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  1. this is my first visit here and from a way outsider view I see all sides, as the T shirt idea is awesome at getting people to see the group name and webpage but very bad to stay Anonymous
    has anyone thought about business cards? they can be left anyplace at anytime with out anyone knowing who left them and they can be made dirt cheap. just a thought from an outsider.

  2. wicket1 Member

    I write and rap a bit
  3. Caprise Member

    I love the Jews. I'm not Jewish. It's a Jewish thing/Hebrew to stone people in the Bible tho. I'm saying, the situation bothers me so much althought I am not Jewish myself, in angry if I was with a group of Jews and they wanted to stone the mean people... I wouldn't mind pretending to be Jewish for just a moment... because I do get urges to smack people in the back of the head sometimes... it was like a joke. I'm not violent.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Hahaha. Thanks for explaining. 612 is an awesome jew. She is loved by many, including me.
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  5. Caprise Member

    Hate me so good... what can I say... damn! Shrug

    Hopefully he just misunderstood. Idc what u say :) Ty for teaching me that about the ignore button. :cool: Be nice... or try to.
  6. Anonymous Member

  7. anonymous612 Member

    Yes. What you've just described is what we call a YouFoundTheCard. The url redirects to this website, and we've been doing exactly what you've just suggested for years.
    The Bible =/= Jewish. Also, Jews are generally far more tolerant than their Christian brethren tend to be. It's a defense mechanism, considering how few of us there are. We can't afford to walk around forcing everyone else in the country to bend to our will like some religions.

    But thanks for being an ass. Stoning? Really? Stoning? You want to go ahead and accuse me of killing your savior while you're at it? Because that one's always worth a laugh. Ooh, or we could go for a classic. I haven't heard "Jews eat newborn babies" in a while. Go for that one next.
  8. AnonymousOne1 Member

    hey guys, speaking of trying to get more word out there....

    I had an idea come to me... Those of us who are non hacking anons try to spread the word to others and make them aware of what is going on around them. Posting things via twitter, facebook, word of mouth, ect helps.

    However, what about those who dont see our information on these social media sites?

    well, this is where my idea came in.

    What if we, anonymous, started something similar to a newspaper... let me explain. Every so often, we come together and post stories (not just links, but the full stories from the links) to corruption that is going on in our government, or in governments around the world. We can include whatever stories we want. We can also include our stroy/idea and what we stand for, and who we are. It can be about scientology corruption, government corruption, the NWO, or what ever we decide it to be, or you decide it to be, ect..

    Then, after we have edited and created what we as a consensus agree on for that week, or month, or whatever it may be, we all print it out across the nation. We then go out and randomly put it on people's doorsteps, or their drive ways, ect ect....

    Now, people who would have never known about these problems going on in our government, the corruption, the cover up, ect., would have a way of finding out should they so choose.

    This would raise awareness ten fold from what it is now.

    This idea can certainly be fine tuned, and improved, or taken for what it is.

    What do my fellow Anons think about this?
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  9. AnonymousOne1 Member

    anyone got any opinions?
  10. anonymous612 Member

    Congrats, you just described AnonNews.
  11. AnonymousOne1 Member

    how so? I posted this on those forums there as well... they keep an online database of the news... what I'm suggesting is something that is passed out anonymously around our communities in the form of a "newspaper" of sorts... which could be as simple as printing out word document stories.
  12. anonymous612 Member

    Why would we need to print it out when we have this thing we call the Internet? Serious question. Run that through a cost-benefit analysis for us. Because what I see is lots of effort, money, and waste for basically no gain, considering the Internet is a thing.
  13. AnonymousOne1 Member

    Because what I'm saying is not everyone uses the internet much... not everyone hears about us, or about the corruption. What about those who just watch TV and that is their source of media information... I mean we all know this to be most of America.... most of America is still oblivious to all of this.

    by doing it this way, in a hard copy hand out type form, we reach all kinds of people who otherwise would not have been reached. Our goal is to form a movement or revolution if you will to end the corruption... shouldnt we exhaust all means of doing so instead of just 1 way? not that there is anything wrong with doing so on the internet, there isnt, its great, but why not try to reach even more people?
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  14. anonymous612 Member

    And you think the subset of people who don't use the internet have any interest in a newspaper about an internet group doing internet things on the internet?

