Finding disconnection stories

Discussion in 'Projects' started by TrevAnon, May 19, 2016.

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    Looks like right now you're the only one hunting Incred. :)
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    Steven Mango - Lost his clients
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    This thread needs more TrevA....

    wait. :p
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    #341 ^

    You're a real soldier, Incred. :)
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  8. [IMG]
    But it's soooooooo easy when daddy just drops the prey right in our laps.
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    Say, a father and his daughter (who is married with kids) are ALL OUT of the cult.

    However, the mind control is still deep, and they still believe in the tech and all that. The daughter tells her father that he cannot see his grandchildren unless he does some crazy scientology steps like A-E or whatever.

    Would the father be a victim of disconnection and qualify for the list?

    I tend to think that it is a family dispute like there are so many others where people don't see each other because of some stupid rule (religious or not). However heartbreaking the situation may be.

    But I may be wrong. The case also shows how deep the mind control can get. It may also give the COS an opportunity to say "see, people choose to disconnect themselves, we told you so".
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    Not sure if it qualifies as a disconnection case, but I tend to think it does. His ex-wife keeps his son from him.


    Ash Dutton - Scientology stole his son (click on updates to see his name)

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    #348 Claire Adams - Lost her parents and brother

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    You mean Clarissa?
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    Plox to correct spelling, David Kahn, not Khan. :)
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    Sorry that's manipulation of two Sea Org staff just "because they can" which is an abuse of power, especially moving one to another country, but since both remained in, it's not an example of the disconnection policy in action as it's written in that post; no mention is made of which one disconnected from the other, or whether both were made to write each other disconnection letters.
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