraid of any type of independent thought. The China government are the ones who are ultra authoritarian, not the Falun Gong. Many regular people in China view the Falun Gong as a little weird, but definitely not a threat.
  9. My advice to Falun Gong, which they don't like:

    - don't tie up your religion with democracy movement. You can setup independent democracy organizations not in the name of FLG. News like this looks like FLG promotion. Don't make it a choice between democracy and FLG. That's why US people didn't turn their back on the China Olympic float in LA as asked.

    - re-enactment must go, so are unknown first/third person narratives. It just look like propaganda, which won't work outside of China. We need reliably sourced documents and pictures.
  10. Doesn't the leader of falun gung believe aliens are taking over the earth to turn it evil? Possessing people and teaching them how to use technology, in order to corrupt it.

    I think both sides are bad. Overall, the general principles of falun gung are good, but there are some crazies that are similar to the scientology people in it. They don't take advantage of their people and extort from them, like the scientologists, do, nor do they use the sleazy censorship tactics that scientology uses. They don't deman total loyalty and fanaticism.

    And on the other side, the Chinese government is uber-paranoid and does show all the bad qualities of scientology - demand for absolute loyalty, censorship, no room for disagreement.

    So they both are bad, or weird at least.

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