Finding My Local Cell

Discussion in 'How To' started by WannaContribute, Oct 30, 2012.

  1. How does one do this exactly?
  2. Anonymous Member

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  3. So unless it's purposefully obfuscated, the Los Angeles site for Anonymous takes you to a stock webpage.
  4. Anonymous Member

    go to the planning section, LA still has active herd of cats I think
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  5. Xenu Is Lord Member

    look up you butt
    Xenu Is Lord
    This message by Xenu Is Lord has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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  6. and I thought I'd never get trolled
  7. Anonymous Member

    Take a left at the stoplight. Go about 3 blocks and hang a right. Look for the brick building.
  8. Anonymous Member

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  9. ZeroC Member

    Posting where you hope to protest would be useful. That way we might be able to direct you to currently active members or possible local cell websites.
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  10. WMAnon Member

    So, anonstillalive hasn't been updated in almost two years now (my bad). Anyone want to try to take another crack at it?
  11. anonymous612 Member

    If the subject gets split into a separate thread I'm sure there'll be people able to track down some of the cells (I'm willing to try, for one). Problem is a lot of cells just operate offline these days, but I bet you could at least get a contact email.
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  12. WMAnon Member

  13. Anonymous Member

    I need to find a anon cell in Connecticut, or gonna start one need help for sandy hook contact me. Riggymortis
  14. Anonymous Member

    Kinda late, aintcha?
  15. riggymortis Member

    im a late bloomer
  16. Caprise Member

    :) That's okay darlyn. Yousa still bloomin' aiye?!
  17. riggymortis Member

    The fire has always been burning, just able to spread it now.
  18. Anonymous Member

  19. Caprise Member

    It is encouring to know you have people out there who feel as you do on certain issues. Welcome to the wild fire brethren.
  20. riggymortis Member

    Thanx i just got goose bumps
  21. Caprise Member

    As long as ur not sick, it's ok.
  22. dwrek_ Member

    Looking for any cell in Michigan area
  23. Xm0e Member

    Looking for members in South Alabam......or looking to start a cell. Anyone...anyone?
  24. anonymous612 Member

    Last I heard, there were a couple Alabamanons that protest in Atlanta with the Georgianons. Ask the ATL guys.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    Use your cell phone.
    Get it?
    Cell phone?
    lololololololol sometimes I crack myself up.
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  26. Anonymous Member

    I'll reach out to a ATLanon I know. Generally they post their raids here before hand.
  27. Xm0e Member

    Thanks guys. I hope more step up soon.:( Collaboration is better with plural peoples. Otherwise it's just masturbation. Just an opinion...movin' along.
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  28. riggymortis Member

    we shut down the baptist protests in sandy hook, anons where there u just didnt know it was us. thats how we roll anonymous. :mad:
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  29. anonymous612 Member

    No, the fact that WBC bails on easily 3/4ths of the protests they announce shut down the WBC protests in Sandy Hook. Don't claim credit for shit you didn't do. They have a long history of announcing plans and backing out of them. You were trolled. Own it.
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  30. Anonymous Member

    Wow, you've gone from n00b to "ethical h@X07" to Anonymous' Panopticon. Meteoric rise you've got there.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    You're trolling, right?

    WBC didn't show up because that is how they troll roll: Say they are coming. Rustle a whole bunch of jimmies. Don't show because they got the attention of the media. Repeat ad infinitum.

    Also: You don't have a fucking clue how Anon rolls. Otherwise you'd not take credit for something Anon didn't do.
  32. Caprise Member

    *hands you some lotion* I know how u feel sometimes... lol jp
  33. Titanon22 Member

    Riggy I am in Connecticut also
  34. Lyonsdale Member

    Hey, looking for a cell in/near Salem, Oregon. I would protest but I have no one to protest with, would appreciate it if some one PMed my or whatnot so i can get involved.
  35. riggymortis Member

    i see peeps are still sippin on hater aide trying to slow my flow and btw u no nothing about me wanna trade IP adresses and see who wins ?
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  36. riggymortis Member

    thx for your 2 cents.
  37. riggymortis Member

    hmm.... me and a group of friends formed a circle of peace that no one could break thus the protests where stopped. there is no anon organization so i anointed my crew u got a problem with that then o well ill give u a tissue for your tears. i live close to the school shootings so i thought i was my duty and was proud to spread the word. u jealous or just salty u only troll forums and never act on your ideas only put other peoples down. :(
  38. anonymous612 Member

    Only incompetent newfags don't realize the WBC's entire policy is "Step 1: tell people you're gonna picket, Step 2: don't picket."
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  39. riggymortis Member

    lol i dont follow rules . rule 1 is there are no rules foolery.jpg
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  40. riggymortis Member

    dont make me eat your little world th.jpg

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