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    Here is a small prediction: David "Darth Midget" Miscavige will (as he typically does in such situations) massively overreact and order OSA and the Legal team to do something incredibly stupid to invalidate those marks himself. I don't see how he can possibly resist a footnuke of such magnitude. ;)

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
  2. Random guy Member

    We can always hope, this should after all be what the RTC is supposed to deal with. If he fails here, it could possibly have some interesting consequences for the RTCs legitimacy within the cult.
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  3. DeathHamster Member

    Yeah, that could be fun!

    Usually they jump in to defend Scientology because they don't want any weak sisters folding and setting a precedent.

    This time, they might want to think about that.
  4. thesneakster Member

    Well, I don't see how the sheeple membership would ever know, should DM fail at this. :(
  5. Random guy Member

    It would be hard to hide there's a competitor in town...
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  6. thesneakster Member

    Random, I reckon it will be a minimum of five years to a full decade before any Independent Scientology organization comes into existence that has a sufficiently large and properly technically trained staff to effectively compete with Co$.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
  7. konrad2 Member

    Why ? There are so many well trained people outside! And I imagine they don't take as much. The only problem I see, is the bad reputation of Scientology as a subject after the 1982 take over.
  8. DeathHamster Member

    The question would be how many of them would want to get back into that, or have moved on. It's a lot easy to do a fade out from the Indies than Cos.

  10. thesneakster Member

    It doesn't hurt me or any other Independent Scientologist in any way that you (and whomever agrees with you) say that or think that way. Feel free.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
  11. thesneakster Member

    Konrad, persons adequately trained in the subject who are still practicing "Standard Tech" Scientology auditing (to their best ability) are far too widely scattered geographically to form an organization in any one place at present. Worse, for us, not many of the highly trained Class VIII's or Class VI's have been training new auditors to continue the subject. If that is not soon remedied, I fear those who wish for the entire subject to vanish from the face of the Earth may get their wish within another decade or so.

    Some few auditors in a given area are going to have to form a small field group, grow it through delivery of quality training and processing to new interested persons, expand the core staff by recruiting from these newly made Scientologists(no TM) and so forth - exactly as it was in the old days. Persons who feel they were helped to their own satisfaction with Scientology(no TM) theory and techniques are going to become interested in the subject regardless of the negative PR David "Darth Midget" Miscavige's rabid corporate Co$ is causing.

    As long as we don't engage in the sort of suppression and atrocities that are part of daily life in Co$, we can well distinguish ourselves from those guys, if you will.

    Note that there are several conditionals in the above.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
    Facebook: https://www.
  12. So the main barrier to Independent Scientology is the inability to use the name in legal entities? It seems a far bigger barrier is the fact that most people leaving quickly realize they don't want anything to do with the subject.

    I don't see the fact that the subject consists of bogus claims and pseudoscientific nonsense to inherently be a barrier -- look at the money being spent on alternative medicine -- but that marketplace is already pretty crowded.
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  13. New Legal Entity: First Independent Church of Scientology.

    Religious Liberty League Articles of Incorporation of Incorp_Signed.pdf

    Religious Liberty League - New Legal Entity: First Independent Church of Scientology

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *


    Today, Articles of Incorporation were filed with the California Secretary of State for First Independent Church of Scientology (FICS), a nonprofit religious corporation.

    The name says it all. The first of its kind, and wholly independent of the church Miscavige hijacked and then used to alter, degrade and reverse both the technology and the aims of Scientology.

    Establishment – This is Your Church

    Now that FICS is incorporated, it will need to be established. This phase with take as long as it takes. A lot will depend on the amount of participation and support it receives.

    While Jim Fonda is the incorporator of FICS, and we have assisted him, this church belongs to those who build and support it.

    Based on the outpouring of support and positive feedback we received in response to the article announcing the plan for FCIS, we know this new church is greatly and enthusiastically welcomed.

    Its success, like the time to make it fully operational, will be influenced by the number and quality of persons who step up and take responsibility for it. We invite not only your support but your active participation.

    Please notify us if you are interested in lending a hand, and in what capacity and to what extent.

