Feel you got banned by mistake? Let us know!

Discussion in 'Iran' started by Kruge, Sep 8, 2010.

  1. Kruge Moderator

    I post this, because we just seemed to have had such a case:

    We moderators here are only human and can make mistakes. Something that can happen is that a moderator

    - mistakes a legitimate posting for spam


    - wants to ban an actual spammer and clicks on the wrong posting in a thread

    ... things like that, human error.

    If you feel something like that has happened to you here in the forum, then *please* don't feel insulted and let us know!

    We usually won't bite, promise! ;) And neither your account nor your postings will actually get *deleted* in such a case, it will simply be set to "offline" - so *if* someone gets banned by error nothing is lost and can be switched back on, so to say.

    (if you are banned you still can post as a guest, so there is a way to let us know)

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