February 12, Hamburg - Full Lazer

Discussion in 'Europe' started by anona-hh, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. anona-hh Member

    Only sober Hamburganon reporting in. Fu***** cold night raid was fu***** cold. 25+ faggots attending, special thx to UK and Berlin fags. The Scilons held some kind of event - or just pretended to be busy. We kept dancing and enjoyed LAZER rain. Vidz will follow, but will also be kinda dark...

    Had TRON, Tiramisu & Apple superior caekz.

    Also glowing anons.
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  2. xenubarb Member

    Surreal photo, nice.
  3. anona-hh Member

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  4. Anonymous Member

    *lol* Heiße Bilder aus kalter Nacht. Grüße!
  5. amaX Member

    Who sounded like Marlene Dietrich in that video? The video is AWESOME! Hamburg is always full of WIN and make the rest of us cool just by association. <3 to all the Hamburgfags!
  6. DamOTclese Member

    Why is Hamburg fagdom so crammed packed with win? Awesome seeing Hamburganon kicking Scientology ass so well.
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  7. RightOn Member

    Happy Birthday! Hamburg!
  8. Anonymous Member

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  9. Anonymous Member

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  10. sooleater Member

    danm cold
    but the glowstick make me warm

    drop moar pix
  11. Anonymous Member

  12. Gomez Member

  13. Cheshirecat Member

    So like when do we get to go back and stuff? :3
  14. moarxenu Member

    Happy Birthday - I lol'd.

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