Five months after Steubenville rape conviction, grand jury still investigating whether coaches prope

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by System, Oct 4, 2013.

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    Gosh, I hope it just wasn't a pacifier. Aka, "it's in the news and we are investigating."
    Were charges filed against ky? Last I checked, no.
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    Any news on the victim?
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    The victim was unnamed and no I'm not going to look.
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    Thanks- I saw that. Hadn't checked on charges and before I did- thought I'd ask if any were known.
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    not that i know of
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    First arrest occurred yesterday as a result of the Grand Jury process:

    more at link
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    I bet more are coming - someone likely asked the Tech Director for assistance. He's held without bond, which I find interesting. Hope the football coach is next...
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    only a matter of time before they grab the coach
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    KYAnonymous is doing pretty well and he's feeling vindicated. He's getting a lot of online love for his steadfastness and courage in the face of small town machinations that often ruin people and leave them with no legal recourse to save or protect themselves. Everyone should do the right thing like KYAnonymous.

    I am sure the victim is as happy as she can possibly be right now.
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    Yes and exchanges like the following one remind me of why I like him.
      1. 355ebc62de76f12f1bee7927112900b8_normal.jpeg M@petiterivergirl 1h
        Thank you @shadowrapz for your sacrifices in getting justice for Jane Doe. You have paid a huge price and I hope rewards will follow! #hero
      2. 2696f251d326a487679e10955104ec0a_normal.jpeg Shadow | KYAnonymous@shadowrapz 1h
        @petiterivergirl im no hero, just did what people at those parties should of done. The heroes are the activists and protestors and jane doe
      3. 355ebc62de76f12f1bee7927112900b8_normal.jpeg M@petiterivergirl 53m
        @shadowrapz You are to me young man. You helped me share my 30 yr old story and to finally rid myself of yrs of guilt and shame. #Justice4JD
      4. 2696f251d326a487679e10955104ec0a_normal.jpeg Shadow | KYAnonymous@shadowrapz 52m
        @petiterivergirl you dont need to be shamed, you are guilty of nothing. Chin up.

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    charge update well more info on charges :D
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    I Am Anonymous Deric Lostutter Interview - KYAnonymous Steubenville Rape Case | Esquire


    By John H. Richardson

    Published in the November 2013 issue

    He lives in a town the locals call "Rifle City": Winchester, Kentucky. On one shoulder, there's a tattoo of a skull with a knife in its teeth and a bouquet of grenades dangling under its chin, a tribute to his grandpa's service in Vietnam. But the ribbon for a legend is blank because he never could figure out what he wanted it to say. On his other shoulder he's got a Celtic Green Man made of leaves, and he has a place on his forearm where the skin seems to peel back to show machine parts. His old man used to be a military cop, then a prison guard. His mom hung out with bikers. They divorced. He was homeless for a while then got himself together and went back to school. Now he lives on a small farm with a couple of outbuildings and a pond, some woods across a field, a Chevy truck parked in the driveway.

    When the SWAT team pulled in, his shotgun was resting against the wall because he had just gotten back from turkey hunting. A panel truck pulled into his driveway, and when he went out to greet it twelve men in forest camouflage jumped out with assault weapons pointed right at his head, yelling, Get the fuck down!

    As he dropped, KYAnonymous pleaded, Don't shoot my dog. He don't bite, he just jumps.

    The noise woke up a second witness, his brother Chase. A lean twenty-three-year-old who plays in a punk band and works in a tattoo parlor, Chase remembers looking down from an upstairs window and seeing men with machine guns heading for his door. His first instinct was to grab his .45, cocking it on his way down the stairs.

    SWAT! voices yelled. POLICE! The door crashed against the wall.

    Chase had the presence of mind to throw his gun into the curtains, then instantly he was on his knees with a hard barrel pressed into his skull. The invaders wouldn't say what they wanted, wouldn't answer questions, just zip-tied his hands and went upstairs to zip-tie his girlfriend and walked them both outside. She doesn't even have any shoes, Chase said. He remembers the FBI guy saying, Shut the fuck up.

    This is America, buddy, Chase answered. You're on my property. You shut the fuck up.

    All this was happening because Chase's brother had reached out through the Internet and tapped into the global spirit of defiance of Edward Snowden, Tahrir Square, and the Brazilian street protests and brought the future to one small American town — KY-Anonymous is the guy who called the world's attention to the infamous Steubenville rape case, in which members of Anonymous, the global hacker collective, mounted a campaign to expose the town for protecting its town-hero high school football stars from rape charges. Now he's caught up in one of the hottest battles of the modern world, the battle over knowledge itself, an asymmetrical war being fought globally between superpowers and corporations on one side, and on the other side kids who all seem to be twenty-five, a diverse bunch of punks whose common trait is a healthy disdain for official secrets and proprietary information.

    The four-page article is continued at

    Also, here is Deric Lostutter's interview today on Reddit:
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    It still goes on...protecting the image- probable bad guy.
    Sickening. The guy is a guidance counselor????????
    That said, Glad to see this in the press.
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    The daughter of the accused also worked for the school system in her dad's lab.
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    Steubenville Truthers Hammer Lies About The Rape Case
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    His daughter, Hannah Rhinaman, was indicted by the special grand jury on Oct. 23 on three fifth-degree felony charges, including two counts of receiving stolen property and one count of theft from her two months work as a contract employee for the Steubenville City School District.
    "She took property from the school district and sold it," said DeWine during a telephone interview last month.
    Hannah Rhinaman also entered a not guilty plea during her arraignment.
    DeWine said the indictment against Hannah Rhinaman was not related to the charges against her father.
    "It's not unusual when you have a significant investigation to come across things that you did not anticipate finding," DeWine noted during a telephone interview.
    "The charges against Hannah Rhinaman are related to incidents that occurred at Steubenville City Schools. However, the charges are separate and unrelated to the previous indictment issued against her father, William Rhinaman on Oct. 7," DeWine stated.
    According to Steubenville City Schools Superintendent Michael McVey, Hannah Rhinaman worked in the school district from Aug. 20, 2012, to Sept. 12, 2012.
    "She was hired to assist the technology department set up the district's computer labs and update software," stated the press release from the Steubenville Board of Education.
    Both Rhinamans are scheduled for a Dec. 9 pre-trial hearing before Summit County retired Judge Patricia Ann Cosgrove.
    - See more at:
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    Thank you KYAnonymous
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