Famous Clam Leakage

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Ess Pee, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. Ess Pee Member

    Famous Clam Leakage

    This wog dares to wonder. (We are good at that) What sort of $cibot would be secretly spilling the cults secret entrails to SPs?
    Dare I think it could be a celebrity mole? They are, after all, sacred cash cows to the cult and as such may be exempt from redundant excessive sec checks. They must know this. Not known conspirators like Mike Rinder leaking sensitive info but perhaps a Chick Corea or Nancy Cartwright or lesser luminary seeking higher fame levels may develop leakage issues. Do celebs have access to damaging material? Or are they kept in their own tank to prevent them from vectoring non mythological material from escaping the corporate inner circle? Could any one of those smiling faces featured on their slick celebrity, aren't we super special, magazines gain access to damaging corporate material? Will the OSA extend the current inquisition to shiny happy celebs? Would Jenna Elfman get RPFd? Will Kristy Alley be put on purification rundown? What would happen if a nationally syndicated cartoonist got declared? Would the new high profile SP turn their humour against the cult? Protecting celebrities, insulating them, stroking their egos and giving them wins even when they rock slam seems to be the standing order. As long as the check clears, they Keep Stupidity Working. Is a high level OT celebrity mole a threat to the cult? Of course, as a happy wog, I have never touched the cans and consider that equal to jamming a syringe full of heroin into my arm.(not gonna happen) Fame is like a drug, once people have it they have to keep it, they want more . Why do people get so damn silly around famous people? Fame addiction is tough to beat. E-Meter addiction is tough to beat. Put down the cans, the show is over. Perhaps a little myth o done is needed to ease scibot addicts off the cans. I am no expert on the minutia of this cult but I would venture a guess that no celeb has ever been RPFd or placed on introspection rundown. Celebrities are not special. Their shit stinks and all the fancy clothes and people magazine spreads can not change that. Of course, if they were to be cut off from their perceived fame source and ostracized from their opium den of ego pumping theta bopping grabasstic can clutching, they would be at the perceived end of their career. Or the beginning of re-entry into a kinder gentler reality. All of Jabba The Hubbards scribblings are pure bullshit period. Scientology is not a church nor is it a religion any more than Pokemon or Barbie dolls. $cientology is rapidly facing extinction. We will WIN.

    Scientology without lawyers is like Judaism without Rabbis.

    KSW = Kaput Superstitious Wangling

    Expect us!
    We are Legion
    We do not forget
    We do not forgive

    We are everywhere
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    Re: Famous Clam Leakage

  3. ahnonnymaus Member

    Re: Famous Clam Leakage

    Excuse me?
  4. Ess Pee Member

    Re: Famous Clam Leakage

    Ok perhaps I am just too old to relate. The tl;dr reference goes over my head. As for lawyers and rabbis that is just a stab at the corporations need to maintain a armada of legal eagles to attack critics and silence opposition. It is not a poke at rabbinical council. I don't think a lawyer is needed perform a bar mitzvah. I do not think the jewish traditions and religion would continue intact without the sage guidance of the keepers of the Torah, orthodox or reformed. Lawyers are not needed. The corporation of $cientology masquerading as church, calling itself a religion, has bolstered it's standing and gained public perception of church by branding itself as such. The lawyers defend the brand name and copyrights far more viciously than a rabbi needs give council as to what is or is not kosher.(Is he circumcised?) Since I am a wog, I have not been the victim of hours and hours of neuro-associative conditioning. I have not been trained to fear false consequences. My attempt to read dianetics failed as I found it to be an unsubstantiated boring piece of fictitious crap. (Back in the early 80's, I thought I could bang this hot scibot chick but lost all interest after attempting to digest the premise upon which she based her enthusiasm). Fail fuck. So the question remains. Would a 50 watt luminary celebrity, inside the cult, seek to gain supplemental fame by leaking secrets or getting declared because now is a great time to do it? It would be a great career move! As far as Hubbards "tech" goes, it is all a bunch of hogwash designed to drain money and enslave adherents. Ooohh Aaahh super powers, total freedom, clear the planet oohh aahh. The toll bridge to total enslavement. There is not any proof after fifty years that any of Jabba the Hubbards so called tech can produce any repeatable measurable results, (inconsistent sacred lie detector results do not fall within the definition of science). There is however one constant and that is financial drain of it's believers. For the life of me, I still do not know how to spell belief without putting a LIE in the middle of it.

