Firefox Extension (PhotoJacker / FacePAD) scraped Facebook photo albums banned by Facebook lawyers

Discussion in 'Freedom of Expression' started by Anonymous, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member


    if you go to and click on PhotoJacker, he shows the Cease & Desist letter from Facebook.

    Direct link to C & D :

    I want to get the code, basically an XPI file. Does someone, somewhere have it?

    Also, to troll Facebook and do a classic Streissand Effect, you could make the file available to all and sundry.

    But the most important thing is that I need it.

    k thx bye
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  2. Anonymous Member

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  6. Anonymous Member

    Cross post to the next German raid thread then.
  7. Anonymous Member

    It's okay, it has over 1000 positive /green votes, I think they're okay.
  8. Anonymous Member

  9. Im Translator for Firefox works great. Copy& Paste, select language, click traslate. Done.
  10. Anonymous Member

    inb4 Im Translator b& due to Cease & Desist letter from Facebook
  11. sooleater Member

    yes the Chips is a IT magazine
    not for Professionals
    but for the higher user

    and its good/ok

    jawohl das ist gut
  12. Anonymous Member

    Involves effort, though.
  13. Anonymous Member

    Come on anonymous, the time have come, it's time to payback Facebook for deleting fans pages, and behavior like secret police, taking down profiles without telling you what you violated, and never heard from again. I'm sure a lot of Anonymous were affected.
  14. Anonymous Member

    I downloaded the .de one. It's all javascript that you can look at using unzip, e.g., 7zip, to unzip all xip, jar files. The code is only half a page long. It's harmless, prompting to save the album into files.

    The problem is, facebook disabled the standard call XMLHttpRequest. So now it's useless. But there's absolutely no problem for a true scrapper approach, using only firefox functions.
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  15. Gaiden2012 Member

    I downloaded a copy also, how do you know they disabled the XMLHttpRequest? I tried searching for information saying they did but didn't find any, not that I am doubting you. Do you think they just disabled the request (name itself) and wrapped it in another command? I think the XMLHttpRequest function seems essential to a platform like Facebook.

    Is the parameter being sent supposed to be null?
  16. xenulondon Member

    You are a god to me.
  17. Anonymous Member

    If you run that script, you will find error messages on the firefox error console for example. Or you can just write a script to fire the request to load FB pictures. It says something like server deny request. FB is not the only one to disable that.

    But that's pretty stupid. You can just write a script to browse every picture in background tabs, and save them.
  18. xenulondon Member

    So, I downloaded this, but how the fuck do you install it into Firefox 3?

    You download a file called:

    when unzipped, there's a file called install.rdf ... but when I click on it, it just displays this text:
    This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.
    <Description about="urn:mozilla:install-manifest">
    PhotoJacker: Photo Album Downloader for Facebook (fka FacePAD)
    Quickly and easily download entire photo albums off Facebook.
    <em:creator>Arthur Sabintsev</em:creator>
    <em:contributor>Nic Holiday (v0.1 - v0.3)</em:contributor>
    <em:contributor>Diana Jaunzeikare (v0.5.4)</em:contributor>
    <em:contributor>Atte Kemppilä (v0.8.0)</em:contributor>
    <Description about="urn:mozilla:extension:file:facepad.jar">
  19. xenulondon Member

    I can't write scripts. Anyone good enough with computers to be able to do this, please?

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