[Feb 11, 2012] Anonymous vs Scientology Montreal (scientology store)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by MCleanWithSunglasses, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. We meet in the park at 11h30 a.m. near Rachel street and Papinau avenue. At 12h00 we walk to protest in front of the scientology store. I suggest you wear your mask when entering the park.
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  2. fattony Member

    how do i get the mask?
  3. The V for vendetta mask,
  4. fattony Member

    thank you hopefully see you there.
  5. GuyFox Member

    The Halloween Party store on Ste Catherine near Guy Concordia metro might have the masks, too. If you cna't find one, don't worry, any mask will do. Just don't go too scary ;)
  6. Anonymous Member

  7. GuyFox Member

    2 years overdue.

    It seems they're renting a local out to a third party nowadays.

    The IO in Montreal seems more and more distant. Why can't their OTs just postulate it finished? :D
  8. Anonymous Member

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  9. Anonymous Member

    Montreal Anons are awesome!! ;))
    Can't wait to be back in the old town.
    My next visit might coincide with a raid.

    I'm an ex-scilon and very nearly convinced someone close to go for drug rehab at the Quebec Narcoshit.

    Thank gawd instinct made me bawk.

    Keep up the great work.
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  10. GuyFox Member

    Our raid dates can be flexible, we could plan one around your visit. I'm sure you'll have a good time here, and there's plenty of caek for everyone :)

    How deep in were you, if you don't mind me asking? And at which org?

    LOL we have no intention of slowing down. In fact, we're scheming to double the fun this year.
  11. moarxenu Member

    Mancusian faggots FTW!!!!11

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  12. Anonymous Member


    I was a scilon for 9 years, very dedicated. Totally wanted to obliterate you fuckin SPs ;) lolwot

    The most senior post I had was the HES of a mission - I won't say where as I know OSA troll these threads documenting, documenting, documenting - hoping to find the handful of "big pharma" characters that are paying us all to do this ;)

    I really believed the whole OT thang - before YouTube utterly shat all over my dreams of being super fabulous and spotting SPs from 10Km away.

    Now I've no idea what to do with that $200K, guess I better just put it into my kid's education. How boring.

    But Saint Hill woulda been my aargh!! I was at the 2004 IAS event sitting at a table next to David Miscarriage - if I had any idea how much a kunt this guy was I woulda taken the £300 lobster and used it as a suppository, on him.

    To be honest - it was Mike&Marty that helped me un-brainwash myself - firstly to see just how baaaaad the 'church' is, then to look further and see how baaaaaaaaaaaad Hubbard was.

    I've seen a lot of the vids that you guys have made also - it really made me sad to see the kids in the alleyways, unattended and, actually, unloved. Their scilon parents have no idea of the mind-trap they are in. I know they would give up their kids if it came to a choice between their 'eternity' and these thetans in small bodies.

    David Love is also putting a major boot in!! We'll have him in the UK&Ireland as a guest soon!
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  13. Winter Bumper...

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