February 12 2011 - London Postgame

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Delicious Trap, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. Raid was raidy.
    Just got in. I'd write more. But the whole day felt so dream like I have no clue how the raid actually went.
  2. CarltonBANKS Member

    Was Martin Polak there?
  3. Orson Member

    This raid report is unsatisfactory.

    Pics, videos and tales of delicious caek are demanded. Now!
  4. No idea. I do remember somebody recounting a tale about stefania hiding behind a bookcase though. Can't remember who it was.
    Camerafag has pix. There was no caek. Do I remember some raep maybe yes.

    People are still in the pub, give em time to cralw home and sober up.
  5. You like and reply button too the same.
    Keep wrong one hitting :d
  6. Anonymous Member

    I agree with the Welcome Wagon
  7. Anonymous Member

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  8. Orson Member

    I prefer Walmart Greeter.
  9. afternon Member

    Raid was fun- though, Trap, I think your interpretation of "dream like" involved relentlessly chasing young lads all afternoon!
    I brought cake- you couldn't have any because of crows milk (that's how i read it)..

    I have some nice videos- do you mind me facefagging you, Trap? It wasn't like you were hiding your face..or you rapacious nature!
  10. hushpuppy Member

  11. Oh... now I remember.
    That I don't
    I don't mind. I've already got a proud place on stefania's notice board.
  12. FIFY.

    We had fun; Oldfags, Newfags, camerafags, OGs, everyone.

    There was definitely rape involved somewhere (not me!), and I probably should have eaten something before the post-game kicked off, but, oh well.
  13. Clemonymous Member

    Many lols were had, without indecent exposure this time.
  14. ZeroC Member

    What was the turn out like at TCR?
  15. CollegeOfAnon Member

    Turnout was good, photographer's pics are great, and it would be fantastic if you could upload the rape videos afternon (as well as the pic from last month with the prostitute).
  16. Why do I feel so wasted today?
    Apart from 4 mouthfuls of not very strong vodka and coke, I did not drink anything.
    I think yesterday was the soberist I've ever been at a raid.
    It makes no sense.
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  17. amaX Member

    Well done, LOLdon!
  18. Clemonymous Member

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  19. CarltonBANKS Member

    omg, face-faggage.

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  20. CarltonBANKS Member


    Does that say 'Open House' at the entrance to QVS?
  21. XanonX Member

    raid was semi fun..i now have a massive graze on my elbow thanks to trap...i HATE YOU
  22. afternon Member

    I will put a video together today..

    In the mean time you may wish to see my last efforts
  23. afternon Member

    Sobriety seems to involve hounding young lads into submission and bruises...
  24. Anonymous Member

    Do you remember about a year or two ago when two guys with guitars went into TCR, singing a xenu song. And the black lady was shouting 'you are not welcome - leave' and the guys responded saying 'in two mins'

    IIRC, they also said they were Anon 2.0 cos they were showing their faces.

    I can't find the video!
  25. StoneBurner Member

    search youtube for 'olly the octopus' and you'll find the vid
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  26. CarltonBANKS Member

  27. Namenlos Member

    Awesome raid was incredibly awesome. All you new and newish fags make it winsome :3
    Plan Z was epic as per, but almost always went past JUST as I was photographing something else or had my camera turned off ¬¬
    So.... much....rape. Photographed most of it tho, natch.
    Dude sketching us was pretty awesome, had a nice chat with him.
    Empty shop was so empty.
    "blow jobs" with vuvuzelas for the win. Without actually traumatizing Clem again, double win.
    Putting makeup on a comatose Hat and giggling like schoolgirls has to be done again.
    Also, found loot; unopened bottle of shampoo, lol.

    Pix here.

    And, just for you;


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  28. Clemonymous Member

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  29. Gee up, horsy!
  30. Namenlos Member

    If you like that, you realllllly should check out my photos from previous raids. This is not a one off. Thankfully... Brb...
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  31. Moar pix, you say? 'K Feb 12th 2011/

    Fun raid was fun: beer, rape, cake, beer, inappropriate racial epithets etc., everything you'd want anonymous to still be doing after 3 years. :)

    It's worth mentioning that on the way there I got handed a copy of the "reactive mind" Scilon flier (which I'm holding in this pic on the left) , and noticed that it's now being printed on much thinner paper than it used to be. I've got an old one here, which I reckon is about 75-80 gsm weight, whereas the new one is like cheap quality newspaper. I mean thin newspaper. Trying to save money wherever you can, Scientology?
  32. Namenlos Member

    Hah, I'd almost forgotten! LOOK AT THAT.... <3 Trap
  33. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt diseases


    He's such a manwhore, but we love him.
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  34. AnotherSock Member

    ^ That's so 1.1 people! (But we love you.)
  35. CollegeOfAnon Member

    Is there any way to get those demotix photographs without the watermark?
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  36. Namenlos Member

    You guys are all so gay, and I love you all for letting me fap over photograph it.
  37. Gomez Member

    Lolon doing it right as usual.
  38. garlic Member

    Raid was raidable... All the fun seems to happen after I leave the post game, T_T

    Waiting untill I can get on chrome to see pix.
  39. Anonymous Member

  40. afternon Member

    London post raid video- I'll be adding audioswap later...
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