    In essence:
    I don't own parrots, have no interest in parrots, and have no access to parrots, but I've seen them on the news sometimes. Why would I want a newsletter about parrots? I'm not the target demographic, and I don't give a shit about parrots.

    INSTEAD, that newsletter could be distributed via a means that targets parrot owners, therefore 1) saving the creator the expense of sending me unwanted parrot newsletters, 2) saving me from having to throw out bullshit parrot crap I don't want to read, and 3) ensuring the newsletters go to people who are actually interested in parrots.

    Target demographics are your friend.

    Also, you appear to be suffering from a risky assumption:
    My goal is to demolish the Church of Scientology. Period, full stop, end of sentence.
    It's foolish to assume all anons everywhere support all supposed anon causes.
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  15. Anonymous Member

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  16. anonymous612 Member

    There's a reason when I go to the bookstore and hide anti-Scientology fliers inside books I hide them inside science fiction novels and books about computers.

    Target fucking demographics.
  17. AnonymousOne1 Member

    ok well again, my goal is not the church of scientology, my goal is to cut off the head of the snake, not one scale...

    having said that, that doesnt stop you or whoever from trying something like this in what you are against... tho it sounds like you are already doing that exact same thing, which i dont know why you didnt just come out and say...

    targetting demographics is a good point that i appreciate... but with my idea, i realize that probably 90% of people will just throw it away, but its for that 5 to 10% that read it, and for the half of those that it peaks their interest, and bam, now they start doing some research... looking into anonymous... looking into the corruption that they didnt see before.. thats is why i would do it

    everyone deserves a chance to be shown the truth, its up to them what to do about it
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  18. anonymous612 Member

    You mean like I did when I said "congrats, you just described AnonNews"?
  19. Caprise Member

    Major point. Even once they have heard, it's easy for them to forget as silly as it sounds. It's due to, of course, the media's out of sight out of mind dealing with the situation. It's kind of important to have as much 411 about how the people can support Anonymous financially or with services that are needed, and start their own petitions and get involved. If individuals are devoted to smaller projects for the bigger picture, they are more likely to feel encourages, hopeful and remember the cause.
  20. snippy Member

    First, from what you have been saying, let me assume this is basically what you aim to do:

    Expose government corruption.
    Keep it in the forefront of people's minds so they know exactly who is corrupt.
    Inform people of the important opportunities they have to effect real change and get unethical officials out of positions of power.

    Just say, for now, that this is the aim. It's still pretty broad, but let me try out a few thoughts anyway. Bear with me here, because at first, it isn't going to sound so EPIC, but I think it could be if you can get the ball rolling. OK, so let me try a Who-Where-What-When-Why-How breakdown of each of these items. Maybe it can be refined into something workable by someone else.

    Expose government corruption. [This one is the longest.]

    Who? Who do you expose? Corrupt and shady people in positions of power. This could get complicated if you include people you disagree with because you think their values are unethical or bad for the planet,etc. It might be best to just keep the list to people who take bribes, skim money, use coercion, and so on.

    Where? Restrict your local cell activity to researching and exposing only those who you can vote out of positions of power. But ... have all the cells share this research so these corrupt people have no where to hide. Cells can be clumped to address state and federal elections and appointments.

    How? Maybe start collecting info on local corruption cases and add this information to a main data base or Wiki. Then track them, Anon style, so they can't just slip over to the next state and continue their scams. That can get epic.

    Why? Remember, many officials, good and bad, get into powerful positions by starting out on local school boards or running for local positions as judges, city commissioners, and police chiefs. These entry level positions are the best place to weed them out.

