"First Dianetics Group in Korea"

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by SeenTheLight, Nov 2, 2011.

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  2. Makes sense after all, most of North America and Western Europe is quite aware that there is something wrong with Scientology. Why not go into untouched territory and start the whole scam again with willing enthusiastic converts. Maybe someday there will be a nice big org there to deliver auditing and courses, with students and pc's winning, and a growing number of exmembers asking for their money back.
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    So, Korea has a high suicide money is on an even higher proportion of suicides within $cientology when the poor sods spend all their hard earned cash on something that just doesn't deliver.
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    Poon the influential embassies, those who trade most with South Korea.

    Also - financial contracts in Korea mean very little until the job is done.
    It is unlikely they will get that many takers until proven results are shown, and even then they will not be as willing to hand over money as easily as other countries.

    Also, L Ron Hubbard had some very racist things to say about oriental people.

    Is the Message To Scientology video translated into Korean?
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  6. Cambridge University Press??? WTF??? I don't think so!
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  8. Okay, but it has no connection with the University in the UK. It appears to me to be another case of Asian counterfeiting.

    BTW, I ran scilon keywords through the Korean site's search page and got zero hits. Also ran the same keywords through the UK publishing site and got zero hits.
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    Not saying it's true, but its not a new claim by scilons.

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  10. The page linked above is the real Cambridge University Press. Details match those on this domain:

    which is on (Cambridge University).

    Either the book is genuinely being distributed by CUP - in which case Anons who are members and alumni of Cambridge University can strongly lobby them to stop it - or alternatively it's being distributed by a different company illegally passing itself off as CUP, in which case CUP needs to send them a strongly worded legal letter and get them to stop.

    Either way, it seems to me, we can win here.
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  13. Thank you for the different perspectives, Ada. I am astonished & startled by the possibility of an institution like Cambridge University, publishing scilon dreck. And thank you for the mention of strategies to deal with it, if in fact it is the UK institution, or not.
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    - WT.
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    William T is unstoppable.
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    - WT
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    Maybe it's to do with the Oxford vs Cambridge rivalry and by Oxford having the wonderful "Oxford Capacity Analysis" under it's belt, Cambridge did not want to be left out.
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    - WT
  21. Anonymous Member

    - WT.
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  22. As Stephen Bourne says that Mr Han is the ELT rep in Korea, it looks like Anon in post #11 was correct, and these are probably Mr Han's details:

    Worth noting:

    - The company is not CUP (although it claims to be), it is actally "Cambridge Co. Ltd"

    - Their website is here:

    and it looks like this (screenshot in case they change it):


    - They claim to be 'Cambridge Univirsity [sic] Press Korea Branch'.
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  25. Interesting thing here. In this part of the picture, the guy is clicking his fingers (like a hypnotist). In Scientology, this is called 'the canceller.' Because it brings people out of a hypnotic state session. My understanding is the cancellor was cancelled years ago. Are they using the cancellor in Korea? Are the Koreans unfamiliar that it is used to bring people out of a hypnotic state? Can they get away with using the cancellor in Korea?

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  26. So this is scientology, claiming that Cambridge University Press is publishing their books, and this Korean book distribution company is claiming to be a part of Cambridge University Press.

    A sleaze sandwich full of bullshit!
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  27. Oxford Capacity Test anyone?
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  28. It is quite possible that "Book One" auditing is allowed just as LRH described it in DIANETICS THE MODERN SCIENCE OF MENTAL HEALTH since it seems to be used mainly as a recruiting tool. Once the public person becomes a clam then the Standard Tech Grade Chart auditing per red HCO Bulletins with emeters, CS's, etc applies. I don't think I see any emeters in the photos but I could be wrong. During my last years in Scientology "Book One" auditing came back. A big deal was made of it; sort of a back to the basics type of hype. It seemed to be never intended to be anything but a tool to recruit people. Instead of having to read the unreadable DIANETICS from cover to cover; us Scientologists were given excerpts to read from the book along with a printed sheet that showed you exactly step by step what to do. We were encouraged to try it out on our wog friends and after a while bring them into the org. I may be wrong on this since it was so long ago and my memory isn't what it used to be.

    Also, a Dianetics Group is one step below a Mission of Scientology. It is one of the smallest Scientology centers you can have, very entry level. In the light of that, all of this would make sense to promote old time meterless 1950 auditing. I am sure they have emeters there for you once you are hooked.
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    Damn fine work, Ada Fucking Lovelace and -WT.
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  30. Yeah.

    The situation seems to be this:

    Cambridge Co. Ltd, run by Mr Jung Rok Han from Seoul, is the Korean distributor for Cambridge University Press's English teaching products.

    Cambridge Co is overstating that relationship by saying that they are Cambridge University Press. (Only they can't spell 'University').

    Bridge Publications (Scientology's publishing arm) is having some of L Ron Hubbard's written works (he's the founder of Scientology) distributed by Cambridge Co. Ltd.

    And so Bridge Publications ends up claiming - inaccurately - that their Korean distributor is not Cambridge Co. Ltd, but Cambridge University Press.

    Thereby Scientology is creating a fictitious relationship with Cambridge University whereas in actual fact there is no such relationship.

    (all spelled out explicitly for journalists who I'm told are browsing this thread - I know Anons know who LRH is!)

    Thank you. :)
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  31. Yes! Outstanding research and report Ada! Thank you!

    And Bravo & Kudos to -WT for the expeditious work with the 'poons!

    A full salute to both of you! :)
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    Thank you, Jacky!

    - WT.
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