Fifty Shades star Dakota Johnson's boyfriend thinks Scientology can help her cope

Discussion in 'Celebrity News' started by Anonymous, Sep 18, 2013.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Daily Mail: Dakota Johnson's Scientologist boyfriend Jordan Masterson 'encourages her to join his church to help her cope with Fifty Shades Of Grey fame'

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  2. Anonymous Member

    Brilliant! Well done Daily Mail. You make the cult sound creepy and anti sex.
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  3. Why won't they say that these supposed 'destructive creatures' are, in fact, held by the 'church' members to be the psychiatric profession?
  4. Anonymous Member

    They don't know as much as we do. Comments open. Have at it~!
  5. Anonymous Member

    Given she's Mel and Don's kid, she probably doesn't have the brains god gave shredded kleenex, but here goes:

    Run, Dakota, Run!
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  6. Soulo_Guero Member

    I was rather confused to find the "new and improved" religion to be even more conservative about sex than its predecessors.
  7. nevarmore Member

    With any luck it will cost her the role, and she will realize it was more destructive than the "sudden rise to stardom." But I doubt it, because Hollywierd types are all so susceptible to cow poop. Once it gets in their brains, all that's left is shit.
  8. Mr. Magoo Member

    If Jordan Masterson is "uncomfortable" with her S&M scenes, I think he's the one that needs help with coping with her role in the film. I think Dakota Johnson is good with it or she wouldn't have accepted the job. I'm sure he's also feeling threatened because her star wattage has been turned up a few thousand notches, while no one has ever even heard of him. Jordan who? He just wants to keep her under his thumb with scientology. Too bad it won't work. She will be dumping him soon for someone more famous, and Dakota and the new dude will use each other for the publicity.

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