    Out of the way louts! Cant you see your world is coming to an end ?
    Ooops ...uh gosh gee,..I did'nt heck...

    Someone's got to turn the page.
  5. anon2600 Member

  6. Re: Famous Clam Leakage

    Devil's Advocate - nothing personal.

    TL, DR = "Too Long, Didn't Read"

    Not to sound condescending, Ees Pee, but you need to keep a few things in mind. Some basic things, and the basic things are the easiest things to let slip.

    First of all, it really does help if you use your ENTER/RETURN key occasionally and break up your post into some more-easy-to-read paragraphs. Walls of text, once they get about 6 to seven inches high on a screen, tend to just look like mindless rambling.

    Second - Mindless Rambling. That might not seem fair, mostly because I don't believe anything you wrote was "mindless." I believe you do think - a lot - about what you've written. But the presentation of your thoughts - not just the Wall of Text, but the endless theoretical questioning (do you even HAVE a Question Mark key on your keyboard anymore?), the jumping from visual image to visual image and, again, the conglomeration of all of these thoughts into one block, gives the impression that you're "free-associating" rather than presenting a critical and helpful idea.

    Now, more to the point. Or, at least what I believe the point of your OP to be. Do I think the "Mole" in the Co$ who has been leaking the LEAF Project and CCHR emails to the internet is a $cientology Celebrity?

    No. And I'll tell you why.

    There are Four types of $cientology out there.

    On the bottom of the pole is the Freezoners. The Co$ considers these people squirrels and want them to either stop practicing $cientology altogether or get their asses back into the Orgs and continue with their auditing (at an additional cost, of course).

    Then there's the huge bulk of $cientology. The overwhelming majority of people who got involved with it for whatever reason, but believed they were part of something "good." Only after they've been thoroughly indoctrinated, thoroughly brain-washed (and for many, thoroughly bankrupt) do many of them come to realize that $cientology isn't what they were led to believe. These stories and personal accounts are all over Enturb, whyaretheydead,, Exscientolgykids, etc., and I would encourage any and all to read up on them. Because THESE are the people Anonymous is truly fighting to liberate. They are, without exaggeration, Prisoners. Who will save them?

    Then there are the upper eschelons of $cientology. These make up the last two "camps" of the Cult.

    At the top of the shit-pile is David Miscavige. I, and many others, believe that DM lives in a world of power and privilege 99.99% of $cientologist are incapable of imagining. Many Anons joke about it, but the best historic examples of DM's position and personality are that of Hitler or Napoleon Bonaparte. For DM, $cientology means Profit. It is the pyramid scheme LHR set up all those years ago, now completely in DM's hands. So insulated from the real world and surrounded by underlings and sychopants, DM must feel like a god. And when we mere mortals deign to interfere with his cosmic plans, DM must wish he actually COULD hurl lighting bolts from the heavens.

    The last "face" of $cientology is one I don't think many people have contemplated, and that's the type of $cientology that is presented to A-List (and many B-, C- and D-List) Celebrities around the world. This form of $cientology doesn't rely on the brain-washing, deprivation, Disconnction and humiliation policies of the RPF. This $cientology feeds into what many of these Celebrities are already suffering from: Ego Overload. Many of them already believed themselves to better than the rest of the world, by sheer fact that their faces are plasted on billboards, posters, magazines, TV and Movie screens all over the world. $cientology is more than happy to encourage them to think this, and in fact, feeds this beast with the best slice of cake possible - "not only are you better than everyone else, you are a Super Hero, and only you can literally SAVE THE WORLD."

    So, you're right about the Celebrities, Ees Pee, in the sense that they live a different life from the mainstream $cientologists, and would never face punishment on the Freewinds. But I think you're wrong about them leaking sensitive materials detrimental to the corruption behind $cientology as a whole. Mostly, because they are IGNORANT of these crimes. I honestly don't believe Issac Hayes, Kirstie Alley, Danny Masterson, or many others KNOW about the child labor, the gulags in the deserts of California, or things like Operation: Freakout. If they did...well, we'll have to wait and see what happens, won't we? Our "JOB" is to get this truth out to those who will act.

    EDIT* And yes, I know, I just wrote a really long Post. :p
  7. Ess Pee Member

    Re: Famous Clam Leakage

    Much thanks! Very clear.

    KS RQ

    Keep short Read quick

    Gotta go stir my chowder pot

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