    Membership Powers

    Bylaws are presently being written. They will be reviewed and, no doubt, revised more than once before being adopted. The intention is to establish checks and balances, and to include measures that will reduce, if not entirely eliminate, the recurrence of a power hungry leader who will usurp its checks and balances and turn it into a control mechanism.

    One remedy appears likely: that members of FICS will be granted legal standing to enforce the corporate articles and bylaws and the provisions of the California Nonprofit Religious Corporation Code.

    Had that measure been in place for the church’s governing corporations, its members could have forced the implementation of checks and balances years ago.

    Questions for consideration are: 1) should these powers be granted to any member? or 2) should they only be given to a class of members, and, if so, how should that class be defined? Examples: Class IV interned auditors; contracted staff members; and/or those members who have completed at least a 2½ year contract in an FICS mission, church, or advanced organization.

    We welcome your input. Like? Dislike? If like, how should the class be defined?

    Tentatively, it appears likely that a Technical Watchdog Committee (tech WDC) comprised of highly trained auditors with proven statistics will oversee the tech lines, perhaps even having the power to appoint and remove (for cause only) the Senior C/S and heads of the Technical and Qualifications divisions. This is intended to address one of the major causes of the church’s technical failures: Miscavige, who was unqualified to do so, took control of technical lines and, naturally, made a mess of it.

    How do you feel about a tech WDC being used for this purpose? What should be the qualifications of members on the Technical WDC? Who would you nominate for this position? Any volunteers? We are inclined to require a training level of Class VIII.

    Trademark of the Word “Scientology”

    One of the unknown variables that could prolong the period of establishment is whether the church will seek to enjoin use of the word “Scientology,” and if they do, how a court will rule on the request for an injunction.

    We will say this: if the church attempts to block FISC’s use of the word “Scientology,” we will cross claim to cancel their trademark for being generic. Examples of lost marks are the words: Escalator, Kleenex, and Band-Aid.

    Additionally, the reasons the church was able to obtain a trademark in the first place was due to a lack of opposition and the failure of the Patent and Trademark Office to uncover the evidence we possess; viz., that the word Scientology pre-existed LRH’s research into the subject.[1]

    We will take one step at a time.

    Today’s filing of the articles of incorporation is a giant stride forward.


    [1] See, e.g., The Primary Synopsis of Universology and Alwato, by Stephen Pearl Andrews (1871), p.34, where Scientology is defined in a similar subject.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *

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  14. DeathHamster Member

  15. "Application" is the wrong word. The document is, in fact, the Articles of Incorporation. There is no "application" to form a corporation, non-profit or not, in California. As noted on the form, there is a separate application for non-profit status under California law.

    As for it not being a done deal, I know in an earlier article RLL said that Fonda had already reserved the name. I don't know off the top of my head whether the COS can challenge the fling, or is relegated to suing the First Independent Church of Scientology for trademark infiringement.

  16. DeathHamster Member

    Anyone can fill out a form. It means fuck all.

    There's nothing there with a government signature or stamp acknowledging it, approving it and the effective date. Couldn't they afford the $5 certification fee, assuming they filed it?
  17. They said it was filed. I have no reason to doubt them. It would be idiotic to make a post that it was filed if it was not. What would be the point?

    In any event, the processing time is about six days, As of 2/11, the California Secretary of State's office was processing "Formation" corporate filings that were received on 2/5. See:
  18. fishypants Moderator

    Good news.


    Indies are more like individual pickpockets to the 'official' CoS's organised crime syndicate.

    The scallywags.
  19. konrad2 Member

    This incorporation of an independent church of Scientology will create a very interesting situation with the CO$. They were very aggressive with David Mayo when he created his splinter movement in Santa Barbara. They broke into Mayo's offices and stole files, the put Interpol after him, pretending he had ruined property worth millions of $. Miscavige's mother in law who joined Mayo's splinter group, was found dead under very curious circumstances. They did black ops on Bill Robertson when he saw how authoritarian the group was becoming, they disseminated a lot of kinky details about his alleged sexual life. It was rather colourful, spicy and rather in the the vein of Petronius' Satyricon. Marty Rathbun started doing "independent" Scientology for some time and we had quite a show with the "Squirrel Busters" the result so far is that judge Waldrip in Texas decided they were a "business" and couldn't play it both ways: on one hand charge with copyright and trademarks infringement and on the other hand play the "ecclesiastical card". By the way there was a German philanthropist who wrote a book about "Scientology" with axioms et al before Hubbard. Scientologie, Wissenschaft von der Beschaffenheit und der Tauglichkeit des Wissens (Scientology: Science of the Constitution and Usefulness of Knowledge) is a 1934 book published by Dr. Anastasius Nordenholz, in which he defines the term "Scientologie" or "Eidologie" as a science of knowing or knowledge and discusses the philosophical implications of the concept. cf. wikipedia. If I were going to defy the CO$ on that ground, I would rather go to Texas or somewhere else down the Bible Belt. The justice system has not been infiltrated by the richest cult on Earth down there.
  20. RightOn Member

