February 28 - Melbourne Australia - Miniraid

Discussion in 'Asia Pacific' started by whacko_uzbek, Feb 17, 2009.

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  1. whacko_uzbek Member

    February 28 - Melbourne Australia - Miniraid

    Is it can be mini-raid tiem now pls?

    We haven't had a (good) miniraid in forever, I'm organising one for Saturday 28th Feb, same deal as our massive raids (12.30 at flinders street, via bourke st mall, state library), I'm gonna get us a permit asap.

    Post here if you are coming! (I'm booking the pub and need a rough idea of numbers)

    For those who remember, IN THE STYLE OF THE EPIC HUGS MINIRAID!

    In other words, if you rock up, you are expected to know your shit, and BE ACTIVE. I don't care who you are or what social problems you have, you gotta be out there giving hugs and flyers and kisses and generally being hyperactive. To this extent it would only be 3 hours tops, but HIGH ENERGY. Make sure you have EIGHT rockstars *and* EIGHT mothers before you rock up so you're ready to go on the same energy level as me.

    I don't want this to be a srs bsns raid, but i dont want it to be meme filled faggotry with nothing but socialites, i want us to mimic the hugs miniraid in that we had a FUCKLOAD of fun, and also managed to give out a shitload of flyers... all we did was walk up to people and ask if they wanted free hugs.

    If you have any method of contacting the old raid crew, please PM me or get in contact with them, this miniraid is for old times sake, when the raids used to be more epic than anything the newfags know :p (Discussion on IRC is lulztastic about this, so much nostalgia)

    AKA: this miniraid is an oldskool style raid, lots of fun, still quite srs, everyone active, loud, proud. I'm getting in contact with as many oldies as I can, if you know any tell them this is an oldskool raid, 90% less faggotry, all sorts of fun, do whatever you need to to convince them.

    Hell, if they're sitting on the fence about coming, I'll buy them a hooker.

    I'm calling this a mini-raid... just because I don't want all the newfags who go to raids as a social event to go, not that I hate them, but their attitude is not wanted, which is why we lost a good number of awesome people.

    If you are an old raider and see this, please please PLEASE get in contact with me via PM or just SHOW UP! I want all you guise there!

    P.S. This is crossposted at and, if you have an idea for another relevant forum to post in please let me know.
  2. re: February 28 - Melbourne Australia - Miniraid

    A miniraid for old time sake?

    Do it Melbuns!

    Do it for the sake!

    Who doesn't enjoy a little sake now and then?

    Dōmo arigatō, Melbunanōns.
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