[Feb 12, 2011] Anonymous vs Scientology Rally (Melbourne, Australia)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by Kenji, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. Kenji Member

    MELBOURNE - Protesting The Church of Scientology
    (flinders st station - bourke street mall - ascot vale org)

    * 1.00pm - Assemble at Flinders Street Steps (outside the V/Line window)
    * 1.30pm - Begin protest and move down to Bourke Street Mall (FLYERING, PROTESTING)
    * 3.25pm - Brief Lunch Break
    * 3.40pm - TRAM to Ascot Vale.
    * 4.00pm - Arrive at Ascot Vale Church of Scientology (231-251 Mt. Alexander Road) and PROTEST MORE!

    After - Arrive Back / Dinner - Drinks in City perhaps.


    thanks to FACEBOOK for 'REMOVING' our Group Facebook account due to 'many different reasons they cannot seem to agree on' (after also taking down other Anon organizing accounts across the world), we've had to settle for this, and we know it's short notice. (apologies) /// SO PLEASE INVITE EVERYONE TO HELP MAKE THIS MONTH AWESOME ///

    facebook event:

    AS SUCH we REALLY need your help in getting people to come this month, INVITE EVERYONE you know, not only via facebook but via msn, word of mouth. BE SURE TO LOCK IT IN ON YOUR CALENDERS.

    If you missed out on last month, you'll definitely want to attend this. HITTING THEIR NEW HEADQUARTERS.


    LAST MONTH: we hit the Church of Scientology's Opening in Ascot Vale, and were greeted with security guards, police officers, BAWWW from the Cultists, and cheering from the public who lived and worked in Ascot Vale!

    The public outcry regarding the Lord Mayor going there in an official capacity. Nick Xenophon spoke out against it, the media have had multiple accounts lately (including an article in MX regarding the FBI investigating the Church of Scientology in America over Slavery and Human Trafficking)

    This month we intend on hitting them again, harder, better, faster, stronger. Show them we mean business. Show them THEY MUST LEAVE.

    MASK UP!

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