    sorry Sneaks,
    any promotion or endorsement of any of the tech makes anyone complicit in continuing the mind fuck.
    If there is ANYTHING of value from the tech, like the communication courses for instance, it can be learned from any normal communication courses offered elsewhere WITHOUT the dangerous TR's.
    It has been said that the tech is very dangerous and eventually removes your critical thinking. One exit counselor has said that working with Scientologists are the hardest people to get to snap out of it. Not verbatim of course.

    Look at yourself, you are incapable of excepting the fact that Scientology it is a total scam and that LRH was nothing more than a fraud and conman who was out to make money and you will probably die a Scientologist. I find this very sad sorry. You probably first chose to get into Scientology out of curiosity? perhaps desperation? searching for answers? or wanted to improve your life?
    But you ended up with years of LRH thinking for you. If people knew they were getting brainwashed, then it would it work at all? NO.

    There has never been, and nor will there ever be any OTs. PLEASE prove me wrong?
    There are no OT's or OT Powers
    No Body Thetans to get rid of
    No such thing as auditing. It's a damn lie detector for cripes sakes.
    Nobody has power over MEST
    No wall of fire, Xenu or DC airplanes that flew over volcanoes
    No cure of radiation with a garden hose
    No storing toxins in your fat cells
    No LRH working on future OT levels
    No bridge to total freedom
    No cure for anything using the tech
    No cure for anything doing the Purif (in fact just the opposite, it is dangerous)
    Touch and nerve assists do absolutely nothing
    LRH lied about school, college, military and the number of wives her had.
    He never space traveled.
    All abusive policies in Scientology were written by LRH and were never cancelled, they were not created by or written by David Miscavige.
    LRH died a fugitive.

    I won't give up on you Sneaks.
    Waiting for the day you finally break free.

    And when you said:
    "Worse, for us, not many of the highly trained Class VIII's or Class VI's have been training new auditors to continue the subject. If that is not soon remedied,
    I fear those who wish for the entire subject to vanish from the face of the Earth may get their wish within another decade or so."

    One of the best things you have ever said. Hope this happens yesterday and doesn't take long to vanish.
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  21. BLiP Member

    The first recorded use of the word 'scientology' appears in the book 'The New Word' by Allen Upward published in London in 1908. Upward used the word in the pejorative sense to describe how some scientists were acting like clergy.


    first_use_of_word_scientology_2.jpg first_use_of_word_scientology_3.jpg first_use_of_word_scientology_4.jpg
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  22. konrad2 Member

    Quite interesting, 1908! in fact it is just a made up word from Greek and more than one person thought about it. My concern is mainly the use of trademarks by the cult to intimidate people using the subject. I would have liked to read the German book which seems to have no scientific pretence but just a philosophical approach to knowledge, like Kant's books on "reason" but my German is not good enough, it would need too much work.
  23. BLiP Member

    Huh? That doesn't make sense. If people outside of the cult want to embrace L Ron Hubbard's Scientology crazy, there's no one stopping them. A problem arises when said sad souls want to promote or otherwise make money off of Scientology, in which case, tough shit. Try opening a burger joint called McDonalds - same problem. As it happens, the term "Scientology" is so filthy and so publicly reviled, non-cult Xenu duplicators would be better to rebrand if they are looking to rope in more dupes, IMHO.
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  24. fishypants Moderator

