Film by Scientology sympathizer undermines methadone program in Kyrgyzstan

Discussion in 'Media' started by Anonymous, Aug 15, 2012.

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    Kyrgyzstan: Methadone Debate Puts Program at Risk

    Excerpt (emphasis added):
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    Methadone has failed, true enough.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Methadone may have failed you, but a lot of people stay off street heroin when they are on methadone.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, trading one opiate addiction for another is a real good solution.
  6. Anonymous Member

    All natural Ibogaine was and is the premier miracle treatment for heroin addicts for thousands and thousands of years!!!
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Unlike heroin and Ibogaine methadone is not all natural!!!
  8. Anonymous Member

    Heroin isn't actually all that bad for you compared to the heroin lifestyle. Supplying methadone allows people to try and sort out their lift without having it revolve around getting the next fix.
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    The solution is to halt the addiction, not change from one deleterious daily-use drug to another, purity notwithstanding.
  10. Anonymous Member

    The lifestyle and the routine are part of the addiction. Methadone isn't a solution in and of itself but it can be a part of one.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Well, that's the cool thing about ibogaine... it eliminates withdrawal symptoms and removes the need, usually with just one medically-supervised dosage.
  12. anonsoldier Member

    Much like how the best way to quit cigarettes is to go cold turkey rather than using nicotine patches, gum, or inhalers to gradually reduce the body's physical dependence upon the nicotine.

    The purpose of switching IS to eventually halt the addiction by easing the person off while trying to avoid the messy physiological problems associated with heroin withdrawal.
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    I live a long way from Mexico and can't afford to go to a clinic there, how do I get an Ibogaine dose?
  15. Anonymous Member

    You can't get ibogaine in a country where it is prohibited. Here is the list:
    US, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, and Switzerland.

    You CAN get it in Canada. There are clinics there where it's available.
  16. Anonymous Member

    Thank you, freedom and spiritual growth the natural way like it's been done for thousands of years!!!
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    Stop the thousands of years spam, numbnuts.
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    ^ how much mail did you get today? your posting this stuff everywhere

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