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  1. Hello, everybody knows not many Americans are familiar with "Anonymous" Well, WTF? I go to school with hicks and idiots. So I cant help spread the word too much myself, But if we all would just talk to people about or post information sheets around our schools/workplaces about the dangers of Scientology, we could build in numbers greatly.
    I go to a relatively big school and nobody I have ever spoken with has heard of Anonymous, I have never seen Anonymous on Television. Our ideas are unnoticed, Why don't we do something epic to make our ideas be more available for people to see? Even walking through town in your suit wearing a Guy Fawkes mask speaking to people about why you are dressed like that could help. Having this occur at the beginning few days of the month could greatly impact your community's view on Anonymous.
  2. OK, I'll bite...

    Sounds cool. Like what? The devil's in the details.

    Yeah, that would be epic... epic fail.
    No but seriously, most likely you are going to look like a fruitcake or a Halloween reject. It's all in the delivery, though, so feel free to prove me wrong.

    I'm not trying to be a wang, but I think you need to draw more distinction between Project Chanology and Anonymous, jussayin'.
  3. On a more positive spin...

    Bulletin board material and word-of-mouth are both great. But as far as building big numbers, I'd be surprised. It's not like other people haven't been doing both of those things for a long time already, and it's very difficult to motivate people to the point of action.

    I don't think we'll ever see anything like the massive turnout we originally saw at the beginning of the Anonymous vs. Scientology thing. That's not a knock on anybody. It's just hard to capture that sort of lightning in a bottle. It's not something anyone's figured out how to control (otherwise someone would probably be exploiting the hell out of it), and I don't think anyone knows the whole formula on what sort of zeitgeist elements go into it.

    It feels almost more like that sort of event just comes and goes of its own will. Which, in a way, is cooler - almost has a mystical element to it.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    It would be easier to get people in there early 20s to join. so maybe members should start a club or even doing a presitation on a video in class
  5. xnosheepx Member

    I use to working the media industry. The best way to get to the public is through the young adults in the pop culture industry. Anyone want to be a musician? I have writers and performers ready to roll... We have record labels ready to roll out, it just takes a little talent...
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  6. :(
    im 58 yrs old & i think people my age are sick & tired of all the curruption
  7. Anonymous Member

    And those pesky bad spellerz, whu must die.
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  8. nirvus Member

    How About We Occupy Downtown Los Angeles On A Friday, Many Teens Are Out That Day PArtying And What Not. Gather The Teens Attention :rolleyes:
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  9. i do it every day, everywhere am at. That´s the first step to become epic. The Big Shot is about to come, lets make it happen!
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  10. exactly get a revolution started and have every one join in
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  11. im game
  12. what exactly is this revolution suppose to be aimed at
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  13. Are we seeing anything epic yet?
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  14. thcmcgann Member

    if only we could hack every tv program for an entire day and put every government on blast for all the shit they do. the dumb masses might then understand..
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  15. Anonymous Member

    The fail is the only thing that is epic ITT.
  16. Ersatz Global Moderator

    Welcome n00bs! Please be aware that we do not condone or allow the planning of illegal activity on this forum. Chanology is about legal, peaceful protesting. I encourage you to look around the place a bit,
    read the forums and learn more about what we do here. I'm sure that you'll find a way to contribute.
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  17. anonysamvines Member

    actually I suspect that would be more likely to just piss off the masses.

    I for one have never forgiven the Beeb for cutting into a thrilling live snooker final I was enjoying, to show live the storming of the Iranian Embassy siege (even tho that too was important and thrilling)
  18. evolution and spread of shared non corrupt uncensored information
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  19. thank you
  20. CLO4K Member

    AHA! i go to school( actually went, graduated already) with those hicks and idiots.. wonder if were from the same town lol. i like this idea i shall join in this march, i am trying to spread the word and open the minds of my friends and others in town and close to me.
  21. i think that if i raise attention to anon in my school it would bring in members
  22. anonymous612 Member

    I hate to be the mini Strong Strength here, but does this have a point yet or what?
  23. Anovv Member

    Im in >.>
  24. momoftwinz Member

  25. Anonymous Member

    Make sure to bring the membership forms.
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  26. anoalgeria Member

    helloo i'am fiene i'am relly
  27. first of all, those hicks and idiots are brothers and sisters in this fight. They are part of the american public and we fight for the american public. race, sex, personality, nor nationality matters because identities are hidden and voices are heard.
    Second, ive put on the mask and stood at busy intersections with a sign telling the public of the fascist pigs we call a government and ive had fellow Anons stand next to me hand in hand letting the world know we are one voice, we are one nation, we will not fail, and we will not fall back into the shadows. i come from a small town of only 8,000 and if im willing to stand alone for this cause, then it shall be done, but even in a small town i had 40 or more fellow Anons show up out of nowhere.
  28. That is truly amazing. We all need to go out and just make a difference, as big or small as it is.
  29. Anonymous Member

    What is the plan?
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  30. i think we need to make some shirts.. a catchy quote or phrase that will get peoples attention/ interest.. and a pic of the mask with a link to this page. you guys have no idea how relieved i am to know that you guys are out there making a difference! thank God for whoever started this!
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  31. anonymous612 Member

    Let me get this straight.

    You want to call yourself anonymous...while wearing a tshirt...that says you're anonymous?

    Well, you're not very anonymous then, are you?
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  32. Anonymous Member

    I hate it when you try to be rationnal with idiots.
  33. anonymous612 Member

    I'm sorry. :(
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  34. snippy Member

    They aren't idiots. They are teens brainstorming. Try to keep up and maybe do some coaching.
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  35. Anonymous Member

    Is there really a difference?
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  36. snippy Member

    Yes, huge difference. They obviously care, they are our allies, and their voices matter. They will matter even more four years from now. When members mock newbies, it's arrogant and abusive and it's bullying. It's also counter-productive and hypocritical, IMO.

    With all due respect, if you really don't have the time or patience, rather than get insulted by what you perceive to be an imposition, consider that you can just go off to some other thread and pick on someone your own age.
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  37. Anonymous Member

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