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  25. RightOn Member

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  26. konrad2 Member

    I don't see the interest in exploring any of L. Ron methods or ideas personally. I think there is of course a placebo effect but the interest I have for the trade mark is that it made judge Waldrip in Texas label them as a business and not a religion and since apparently there are some people trying to incorporate an Independent Church of Scientology, the CO$ will play the game by L. Ron's book and will try to destroy them utterly by suing the hell out of them in the first place and by the use of smear campaigns. It is true that the name "Scientology" doesn't sound like "Snow White" and that Al Capone was a peaceful charming choir boy compared to the sheer and subtle criminality of the CO$. L. Ron used to say that you don't stop truth with 17 inch armour-plate. Well the Cult of Greed is in dire straits and I think its agony will continue for some time. Stalin could control information, the cult can, but to a limited degree. The truth about who Hubbard really was, about his cruelty, his madness, his greed and how he died is known and the facts can easily be checked. So it becomes very difficult to ensnare some one into the trap these days. The Church of Scientology has nothing to offer, and there is nothing to be found in the "technology of Scientology" that cannot be found somewhere else without its side effects.The whole OT thing is total nonsense. They pretend to be "cause over matter, energy space and time" ask them to lift a 50 cent post stamp with their will power... they are like God, but they get colds, get injured or die in car accidents and they die of cancer but the CO$ pretends that if you reach those levels you will be able to act without a body...Indeed it would be very difficult to sell Scientology to anybody these days. Most people flee when the pressure becomes too much and they start waking up, but it takes time. One of the first steps is to consider that it's all little Davey's fault, that things were Ok when Ron was there, then the long path into the rabbit hole begins and boy! there is no end to the discovery of hidden treasures, all the things the CO$ doesn't want you to know, all the things L. Ron didn't want you to know and then all what you were told for so many years is just upside down.
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  27. Properly trained staff selling and promoting Hubbard's abusive standard 'Tech'? Selling this bogus product that does not and has not ever delivered its promised results is fraud. People engaging in fraud should be prosecuted. (Corporate or Independent Scientologists)

    Speaking of fraud, L. Ron Hubbard was a convicted fraud who lied about all of his major life accomplishments. His insane 'Tech' has yet to produce 1 single clear with full recall, perfect vision and freedom from most major illnesses.

    Required attesting to Hubbard's imaginary state of 'clear' does not mean the adherent has reached any of the promised states of being, no clear has full recall, no clear has had his eyesight problems cured and many 'clears' have died from the illnesses Hubbard claimed they would be free from, many more are sick without proper health insurance.

    All of Hubbard's policies are part of his unchangeable 'scriptures'. Standard 'Tech' is incredibly abusive and controlling by design, all part of the LRH scam. ( Unchangeable per LRH himself, Sneakster, you're changing unchangeable scriptures, the shame.)

    How many scientologists have lied about the purpose at Scientology's urging on loan applications to pay exorbitant amounts to Scientology for this bogus 'Tech'? That's fraud. How many older scientologists now have little or nothing left but the 'Tech' that has not delivered what it promised? The vast majority has been defrauded and participated in the fraud with 'acceptable lies' to coin an LRH term.

    L. Ron Hubbard was a brutal, narcissistic, child abusing fraud who imposed his will through endless hours of mind-numbing processing and medical dangerous rundowns like the purification rundown and Hubbard's introspection rundown that killed Lisa McPherson.

    LRH wrote hundreds of despicable, abusive policies like disconnection, the RPF, the children's RPF (child abuse simply by its existence), illegal detentions, illegal passport confiscation, over -boarding into the ocean and the locking up of 4 year old Derek Greene in the nasty, foul, pitch black chain lockers for two full days for the crime of chewing on a telex. A 4 year old and nobody on board dared to speak up to 'Commodore' Hubbard (Cowardly piece of shit that he was).

    Mr. Sneakster, you should be ashamed of yourself for promoting the despicable child abusing monster L. Ron Hubbard in any way and certainly not promoting illegal fraud in the future with the sale of Independent standard 'Tech'.

    Pro-Tip: There's no such thing as Entheta, Hubbard made it up to control you. Help yourself, move on and use your new found freedom as an ex-scientologist productively and stop promoting Hubbard's scam. L. Ron Hubbard has controlled you long enough.

    Thank you for your prediction of the end of Scientology in ten years, it will do the world and you a lot of good.