    When? If they run for office, target them. Then have local cells merge to track state and federal elections and appointments. Keep an eye on who the governor appoints to head the myriad of committees. Make sure it's not just a buddy system that gets people heading up the state health departments and call them out if unqualified shady people get these appointments.

    2. Keep it in the forefront of people's minds so they know exactly who is corrupt.

    Like you said, people forget who did what after a few days. Track the corrupt officials over time. Maybe have the Wiki that links to articles exposing them. If they move to another state, all their history stays on the Wiki and their new neighborhood gets notified of the links when they try to run for some office or go for police chief or school superintendent. (Have moderators who can make sure no one gets sued for lible. )

    3. Inform people of the important opportunities they have to effect real change ...

    Find your local online neighborhood groups like Patch and local blogs. Have people in your local cell make informative and timely comments or write articles* for them. Everyone does a little bit, but there are a lot of you. Right - you get the idea. Oh, and make sure your local League of Women Voters has their website updated, so people don't just go to the polls and vote alphabetically. (You'd be surprised at some of the scum that get their names on ballots and voters never even know they randomly checked the box for a convict or a known scammer. )

    So I am probably just describing a "grass roots" organization, more or less, but this would be Anon style.

    Just food for thought or food for fishes. Take your pick.

    *Note that it is copyright violation to
    so you can't do that unless you wrote and published the article yourself. You can always "link away" in your own article.
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  21. Anonymous Member

    ftfy. Libel = defamation, liable = responsible for.
  22. snippy Member

    Thank you. Fixed.
  23. AnonymousOne1 Member

    thanks for your responses... you get what I'm trying to get at here...

    snippy... thanks for pointing out the copyright issues... in order for me to avoid any trouble with that, I can list out the article in entirety as long as I post the link to where I got it from correct?

    What you described is is great... the who for ME PERSONALLY would be much higher than local government, as I believe they dont control a damn thing.. its the people at the top... for instance some of the things i would expose would be a story like this:

    stuff on the north american union... posting things about FEMA camps, and how the president has the ability based on recent bills to basically call martial law whenever he feels the need to... there are links to these things but im just giving you an exmple of the things I personally would want to get out...

    now again, i know most here have other things they are passionate about sharing... which is fine. I still think it would maybe be cool to collaborate together here on making a template or a similar style in the way we make our "giveouts" or "newspaper" or whatever you want to call it so that it all looks the same or similar, but with whatever "truths" we want to get out in our areas.... If some of you are down to do this, lets start progressing into how we can start putting these together maybe?
  24. AnonymousOne1 Member

    something like this is exactly what im talking about... this needs to be spread to as many people as possible in my opinion.....

    "According to attorney Carl Levin, a co-counsel for the plaintiffs in the federal case against the president, “if any journalist or activist is seen as reporting or offering opinions about groups that could somehow be linked not just to al-Qaeda but to any opponent of the United States or even opponents of our allies” then they can be detained under the current NDAA." taken from:
  25. snippy Member

    No, that's not a good rule. You can only post small excerpts generally. The acid test is if it costs them money through lost revenue. Publishers need people to go to their sites to generate the revenue that supports the journalists.

    P.S. If you ever get a cease and desist letter for copyright violation, it's best to take the stuff down immediately. You don't want to go there.
  26. snippy Member

    I agree that people need to write about what they know and care about. But don't underestimate the importance of tracking the local crooks. They do a lot of damage. And as the saying goes,

    "Cream floats to the top, but so does the scum."
  27. AnonymousOne1 Member

    you are right about that... and i will keep it in mind...

    about these copyright issues... in what way can I list an article of corruption that is posted online either from my own research or from anonymous twitter account links ect?

    even if it lists who wrote it or where it came from? There has to be a way to be allowed to spread information
  28. anonymous612 Member

    Ask the writer's permission or only use short excerpts with a link-back. There's no loopholes here. They get to decide who uses their intellectual property.
  29. AnonymousOne1 Member

    hmm ok... ill keep that in mind
  30. mako Member

    I'm 52 and I agree.

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