    Google: L. Ron Hubbard / Child Abuse in Scientology

    Google it, Read it all!
    GL in waking up.
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  28. konrad2 Member

    "and the locking up of 4 year old Derek Greene in the nasty, foul, pitch black chain lockers for two full days for the crime of chewing on a telex. A 4 year old and nobody on board dared to speak up to 'Commodore' Hubbard (Cowardly piece of shit that he was)."

    [I think there was one person who was appalled by this and went to see Hubbard. It was John Mac Master. when he spoke about it to Hubbard he replied that he didn't know or something of the kind. In any case Hubbard avoided responsibility for the situation. The boy could have been killed had the chain been pulled in..
  29. Yes, the boy could easily have died.

    L. Ron Hubbard was always been a coward who took no responsibility for his criminal actions, he let his wife Mary Sue go to jail for his very own Snow White government infiltration, he was an unindicted co-conspirator. Locking subjects in the Apollo's chain lockers was his very own brutal punishment for offenses on board the Apollo along with tossing violators overboard, eating swill, sleep deprivation and more.............

    Starting @ 9:50 Derek Greene trauma described by Hana Whitfield who was second in command on Hubbard's ship of horrors and she claimed that nobody spoke out after hearing the young boys cries for 2 days and nights and confirmed Hubbard's involvement in dishing out the horrendous confinement of this small child and other such cruelties.

    L. Ron Hubbard's policies on their own require the neglect and abuse of children, like the Children's RPF, the children's intrusive security checks, ethics punishments and more............
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  30. konrad2 Member

    Yes you are right. People who think it's all Miscavige's fault just are unable to open their eyes and look at the facts. Hubbard and Miscavige were different though. Miscavige poses like a Russian nouveau riche Mafia Boss and pretends to be the "Chairman of the Board", Hubbard according to Barbara Keyes (Clowden) one of his lovers in Whichita could be fun to be around. Oldtimers recount how he would tell stories of Space Opera civilisations on the deck of the ship while sharing a bottle of red wine with them. He was a father figure for some and people would refer to him as simply as "Ron." Later after his motorcycle accident and in his late years he was not any more the charming swindler he had been and his mental state deteriorated greatly. His personality of course was very complex and he never "solved his case" he became worse and worse, wouldn't make the difference between fiction and reality and he too was capable of a great amount of abuse. I think with Miscavige things are different. He is much more aloof, no one would call him "Dave", he has no children, he is not a good story teller, he does not own a charming Manor in Sussex, he was never an auditor. In Hubbard's days the RPF wouldn't take as long, a lot of people left and their leaving, was less dramatic than what we see now a days. When Otto Roos left, well, he was left on a port some where with 100 $ in his pocket. If some exec wants to leave the Freewinds or the Int base nowadays It wouldn't be as simple. I Hubbard's only merit is that he built an empire and had 450 million in the bank. Miscavige just came in and having no education, no training in Scientology just outplayed all possible opponents, got rid of all the people Hubbard trusted, got rid of Hubbard's family and sat on the throne of the clampire. He is an opportunist and a clever one but he has no imagination and knows nothing of the real world. How long is he going to hold the reins? I don't know, but the ship s doomed.
  31. First Independent Church of Scientology Is Establishing A Technical Standards Committee.

    Religious Liberty League: Having the Correct Technology

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    Getting the Technology In

    A prominent Class VIII auditor once told us that he/she would rejoin the Sea Org if given the opportunity to put the tech in. We found that admirable, but not entirely unexpected. After all, in the Class VIII course, LRH gave students the task of ensuring the technology remains standard.

    We hope that person and many other Class VIIIs will step up and help get the tech in FICS, which is tantamount to getting the tech in the church, because one day, perhaps a distant day, those few souls left within the ever-crumbling church will want the correct technology.

    And FICS will give it to them – in furtherance of Keeping Scientology Working Steps six through ten: (6) Seeing that the technology is correctly applied; (7) Hammering out of existence incorrect technology; (8) Knocking out incorrect applications; (9) Closing the door on any possibility of incorrect technology; and (10) Closing the door on incorrect application.

    Technical Standards Committee

    The plan to have the correct technology begins with the establishment of a Technical Standards Committee comprised of Class VIII auditors who have proven results applying the technology. This process has begun, and several qualified people have already volunteered.

    Lana Mitchell has generously donated her time and skills to help establish this project.
    Anyone desiring to contribute may contact her through Please let us know if you are qualified and willing to join the committee, or can recommend someone who is.

    The committee, among other things, will nominate to the FICS board of directors a candidate(s) to hold the position of Senior Case Supervisor. Please provide input, including your choice for the best qualified candidates. All information received will be forwarded to the Technical Standards Committee.

    The ultimate product FICS is looking for is the correct technology: a classification and gradation chart that can be placed in every mission, church, or advanced organization; course packs and checksheets that FICS can package and make available to all its licensees.

    Once the correct technology has been settled on we will isolate and deal with the trademark and copyright issues presented and then formulate a more precise legal strategy.

    How You Can Help

    We touched on some ways you can assist this effort, above. There are other ways, some that we might not even envision. So please weigh in.

    Do you support this approach? If not, why not? If so, why?

    We know that a number of people in the field have created their own charts, course packs and checksheets, and therefore, that a lot of ground work has already been done by competent tech terminals. We request your assistance and support and ask you to provide copies of your work product to the Technical Standards Committee for its review.

    If you have something to say regarding the makeup of the Technical Standards Committee or who should or should not be the Senior Case Supervisor, now is the best time to say it.

    As we mentioned in a previous article, FICS is your church. It will succeed to the degree that able people step up and contribute to it.

    We all bear some responsibility for losing the correct technology. This is our chance to remedy the situation. Please lend a hand.
    [1] HCO PL 7 February 1965, KSW Series 1, Keeping Scientology Working.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
  32. If I already bear some responsibility for losing the "correct technology" can I assume responsibility for losing more of it?
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  33. Note to all 'Independent' Scientologists:

    According to the blessed 'ecclesiastical' leader David Miscavige and LRH attorney Earl Cooley's eulogy, Ron's still researching the 'correct technology' on target II. This research is done in an exterior state by this mighty thetan and is the reason he discarded the human body that had served him so well, except for some nasty dental issues that were never resolved.

    Hang in there, Ron will be back before your billion year contract expires to fill all of you Indies in, he won't be happy about your squirrel tech, shame on all of you! Give it a few hundred thousand years and have a get-together with Ole Ron to obtain the correct tech once and for all.

    (The Van-Allen Belt security check L. Ron Hubbard is developing is going to be quite intense, see all of you squirrels in 200,000 or so years!)

    'Independent' Scientologists: Please Stop promoting convicted fraud L. Ron Hubbard's brutally abusive scam for your own benefit. It's fraud and you should be prosecuted for charging any price for this debunked 'Tech' that has never produced one single clear with perfect recall, perfect vision and freedom from the vast majority of common illnesses that LRH promised.

    You've been duped, stop trying to dupe others.
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  34. Milestone Two has expressed support for the above effort.

    Tech Standards

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    Posted by Lana M.

    February 24, 2016

    By Milestone Two Admin

    (Excerpt from recent posting at Religious Liberty League)

    The administrative – as opposed to the legal – establishment of the First Independent Church of Scientology (FICS) is underway.

    Naturally, that involves having the correct technology.

    “The only thing you can be upbraided for by students or pcs is ‘no results.’ Trouble spots occur only where there are ‘no results.’ Attacks from governments or monopolies occur only where there are ‘no results’ or ‘bad results.’

    “Therefore the road before Scientology is clear and its ultimate success is assured if the technology is applied.”[1]

    The first step in applying the correct technology is: Having the Correct Technology.

    See the rest of this good article here. Highly recommended reading.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
  35. DeathHamster Member

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  36. DeathHamster Member

    Still no sign of "First Independent Church of Scientology" in the California online system.

    Did California choke on the application, or did someone forget to file it?

    "Ba-gooooock? Cluck?"
  37. I noticed that also. I wonder if the COS objected on trademark grounds, and it got held up or rejected? That is one of the reasons I emphasized the following sentence in the most recent RLL post on the FICS:

    Once the correct technology has been settled on we will isolate and deal with the trademark and copyright issues presented and then formulate a more precise legal strategy.

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